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"It's not what you got, it's who you know." - Minerva

The bustling commercial hub of Ul'dah sits amid the desolate desert landscape of southern Aldenard. The city is organized strategically around the dome-shaped citadel at its center. Its towering fortifications and protective outer walls are visible for malms in all directions, and serve as a stark deterrent to would-be besiegers.

Visitors from every corner of Eorzea come to Ul'dah to partake of the city's famed recreation, most notably the fighting arenas and gambling halls. Ul'dahn culture is known for its affluence, and the wealth of the nation comes in large part from its abundant mineral resources and prestigious clothcrafting industry.

Historically, it is the sultan who claims sovereignty over Ul'dah, but true power is wielded by the Syndicate, an elite group of six of the most influential and richest members of society. Nald'thal is the patron deity of the city, and two great halls devoted to his two aspects can be found in the eastern and western sections of the city.

The Syndicate

The Syndicate is a group of the six most wealthy individuals in Ul'dah. This group rules the city-state along with the Sultan, and may in fact have more actual power than the royal family.

The current members of the Syndicate are as follows;

Chairman Lord Lolorito of the East Aldenard Trading Company
Prince Teledji Adeledji of the Mirage Trust
Director Eolande of Frondale's Phrontistery (died in Calamity, replaced by Godbert)
Prior Dewlala of Milvaneth Sacrarium
Chief Foreman Fyrgeiss of Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern
Lord Godbert Manderville
Flame General Raubahn Aldynn, ex-champion of the Coliseum

Among the Syndicate is a group of anti-royal members. Not much is known about them, but they appear to oppose both the Sultana's rule as well as Raubahn Aldynn, who is loyal to the Sultana. It is unknown who among the Syndicate are monetarists.

Tour of Ul'dah

"All Ul'dahns have a price, however dark the deed." -Thimm

The ground level of Ul'dah is known as the Fronds and contains the Merchant strip and many guilds, while the market district is known as the Dunes. Two gates enter the city from Central Thanalan: the Gate of Nald to the north and the Gate of Thal to the east. Above the Fronds lies an area known as the Hustlings Strip. The Royal Promenade leads to an area accessible by those granted audience with the Syndicate.

The Gates of Nald and Thal
This proud portal lies in the north of the city and acts as the main gate, taking its name from the living aspect of the nation's patron diety, Nald'thal. Though it is equipped with a number of ingenious contrivances and manned by a constant guard to prevent the passage of suspicious or unsavory persons, there are at times those exceptions which can be made for a certain count of coin or other means of recompense. It is complemented to the east and slight south by the Gate of Thal.

Emerald and Sapphire Avenues
Upon passing through the grand Gate of Nald, the main avenue that circumscribes the city diverges to the southwest and southeast, and takes the names Sapphire Avenue and Emerald Avenue, respectively. Though many of the shops along the avenues cater to the fancies of only a few among the wealthy and privileged, the bustling trade and commerce of the city sees them choked with throngs of merchants and commonfolk on a daily basis. The avenues' prominence has also made them the location for the city's extravagant parades and festivals.

Heaven's Shard
The imperial palace rises high from the city's center, and derives its name from the vibrant blue dome that tops it, placing it in stark contrast to the surrounding architecture. The building itself has a proud history as one of Ul'dah's most ancient, though in recent years the royal family has shown great zeal in outfitting the premises with modern amenities such as lifts and an airship landing, resulting in near constant construction and renovations.

The Gold Court
Through the brilliant channeling and pumping of water with fountains and siphons, a portion of the region's invaluable water supply is redirected to this garden area which neighbors the imperial palace. There it sustains a collection of beautiful flowers and lush shrubberies, a rare sight in the midst of such a desolate landscape. In former times, the Gold Court was used exclusively by sultans and sultanas for balls, galas, and other such events. But given the lavish expenses incurred by maintaining the gardens, and the recent financial hardships which have befallen the royal coffers, it has since been entrusted and opened to the citizenry.

