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Knowing no home other than the cruel wastes of Coerthas, this Xaela among heretics was raised to believe she was a child of dragons, and against all evidence, continues to nurture that belief.
Coming to Thanalan in search of her brother — who'd gone off in search of her — she found him in the arms of a Raen who kissed like salt breezes and spun him moonshine stories of candy clouds, and whose love was boundless enough to include her. At first jealous and confused, she learned in short order what it is to love her — and to shed blood on her behalf.
Aside from this triune union, she needed naught else. But the fierce yet volatile bond quickly turned to a darkling dance of madness and confusion, of twisted fates and crossed taboos. Seeking belonging any place she can find it, Dione — known as Warn Ka Ehs to the dragons of Anyx Trine — is still struggling to keep up with the steps.


Even to those who know better, Dione still has something of the dragon about her. She's the colours of Coerthas, with glacier-blue eyes and skin like a dusky, star-speckled night; a feral child, slinking with feline grace or bounding in canine exuberance, tail ever lashing behind. Unlike her brother, she's perfectly suited by the sharp slant of her eyes, the thick, wicked claws that grace her fingers and toes, and the small fangs and forked tongue that hide behind her puckish smile. It's easy to feel like she belongs on four legs, not two.
Her face is framed by two locks of black hair and by her heavy, blunt bangs, the rest of her shoulder-length hair partially pulled back. It's straight to the point that it sometimes looks plastered to her head, lacking any sort of bounce or body. The sweeping curves of her horns, and the bruise-black scales that adorn her forehead, cheeks, and encircle her throat to point an arrow between her breasts, further add to the framing. Naked, you'll find her still half-dressed in a bodice of black scales, spreading over her breasts and trailing a second little arrow down to her navel.
She's restless, fidgety, ever-shifting, both in body and in thought. She'll pick at her clothes (or scales) until they're torn (and bleeding), rock back and forth on her feet, or scratch repetitive patterns into tables. Her voice is breathy, with an edge that seems constantly on the brink of tipping over into hysteria. When in distress, or during other times of high emotion, her speech can become increasingly disjointed and difficult to follow; she speaks in metaphors, and often voices her trains of thought aloud.
She favours practical clothes in dark colours, covering and tight-fitting, and almost always wears either long sleeves or gloves up to the elbow.
Aspects that stand out:
+ Sharp, feline features
+ Skin that's a dark, muted blue, with white freckles across her face
+ Restless body language


Her mind is a constant riot of sound, fury and colour, ripping her thoughts apart in kaleidoscopic maelstroms that leave her wondering which way is up. She struggles with delusions, paranoia, a sometimes disablingly short attention span, and sharp mood and personality shifts-- in mere moments she can turn from a creature of cold-blazing, eloquent fury to a babbling child, and back. If her devious intelligence were something she could employ at will, she'd be a force to be reckoned with; as it is, she's merely unpredictable, a loose cannon who's just as like to be hoist by her own petard as to blow you away with her ferocity.
She can be cruel, and she's definitely savage-- her emotions are wild extremes, bouncing from elation to rage to the depths of heartbreak with very few in betweens, and she acts with all the animal passion that implies. If she checks herself at all, it's typically only once the damage is done. But her cruelty is, generally, the result of just that: of lacking impulse control, rather than true malice.
When she's not being driven by rage or vengeance, her affection is boundless and devoted. She can even be gentle, and she's naturally so around children and animals. For everyone else, it's easier than it might seem to get on her good side; it just takes a little kindness, which, given the personality she shows up front, not many are inclined to offer her. Do so, and you'll find she flips right around-- so fast you might get whiplash. But woe betide those who play with her heart; what she wants, she thinks she's entitled to, and will do all in her power to get-- or in the worst-case scenario, ensure you don't live to regret it.
She's playful, and in her brighter moods, loves to get up to mischief. She's a born performer, even if there's no particular talent she's cultivated above any other; she just likes to show off in general.
Aspects that stand out:
+ Unpredictable
+ Confused
+ Tends to extremes


+ The thrill of danger
+ Being physically active
+ Fire
+ Physical and emotional affection
+ Chocobos
+ Being the centre of attention


+ Rules for rules' sake
+ Those who pick on the weak
+ Being underestimated
+ Lack of communication
+ Loneliness and boredom
+ Having her desires frustrated


+ Becoming trapped in her delusions
+ Losing her loved ones
+ Being helpless and/or abandoned
+ Large bodies of water, frozen lakes
+ Violent/sexually aggressive men
+ Dangling/sitting with her feet off the ground


+ Driven
+ Devoted
+ Cunning
+ Loving
+ Innovative
+ Energetic


+ Unstable
+ Needy
+ Impulsive
+ Anxious
+ Grandiose
+ Distractible


+ To stop feeling empty
+ To learn what it is to be a dragon
+ To have a life full of laughter and benevolent chaos
+ To protect the vulnerable and expunge the wicked
+ To be forever with those she loves
+ To be stronger than her fears



Some rumors are true; others aren't. Be careful not to take these as facts!

Common Rumors - Easily overheard in taverns and suchlike places. Use freely!
Uncommon Rumors -Might be heard in places she frequents
Rare Rumors -Hard to come about hearing; please use sparingly!


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

Player Character Rumors -
+ ( None to show! Help me out! )



+ 18+ and comfortable with most mature/dark themes; ask if unsure!
+ Prefer to do paras and longer, but can adjust to most writing styles.
+ Discord is love. Discord is life. But in-game is always good too!
+ I will play: I can be comfortable with most anything as long as it's discussed and fits the characters/story! I tend to go on a case-by-case basis; if I can tell you're interested in writing a story rather than just being gratuitous, I'm likely to at least try and work something out with you.
+ I won't play: AUs/AU ships, one-shot ERP/ERP without in-character justification, permanent disfigurement/dismemberment or death unless seriously discussed.
+ In-game: Celandione Averre, Mateus; main is Reveilleux Averre
+ Discord: sahraa#5611




Name - Celandione Averre
Nicknames/Aliases - Muuchu Himaa (birth name), Dione, Warn Ka Ehs
Race - Au Ra, Xaela
Age - 21
Nameday - 5th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
Deity - Worshipper of dragons, and Saint Shiva.

+ Citizenship: Born of the Steppe; raised in Coerthas
+ Occupation: Vigilante, sky pirate, general outlaw
+ Hair color: Black
+ Eye color: Ice-blue limbal ring; muted blue iris
+ Complexion: Desaturated blue; blue-black scales
+ Piercings: None
+ Marks or tattoos: None typically visible
+ Alignment: Chaotic good
+ Sexual orientation: Pansexual
+ Romantic orientation: Panromantic
+ Relationship status: Fluctuating and uncertain
+ Favorite food: Beet and loaghtan soup
+ Favorite drink: Ishgardian brandy
+ Favorite color: Black
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