Caragai Goronas

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 Caragai Goronas
'Experiments are my forte.'
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship None
Age 26
Nameday 1st Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
Occupation Butler / Assassin / Scientist
Religion Nymeia, the Spinner
Free Company Atlas Industries

General Information

  • Full Name: Caragai Goronas
  • Pronunciation: Care-ah-guy Gore-oh-nass
  • Aliases/Nicknames:
  • Occupation: Butler / Assassin / Scientist
  • Nameday: 1st Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
  • Age: 26
  • Height: 5 fulm 2 ilms.
  • Weight: 156 onces.
  • Body: Grey skin; Slim with well toned muscles; Left handed.
  • Face: Right eye is a turquoise color with silver flecks; Silver left eye that is clearly un-natural; Silver tattoo on his forehead that writhes and shimmers occasionally.
  • Hair: Steel grey with mint green highlights; Kept swept back and out of his face.

  • Place of Birth: A small house on the outskirts of Gridania
  • Current Residence:
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Sexuality: Homosexual
  • Religion: Follower of Nymeia, the Spinner

  • Voice: Oddly calm and deep, almost monotone.
  • Demeanor: Almost laid-back, though his eyes are ever moving.
  • Quirks:
  • Intelligence: Higher than the average hyur, spending most of his time in a laboratory setting.

  • Profession: Ex-Twin Adder guardsman; Assassin for hire.
  • Weapons Magitek enhanced muskets; Created poisons and bombs.
  • Skills: Building and tinkering with magitek devices to use in combat; Usage of poisons on bullets; Knowledge of anatomy.
  • Advantages: Magitek enhanced left eye giving him superior aiming and perception while using his musket; Magitek enhanced left arm increasing his reload and firing speed.
  • Disadvantages: Overuse of magitek devices in his body can cause fatigue and/or unconsciousness.



  • Anything regarding technology or biology.
  • Chocolate parfaits.
  • Opera.
  • Scratches behind the ears.


  • Using the aether current to teleport places as he feels quite ill afterwards.
  • Messy rooms.
  • Extremely noisy or rowdy people.


  • Experimenting with magitek on both corpses and on himself.
  • Learning the anatomy of any being he comes across.



  • Father: Arkdwyn Goronas - Retired Twin Adder bowman. Works as a carpenter now in Gridania.
  • Mother: ??? - Rumored to have been a barmaid, or even a passing merchant.
  • Brother: Kradoas Goronas (deceased) - Killed during an Ixali attack on their family residence.


  • Garus nor Niros (a.k.a. Garry Niron) - Garlean-turned-Eorzean sympathizer. He was Caragai's employer, teaching him not only how to be a butler, but how to be an assassin.
  • Drelowyn - A middle aged Elezen who was lost, just how Caragai was once, made into a loyal retainer.



  • Age 0 -Born as the second son of Arkdwyn Goronas. Mother unknown. Has an older brother named Kradoas Goronas.
  • Age 4 -Lost home in attack by Ixali. Brother was killed in attack. Moved to live in Gridania with father.
  • Age 6 -Began taking up small, odd jobs for his father in the Carpenter's Guild.
  • Age 8 -Unable to find anything that interested him, Caragai moved from job to job, never staying in one more than a few months.
  • Age 16 -Through stories from his father, Caragai joined the Twin Adders as a bowman.
  • Age 21 -Left the Twin Adders after the death of his friend and love, Captain Levi Druthers. Left Gridania soon after. Wandered Eorzea, taking odd jobs but never staying in one place. Became the butler to Gerry Niron.
  • Age 23 -Discovered his master was truly a Garlean named Garus nor Niros. Began his love for magitek as well as alchemy. Began training as an Assassin to protect his master from those who attacked him.
  • Age 25 -Began experimenting on corpses of beasts with magitek devices of his own creation. Left his master's employ on friendly terms. Still has occasional contact.
  • Age 26 -Created his first working magitek implant, the Neurotek Muscle, and attached it to himself. Created his second working magitek implant, the Optical Magieye, and attached it to himself. Joined Atlus Industries.



