Cecieroux Ormesang

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Cecieroux Ormesang
Basic profile Cecieroux.png
It won't go away...
Wayward Treasure Hunter
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 26
Height 180 Cm
Weight 210lbs
Profession Treasure Hunter and Garden hand
Patron Deity Nald'Thal
Server Balmung

"When a harsh desert wind blows you can either hide from it like a coward or grab a length of cloth and ride it with all your might. While one has a predictable outcome of being safe, the other has a much more fun aspect of chance; and having the possibility of reaching greater heights then you ever have before." This is the philosophy of a queer individual that seeks to gamble even when unnecessary. As the saying shows he likes to take risks where it is unneeded and unwise. Most barely know him, and those that do like to laugh at him more then talk to him. Even with that being said he never stops trying to find his big score in unconventional places.


He often dawns red and white garbs, preferably dark in coloring. He can be found wearing a mask at times but mostly walks with his face free of garish distractions. His clothing is often light, and offers a lot of breathing room for the desert winds to cool him as he parades around on his adventures. Underneath the clothes his skin is relatively scar free besides a few here and their that are forgettable at best. For someone who takes risks like he does it seems to leave nary a mark. A tattoo adorns his back of a Amal'jaa flayed out in the sun. A mark from his short stint in the Immortal Flames. Beyond that, his appearance changes as often as the wind blows across the desert.


Cecieroux was born to a small family in Gridinia that preferred always to live just outside city society. His father, a man believed to be of Ishguardian decent, was found washed up in the rivers North of the Shroud. He had been burned from head to toe and barely resembled an Elezen. He lost both legs and most of his memories to the wounds. Rumors abound that his father must have been a Dragoon or killed a dragoon for the fact that he carried a lance with him in the water. He clutched it so tightly that the rescuers nearly had to break his fingers to rest it free. The man always kept a lance somewhere in the house till the day he passed, though he treated it more like a plush bear then a weapon. His mother was a Midlander, Cecieroux mostly resembles her physically. She was quiet, reserved, and always so focused on the troubles ahead of them she barely had time to care for the family. His mother brought home most of the income, due to his father's situation, and at first it was enough to get by and then some.

Slowly but surely his Mother saved enough gil to buy a small farm and a pen to raise chocobos. Both of which were attempts to bring a little of his Father's memories back. His father seemed to enjoy raising the chocobo's and taught young Cecieroux many lessons on Chocobo raising. Though his father never really could work those lessons into actual successful Chocobo hatchlings. After a few summers the family was left destitute . His father too disfigured to really care for the birds or the vegetables. With the costs of the homestead and feeding everyone often exceeding their income young Cecieroux began to steal from the local vendors out of necessity. Vendors would often turn a blind eye to the starving lad, fully understanding what he was doing but not calling him out, out of pity's sake. When he was old enough he ran away from home; stowing away on a cart to Ul'dah. He believed his time stealing from the village vendors was enough experience to make it in the big city if he couldn't find legitimate work.

While in Ul'dah Cecieroux would not only lose his dignity, but his father as well. Cecieroux not being at home meant his family struggled even harder. They ended up exhausting their limited resources on searching for him rather then caring for his sick father. While even though the town was helping for free and his mother knew much from her time as a healer in Gridinia, it was not enough to save the man. He passed from weariness, the loss of his only son bearing far too heavily on the weakened man. This lead to his mother abandoning the homestead, and giving the chocobos out to the community. She left for Gridinia within the year, taking only his father's lance with her.

It would be quite a few years Cecieroux spent in Uldah. At first, he learned the hard way. Vendors stopping him long before he could ever enjoy his stolen treats. The Brass Blades quickly learned the boys face as he kept trying to make it this way. No one took him seriously, slowly the Blades quit interfering and left the boy to the vendors mercy. With time, he grew a thick skin and quick hands. He earned a very dexterous build through blood, sweat, and tears. He learned how to blend into crowds, and move deftly without being heard. His demeanor grew sharp, not cold. As he got better, some low lives began to take notice and began to try and exploit the boy. A cynical sarcastic teen was born from the streets. By Fourteen he was to take his first life, not intentionally either. A man that he had seen as a surrogate father tried to betray him. The rat sold the boy out to the Brass Blades after he had successfully a crewed a small bounty on his head. Out of fear, he pushed the man down a flight of stairs. The Brass Blades took him into custody after finding him crying over the man's body.

This was a turning point, Cecieroux used his time in custody to build a resolve to change. To become a man that his family would be proud to know. Once he was released her decided to join the Immortal Flames. Given his history it was not an easy task. Slowly he pulled his reputation out of the gutters and raised it to be a stand up citizen. He took any job he could that was legitimate. Forgetting his underground contacts was an easy feat, and eventually the day came when he achieved it. The immortal flames took him and trained him for long treks into the desert. He went from being the scrawny thief to being a strong scout. A few years was all it took for him to rebuild his pride in himself and feel a strong sense of success. He wanted to take this home and show it to his family, most of all his father. The one he felt the most guilt for leaving behind.

It was treading on the darkened threshold and abandoned ruin that made it sink in how childish his decision was. The rooms that once bore his father's strong voice now lay quiet and he knew what was waiting for him. The town was over joyed to see him alive and well but, there was also a strong sense of disappointment. No one had known where his mother had gone but some had ideas. They gave him old contacts that would be able to find her. One pulled him aside and gave him a Chocobo Chick. It was the offspring of the last Chocobo his father ever raised. It was a simple clumsy hatchling but it was full of energy and life. He named it Oberon and carried it like a precious gem.

