Canaan Maier

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Canaan Maier

Canaan maier.png
Name: Canaan Maier
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Race: Elezen
Orientation: Straight
Nationality: Ishgardian
Occupation: Freelance Contractor

Canaan Maier, a former Knight of the Holy See of Ishgard, renounced his vows and began a personal quest to explore the world. Despite his xenophobic upbringing screaming at him with every step south that he took, he knew this was what he must do. From the sands of Thanalan, to the curelean seas of La Noscea, and the emerald forests of The Black Shroud, he has journeyed far. As an man that tends not to turn down a job offered, he has taken it upon himself to learn what was beyond the penumbra of Coerthas.

Canaan has a dry and to the point sort of personality. He craves adventure as much as he craves sitting at the cafe in Limsa Lominsa and watching the ships go by. Despite living in the Holy See of Ishgard for most of his life, he has an air that is almost 'holier than thou'. However, in his travels he has tried to humble himself with each soul he encounters. Canaan is not above a quick joke. He tries to give each person he meets at least one chance, always hoping the good in people will prevail.

In his travels Canaan has become obsessed with the occult and nature. Upon arriving in Gridania he enrolled in the Conjurer's Guild. This has led to him valuing life far more than he ever has. If there is conflict then he will do his best to disengage and prevent bloodshed. However, he is no pacifist, as he served on the front lines of Ishgard as a Knight. And when he left his city, his first goal during his travels was to see The Coliseum of Ul'Dah and participate as a Gladiator.


  • Ishgard
  • A hot coffee on a frigid winter morning
  • Mortar & Pestle
  • Forests of The Black Shroud at night
  • A good sharp sword and a sturdy shield


  • Finding twigs and seeds in his Gyashal Greens
  • Viera (or any person who tries to challenge his height)
  • Marlboro
  • When the airships are never on time
  • Exerting too much effort when he could be fishing


◢ Common Rumors:

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◢ Rare Rumors:

    "I could've swore I watched a little Lalafell chug a potion, go into the inn, and then an elezen appeared in the same clothes!"
    "He had been gone for weeks but when he returned.. he looked like he aged over five years."


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Potential Hooks

  • The restoration of the Holy See of Ishgard
  • The latest gladiator matches in Ul'dah
  • Knows where to get exceptionally 'dank' Gyshal Greens
  • Always seeking jobs on and, especially, off the books