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This short guide will tell you how to put a page in the proper category. It's super easy, though meant only for character profiles that greatly deviate from the normal template (custom coded infobox, etc). Please refrain from adding -new- categories in your profile. For example, do not tag your page with [[Category:female]]. That category does not exist. It is useless clutter and the wiki does not recognize nor use member-made categories in that way. Please only use the categories provided.

Category Guide

Once you create a new page, it typically won't be linked to any category and just kind of float out there in the wiki void. This means it'll be difficult for other viewers to find it. The exception is if you used a prepared wiki template (like the character template page).

To add a page or file to a category, simply edit the page and add the following text at the bottom (where Name is the name of the category you want to add it to):


To determine what tag to use, first determine which category it falls under. So let's say you're adding a new character to the wiki and you're using your own custom infobox and as such, the categories are not automatically provided. Since we're adding a new character, it would be the Character category. So you'd add [[Category:Character]] at the bottom of the page. Easy as that. If it falls under more than one category (player characters for example will fall under an additional sub-category, "Player_Character"), be sure to add that tag as well.

Major Categories

A full list of currently used categories are as follows:

  • Character
    • Player_Character
    • NPC
  • Race
    • Hyur
    • Elezen
    • Lalafell
    • Miqo'te
    • Roegadyn
    • Padjal
    • Beast_Tribes
  • Holidays
  • Literature

At present, these are the primary categories used. Other categories are setup in a special way and should not be used to tag new pages. For a full list of categories (many of which are not in use), see Special:Categories.