The Quicksand
As one might expect of a core establishment in a city boasting such an economy and entertainment venues as Ul'dah, the Quicksand is nearly always filled with masses of travelers and pilgrims, merchants and traders. Perhaps most numerous among the custom are adventurers, among whom can be found many admirers of the Quicksand's matron; the lovable and, when the mood strikes her, foul-mouthed Momodi. It is also home to The Hourglass, Ul'dah's inn.

Platinum Mirage
Together with the Coliseum, the Platinum Mirage, with its myriad gambling and pleasure halls, is at the fore of entertainment in Eorzea. For years, sellswords and retired gladiators from around the realm have sought out employment at the Mirage, acting in the role of either protectors of coin or bodyguards to esteemed and high-profile individuals. As the gil flowing through the Mirage grew and the need for physical enforcement became ever more apparent, the Pugilists' Guild was established on the premises to allow for the recruitment and training of such individuals.

The Coliseum
The bloodsands of the Coliseum are an ages-old ground of battle which, since their inception, have served to entertain and enfrenzy the populace of Ul'dah. Though the games are gladiatorial in nature, they are by no means limited to gladiators. Tourneys are as varied as the days, and stain the sands with the blood of all indiscriminately—warrior and sorcerer, man and beast. Still, the proud tradition of the sword remains foremost among others, and as such the Coliseum is also home to the Gladiators' Guild.

Arrzaneth Ossuary
With the hallowed halls of Arrzaneth Ossuary, the Order of Nald'thal worships the dark aspect of their namesake deity—Thal, ruler of the realm beyond the living and weigher of souls. It is upon their Order that the people of Ul'dah rely to conduct the affairs of the dead and all the relevant religious rites. Whether conducting funerary rites to see the souls of the deceased safely across to Thal's side, or teaching novices the fundamentals of the dark arts, this sacred home of the Thaumaturges' Guild plays an integral role in Ul'dahn thought and culture.

Frondale's Phrontistery
The esoteric practices and closely guarded secrets of the alchemical trade were long scorned by the uninitiated as profane acts of heresy. It was not until recently when certain of its undeniably effective applications were incorporated into the medical and pharmaceutical sciences at Frondale's Phrontistery that the field came to be reexamined in a new light. Alchemy now comprises the vast majority of the curriculum at the Phrontistery, which has even become home to the Alchemists' Guild, opening its doors to any who wish to learn the craft.

Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern
The Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern traces its history back to the Mad Mythril Rush, when an ambitious barwench named Amajina struck it rich in the mines of Thanalan and upjumped herself and her sons to the upper tier of Ul'dahic society. The mining endeavor she started continues to this day at the Concern, though it has grown significantly, and now has a virtual monopoly over the region's mineral wealth. A recent decline in the quality of labor brought about the establishment of the Miners' Guild at the Concern, and excavation and prospecting tasks are now often entrusted to hard-working adventurers.

Sunsilk Tapestries
The name Sunsilk is regularly associated with the finest textiles in all of Eorzea, and wares bearing the name can readily be found in the finest boutiques in Ul'dah's most prestigious districts. However, the Sunsilk brand is also one reputed for its unparalleled quality and durability, leading other nations to deal directly with Sunsilk Tapestries—buying garb in bulk to outfit their ranks. The workshop at Sunsilk Tapestries itself is home to the Weavers' Guild, where novices may come to learn the techniques needed to clothe the realm.

Milvaneth Sacrarium
The temple of Nald.

Eshtaime's Lapidaries
The people of Ul'dah place great emphasis on material wealth, and there are no items more indicative of this fact than the prestige wares produced at Eshtaime's Lapidaries. Crafting lore credits the eponymous Elezen Eshtaime with the creation of Hydaelyn's first timepiece, and it is her legacy and tireless dedication to beauty and perfection which is carried on there today. The training of new recruits is essential to maintaining Eshtaime's reputation, and the Goldsmiths' Guild stationed there focuses its efforts on doing so, bedecking Ul'dah's elite in their jeweled fineries all the while.

Ashgana's Exporters
Mentioned but no physical headquarters seen.