Celeste Xura

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Celeste Xura
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Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela (Xura - Of Kagon bloodline)
Citizenship Ul'dah
Affinity Cosmic
Hair Colour White
Eye Colour Red
Age 25
Aliases "The High Priestess", "Sorceress"



Celeste manages to maintain a very high level of patience, which extends to limitless when her companions are concerned. In spite of being physically weak, she takes the diplomatic front position of the small tribe of wanderers - leaping to defend them in any way possible. She is softly spoken and may appear to be somewhat of a pushover. She always carries a magicked star globe and a deck of cards.


Before coming to Eorzea, Celeste would usually be seen wearing a rather tattered robe with stockings and shoes. The tribe's lifestyle being minimalistic at best meant that the majority (including the elders) would not live too extravagantly. Celeste will now usually be found attired in long flowing robes that hide her small frame. She is fairly opposed to showing her body in public and will only bathe behind closed (and locked) doors.

Upon first coming to Eorzea, Celeste activated a female Hyuran glamour to walk the lands without fear of startling.

Since coming to Eorzea she has come to appreciate a much more refined way of attire. When she and Raeth would approach new places, she would insist they take their time and see how others were attired before integrating their glamoured forms into the crowds. She was secretly worried that garments she has collected would no longer fit her when she removes her magicked veil. From time to time she will don her older clothing.

Upon seeing the styles of the Ancient Allag in several historic tomes, she requested a replica of their attire which she will often wear when researching the long dead civilisation.


Wielding a strange talent to manipulate and harness the energy of star constellations, Celeste utilizes her deep knowledge of Astromancy from a safe distance.

She is capable of weaving both offensive, and restoration techniques which can also form powerful barriers, centering these spells usually upon Raeth who is known to charge headlong into a foe's path in order to keep Celeste, Sully and Milo from harm.


  • Raeth - A seldom spoken male Au Ra with a tumultous past. Despite an initially forced partnership, the pair have developed a mutual respect and trust. They share a strange bond that helps them understand what the other is thinking. Raeth is quick to express his distrust of new people, new places and inanimate objects.
  • Milo - An extremely skittish male Au Ra who is the brother of Raeth and the runt of their family. Milo was brought along by Raeth to join him, Sully and Celeste on their travels after concern that he would not be taken care of in his absence. Has quite a high intelligence and enjoys tinkering with gadgets. Quick to flee.
  • Sully - Another female Au Ra of the same tribe. Celeste knew little of Sully before their travels due to their differences in tribe hierachy. Celeste views her shy companion as a genuine friend and feels safe under her protection. Known to be fearful of males, and an experienced cook.
  • Elder Kroin - The leading figure of the Xura tribe. Rumoured to be several centuries in age, though definitely not acting as such. Formerly of the Dotharl tribe, their bloodthirsty nature not one that he agreed with and set out to form his own clan.

Eorzean Allies

  • Kaisin Ozerov - A Support medic from the Harbingers of the Dawn. Following Celeste's first successful attempt at a vengence curse, Ozerov took her to Coerthas to undo the hex she had placed upon an unwitting company member. She expressed an interest in his odd magical talents and began to learn more about him and his past.

Other Contacts

  • Rootho Roggo - (A.K.A Little Rooth) A small poroggo granted sentience by Celeste. He spends his days in Celeste's chambers at the Harbingers' estate reorganising her bookcases and dusting. Deathly afraid of any strangers and hides on top of a bookcase when one is present. Enjoys taking a dip in the pond at night when nobody is around. Able to use basic kinesis magic to move furniture and open doors.
  • ??? - A foulmouthed hand broom (regrettably) granted sentience by Celeste. Very disagreeable and often the source of great frustration for her.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Books
  • The Black Shroud
  • The colour red
  • Spending time away from conflict with her guardians.
  • Revealing clothing
  • Being hassled for card divinations
  • Stress
  • Bullies
Hobbies and Talents':
  • While she is not able to foretell the future, Celeste has an uncanny ability to draw power from the stars and use it to protect her allies. She has been using this power over the past few months to veil herself, Raeth, Sully and Milo beneath a magicked glamour so as not to draw attention to their appearance.
  • As a student of Sharlayan, Celeste has a habit of granting sentience to otherwise inanimate objects. So far she has found partial success with a foul mouthed broom and a child's doll. Her main pride and joy is her Poroggo familiar; Rootho Roggo who is able to talk, walk on two legs and cast magic.