Born in a small house on the outskirts of Gridania, Caragai was named after the favorite character in a book his mother loved to read. The youngest of two boys, Caragai never knew his mother, and his older brother died in an ambush from the Ixali on their house. It was just him and his father, a man who was once a bowman in the Twin Adders, but turned to carpentry after Caragai was born.
It would not be a lie to say Caragai had a typical childhood, moving to live in Gridania after his house burned down. At first, he worked with his father in the Carpenter's Guild, but he found it too boring. From then, he tried every other job he could think of, from waiter to manure mover, but each time, the job lasted a few months. It wasn't until his father spoke about his old days in the Serpents that Caragai felt his calling.
Caragai took to the bow quickly, steadily improving his skills. He was too young to join the Serpents at the time, but he knew many a captain there had their eye on him when he came of age. And one man did by the name of Captain Levi Druthers. Druthers was a fair but strict hyur, drilling and pushing Caragai past many limits he thought he had. Caragai did not falter though, his own father giving him support, and the miqo'te found himself stationed on the border with Coerthas with Druthers.
The two men created a strong bond quickly, knowing they needed to watch each other's backs, as the land was rocky, making any reinforcements they called have difficulty getting to them. Druthers was a man of the lance, and with Caragai's bow skills, the two watched over the land during the day, and each other at night.
Then, one day, everything changed.


The Ixali came in force, clawing their way over the rocks and showering arrows against the stone of the watchtower the two Serpents stayed in. Druthers shouted for Caragai to take up his bow, while the captain desperately barricaded the doorway. Caragai could hear Druthers screaming into his linkpearl for help, and the Miqo'te knew it was up to him keep the birdmen away. Arrow after arrow was loosed from the slits in the stone, finding purchase in the flesh of the Ixali that appeared over the ridge.
Slowly his quiver ran out, and the barricade began to falter. Druthers used his lance to impale any Ixali that showed through the wooden barricade, though the Ixali had weapons of their own. An arrow would occasionally find its mark and slip through a space in the barricade, and one pierced Druthers in the side. Caragai moved to rush to his captain's side, but the hyur ordered the miqo'te to stand his ground, firing on the birdmen to the last arrow.
Tears stung his eyes, hearing the pain in Druthers' voice, but Caragai did as he was told. When the last arrow was spent, he grabbed a sword and stood by his captain, fighting back the Ixali while the minutes ticked by.
It was nearly sunset when the first sounds of shouts reached the men in the watchtower. Reinforcements had come, but it was too late. Though the Ixali were pushed back, Druthers had lost too much blood; the barricade had held, but an Ixali spear pierced the hyur's chest. Caragai cradled the one man whom he had begun to fall for in his lap, not caring about anything else.


Caragai left the Twin Adders after that, staying with his father only so long as to gather a few things before leaving Gridania itself. He couldn't bear to stay there any longer, as the beautiful tree canopy felt like a suffocating cage.
Once again, Caragai found himself taking many odd jobs to get food in his belly, and a few gil in his pockets. After a short time, he found himself in the employ of Garry Niron, a moderately rich man who owned a small textile business on the trading route between Gridania and Ul'Dah. Caragai took up the mantle of being Niron's butler, a role the miqo'te male seemed to fit into quickly. Parties and meetings were commonplace, so Caragai spent much of his day cleaning and waiting on his new master and friends.
He was happy in his new, stable life. Of course, everything changes ... through if it is for the better, that is hard to say. But such a change came when Caragai went about his daily routine of cleaning, coming across a curio cabinet. Taking out a cloth, Caragai began to clean the shelves and items within. That was when a book fell over, and a piece of paper slipped to the floor. Bending down to pick it up, the words on it caught his attention. They were not Eorzean, nor the language of his Moon clan.
They were Garlean.