In Gridinia Cecieroux's search began with relative ease. His mother never trying to hide took up her old roots and took up once again caring for the sick with her herbal remedies. When he strode in the door, it took no explaining. His mother dropped her mortar and pestle mid motion and ran to embrace him. His rugged adult visage hiding nothing of her boy from her. The story of his father's passing was a bitter one, leaving him broken from guilt. When she passed on his father's lance and garb it left him too weak to stand. He cradled them and the chick like you would a newborn child. With that, he returned to Ul'dah yet once again a changed man. Wthout having someone to look up to anymore he left the Flames without a word and began taking on only enough work to feed him and Oberon. He did whatever it was that pleased him and, began to search for strange artifacts.

These artifacts were at first an obsession with trying to find a way to speak to his father once more. To bring his father back so he could once again try and have his role model see what he had become. This obsession slowly ate at him, beginning to change him. Till finally he snapped, and heard his father's voice. This made him realize his father still lived on in the relics he passed down to him. In the wake of this realization a curiosity in the occult and ethereal slowly arose. Which is what brings him to what he is today.


Cecieroux is a man of many faucets. A sense of finding what lurks behind the dark corners of the world combined with the sheer childlike enjoyment of doing what is wrong from time to time meld into what this man is. He is adrift with no present goals other then to find some form of self actualization through the acknowledgement of others. He tends to grandstand and act strangely just to garner attention. With the loss of his father so heavy on his mind it would be hard for him to go far beyond that.

His upbringing was one with loving parents that couldn't provide leaving him with an ability to trust in people's feelings towards him, but a lack of security in what they say or do. In relationships both sexual and non, he tends to act like they are not there when they are not around. He puts no faith in the others around him, so much so that he doesn't even believe in the Twelve. While most of him moves forward into the future. That stick in his gears keeps a part of him stuck, forever repeating itself.

Affiliations and Known Associates

No known constant affiliations. Past Affiliations are sketchy at best. May include: Immortal Flames, Lancer's Guild, and Brass Blades.


  • Nicknames: Cerioux, Man who craddles his lance, and Pole-Dancer
  • Age: 26
  • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Straight
    • Marital Status: Single
  • Alignment: Neutral-Lawful Evil
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 210 lbs
  • Body: Fit
  • Hair: Black, with blonde streaks (for now)
  • Eyes: Light Violet
  • Skin: Pale
  • Clothing: Light, breezy clothing.


  • Occult
  • Treasure Vaults
  • Thrill Seeking (Jumping off cliffs, charging headlong into unknown, etc.)
  • "Pole-Dancing" aka fighting with a lance
  • Skimpy Clothing on Women


  • Tradition
  • Nobility
  • Playing it Safe
  • Not Getting Paid for Time Spent
  • Skimpy Clothing on Men

Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: Lance, Twin Blades, Axe, Fists
  • Crafting: Fishing?
  • Other: Magic


  • Occult Knowlegde
  • Dexterity
  • Luck
  • Courage
  • Fortitude


  • Common Sense
  • Wrecklessness
  • Always Broke (gil wise)
  • Paranoia
  • Trustworthiness

Other Notes


  • Agnostic to Aethiestic towards the Twelve (Don't normally use real world terms but I feel they fit in this situation). Skeptical that other powers do or don't exist.


  • Ceceiroux loves to gamble, though it is more with his life and limb more so then anything else. Gil was something so precious to his young life that it is one of the few things he won't risk. His love to gamble is more a mix of suicidal tendencies and a childish drive to do what you shouldn't do.
  • Cecieroux's lance and torn robe are things no one is allowed to touch no matter the situation. If someone were to touch them, the consequences would be dire.
  • His tendencies for attention grabbing behavior are the other reason for his love to gamble with life and limb.
  • One of the few places he will actually spend money is the Golden Saucer. He can't resist chocobo racing or triple triad even though they cost gil. With the advent of MGP it allows him to distance himself from the gil he is losing.


  • He is often found carrying his Father's Lance on his back, a tattered hooded robe/poncho that covers his entire body from the sun, and a satchel around the end of his lance tied near the tip carrying what would be assumed to be all his belongings he isn't willing to part with.


The following rumours can be heard about Cecieroux, predominantly in Ul'dah. Most are believed to be false, but that would not lead you to discredit them completely. There is always a hint of truth to a lie, otherwise it is completely unbelievable.

Common rumours

  • "Did you hear? Cerioux left his family to rot in Gridinia. They say his father Starved to death..."
  • "Did you hear about that strange man that craddles a lance in town? If someone touches that Lance he carries. He is liable to attack them."
  • "Cecieroux can never really give you a straight answer. It's like he is always trying to hide something."

Uncommon rumours

  • " Wow, that Cerioux guy can really treat a woman right (sarcasm heavily implied)."
  • " Cecieroux is always spending his money. Yet barely ever has anything to show for it. I wonder why?"
  • " I won't ever hire Cecieroux ever again. That bastard ran off with the treasure I sent him out to retrieve. How does he ever get work in this town."

Rare rumours

  • "I wonder why Cecieroux makes monthly trips to Gridinia? They say he leaves here rich but always comes back poor."
  • "I heard that man that cradles his lance uses his pole to dance with demons."

Known Haunts

You might have run into or otherwise know Cecerioux from:

  • The Quicksand
  • The Thaumaturge Guild
  • The Golden Saucer
  • The Markets

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