Humble Beginnings

Xura - To Gather

Led by the enigmatic Kroin of the Dotharl, the Xura tribe has currently spanned over three generations. Their strange leader claims to have been present since the beginning (yet there is no proof to support this) and as such is rumoured to be hundreds of years old - a whimsical trait of Kroin is his assignment of titles to his tribe, despite his birth tribe’s bloodthirsty nature.

Seeking the strongest of warriors, Kroin travelled far to gather Elders from the Tumet tribe - renowned for their tenth summer ritual of a survival trial and their proud traditions.

Taking effort to ensure the future of his new dynasty, Kroin sought out Elders from the Geneq tribe - initially as he found their ability to communicate in a manner similar to cloud and wave kin somewhat adorable, but also respecting the knowledge and patience it must have taken to perfect this art.

The final step was for safety, Kroin and his council of Elders travelled to seek the Kagon tribe - in particular two of their Sages (skilled practitioners of forbidden magicks) who left their superstitions of evil sun goddesses behind them.

The Kagon tribe, unlike their counterparts of the Tumet and Geneq did not assimilate into their new tribe as the Elder had hoped. While making themselves available for Tribe meetings and healing of wounds - they would keep to their own dwellings and developed their own hierachy within. It wasn't until the birth of the Shaman Dagasi that these practices were abolished.

Shaman Dagasi struck the members of the Xura tribe as a kind hearted soul who embraced the art of healing magic and dedicated her waking hours to the health of the Xura. The longevity of the tribe began to increase much to the joy of Kroin and Dagasi gave birth to a child.

Unfortunately, Dagasi's life met an unfortunate twist when she became embroiled in a conflict between a hunting party of Xura and another tribe. She did not return with the survivors and was presumed dead. Her successor was named as Celeste, taking the hierarchical title of Sorceress.

Playing the Part

The loss of Dagasi saddened the entire Xura tribe, in particular her fellow Kagon descendants. They once again withdrew into their seclusion and shunned all visitors during the daytime. The Xura Elder stepped in to ensure that Sorceress Celeste did not follow the isolation and took her under his wing to introduce to other youngsters of the tribe - without mention of her title. At the age of four, Celeste was chosen along with several other other budding Xura to journey to the Sharlayan settlement in Dravania to partake in the study of magic. Six years passed in the Learned Capital, and the young Sorceress flourished both academically and socially. Celeste took up the art of Astromancy and spent many hours beneath one of the library's many astroscopes and at the Thaliak River when night fell. The techniques became as natural as drawing breath - yet she was by no means an expert yet. At ten years old she along with her fellow Xura students were retrieved by Elder Kroin and returned to the Xura camp.

An Unlikely Ally

Falling into her mother's former role, Celeste took up the mantle of taking care of the Xura tribe who fell sick or injured. She remained a particular favourite of the Elder Kroin who began to refer to her fondly as "Little Celeste". The young Sorceress however was quickly becoming tired and listless.


◢ Common Rumours (Easily overheard)
■ "She healed my wounds so quickly they may as well have not been there! Tell me more of this 'astromancy'...?" - Meddling Midlander
■ "Such a peculiar lass! Carries around some strange apparatus and a deck of cards." - Inquisitive (former) Imperial
■ "I wanted to ask her what my future held, but a big brutish horned man kept me away. And two others cowering behind him. She keeps some strange company..." - Worrying Wench
◢ Moderate Rumours (Moderately difficult to overhear)
◢ Rare Rumours (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
◢ PC Rumours (Rumours from the characters of other players)
■"Can do card thing. No ask though. Leave be."


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