A New Calling

Ice wrapped around his insides. He knew about Garleans and what they were capable of, but to think the man he worked for would be one nearly broke his heart. Quickly, Caragai moved to put the paper back into the book, but it was too late. The sound of a throat clearing reached his ears, and turning around, found his master standing in the door frame with a musket in his hand.
Garry Niron had fear in his eyes, the musket shaking slightly as he aimed it at Caragai. But the miqo'te stood his ground, soothing and calming his master down, explaining what had happened. It was then that Caragai learned the truth; Garry Niron was actually Garus nor Niros, a Garlean-turned-Eorzean sympathizer. He had escaped his homeland to hide and try to live in peace among the people he felt a closer kindred spirit with. Niros showed Caragai the stone that was embedded in his forehead, a sign of Garlean blood, hidden behind a carefully set hairstyle and hat. Niros spoke of shadows outside, figures in alleys, and notes of threats. He believed he was finally found by his countrymen, and he was terrified.
Caragai stayed quiet as his master talked, only speaking to say he would protect him. Niros shook his head, but Caragai insisted. He explained how he was once a Serpent, and he could not protect the man he once loved, and that he wanted to ... no ... he needed to do this. He felt the garlean's eyes on him for a time before Niros had Caragai follow him into the one place he was never allowed.
His master's study.


Caragai trained in the knowledge of magitek, as his master once worked with the large vehicles the Empire used in their conquests. Niros taught Caragai on how to use a musket, how to care for it. By day, Caragai was cleaning and assisting his master by waiting on those he entertained, while at night, the Miqo'te was improving his aim and precision on targets in the backyard.
It was not long until more threatening letters came to the doorstep. Though there was no name signed to any of them, Caragai began to notice some strange patterns to them. They were all written by the same hand, who also knew information that only those who came to his master's parties could have known. Since his master was not one who fell to the vice of gossip, the miqo'te began to watch more closely those who visited the house on a regular basis.
Such patience and vigilance paid off, as one guest, a William McBrenly, was caught wandering the grounds ... something that Niros forbade his guests do. Caragai was calm about asking McBrenly to please return to the house, but informed Niros as soon as all the guests left that evening. So began began his trips at night, cloaked in darkness as Caragai slipped quietly into the shadows to follow William McBrenly.
It didn't take long to find the man, who was seated at a table in a tavern, the dim light darkening the faces of those he was with. But Caragai stayed quiet and he listened, pretending to nurse a mug of ale. The men spoke Garlean. Caragai knew this as his master taught him a few phrases and some basic words. He caught a few, and his chest tightened with fury. His master was known to those men, and they were after him. Slowly he rose from his table, pretending to drunkenly walk to the door before slipping back into the night and to his master.


One by one, Caragai found and dispatched those who went against his master. Each kill was quick and clean, the bullets finding their mark through the skull of his prey. But Caragai did not dispose of the bodies in a respectful way. Instead, he experimented on them.
During his time with his master, Caragai became more and more intrigued with magitek and its many uses, not only for machinery, but with living beings. Caragai would take the corpses of those he killed and begin to dissect them, learning about their anatomy, no matter the species, be it man or beast. This in turn, allowed him to find ways to cause pain to those caught trying to harm his master, and have them also become part of his ... experiments.
Devices implanted in the brain, the arm, just under the skin. Devices that strengthen muscle and quicken the creation of adrenaline in the body. Each mark he brought in got him one step closer to his goal ... perfection.
Then came the experiments on himself. It didn't take long to perfect the device that he implanted on his left shoulder. Needles and wires pierced his dark skin, but the results are what pushed him through the agonizing pain. Then came the device in his left eye. Blindness. Unconsciousness. Fits of vertigo and vomiting. But then it worked. He gazed upon his magitek eye and smiled. This was a new beginning for him and all those on Eorzea.
From then on, Caragai continued his work as a butler and an assassin for his master, but also a scientist. It didn't take long for his master to get wind of what Caragai was doing, and asked him to leave. Caragai understood his master's point of view, and the two left on friendly terms, the both still sending letters and speaking to each other to this day.


Common Rumors

  • He is a friendly acquaintance of the Guild Master to the Alchemist Guild, Severian.
  • He has his eye on the Vice-President where he works, a hyur by the name of Kaze Yodoya.

Moderate Rumors

  • He has no qualms getting what he needs illegally, what he calls high risk materials.

Rare Rumors

  • His mother was murdered by his father after she was found in bed with a Highlander.

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