Cendreie Belle'mer

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Cendreie Belle'mer
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age Twenty-seven
Occupation Adventurer
Server Balmung
Height 6'6"
Weights​ You do not ask a lady her weight
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General Cendreie Belle'mer is a beautiful white haired and bright sky blue eyed Elezen. Thin and lithe, she is agile and quick. Takes pride in the fact of being a perfect mix of her parents. Beloved ones. Father of great height with eyes of the sky, went by the name Luscien Mer. Mother was graceful and hair as white as the clouds. The wonderful woman was named Weissiie Belle. When conceiving Cendreie they did something unique. Slammed together both of their last names. Meaning, 'beautiful sea'. Referencing her brilliant eyes...... Raised by a Dragoon and a talented Monk, her childhood was very physical.

Weissiie was raised in Gyr Abania. The state of Ala Mhigo. Trained in the ways of the fist from a young age. Most of her life. She had left to scout the world. Travel. Eventually the woman found herself in the lands of the Ishgardians. The cold new to her. The beasts new as well. When off guard, a scaled beast attacked. Weissiie was saved by a young armoured man. Luscien was his name. Cendreie's soon to be father. The two fought the beast. Parts were taken and made to the same Lance he would use for the rest of his life. The two fell in love quickly. Luscien brought her to Ishgard. A world strange to her. They had their beautiful child.

Eventually Cendreje found herself following in the footsteps of her mother. But, there has to be more. More than just the same ol' same ol'. Need to add a bit onto her own life.

Time to see what life has in store


  • As a youngin' - Cendreie was born within the stone of Ishgard. The snow was thin on the night she entered the world. Making the dark sky appear to have more far stars. At first appearance they initially thought the baby was going to be blind. Her eyes as pale as a sheet of ice. Within a few days they brightened. This, was something a small group of girls would pick on her for in later years. Poking at her for being air headed... Thinking the color of one's hues showed their mental state. At the last straw, a simple spinning kick to the oldest girl's face stopped it all. Causing the other children to leave her alone. Cendreie at that point was alone for quite some time.

  • Mid years of life - Terror eating away at the world. The problems of the calamity still growing like a disease. Spreading fear from one to another. Developing into a mass of tumors for all alive. Flying beasts tore away at certain beings. Cendreie lost her father. Never coming home from a hard battle.... The only thing that was returned.... Was his lance and small bits of flesh. The remains were cremated and spread to the sky off the cliff of Last Vigil by her mother. That woman riding the back of the Griffin Auhert. The lance was crafted from the scales of the very dragon who attacked her mother... That is how her parents first met. At this point she locked herself away in her room. Crying to the lance. Wishing for it all to just be a trick. A lie that the houses had given her family to keep her father to themselves.... Days passed and she had emerged from her room. A changed girl. Not as bright and cheerful as usual. But more mellow and.... grown up. At the young age her mother moved them to Ul'dah. Eventually cracked and took her young daughter away. To the dry lands. SHe spent quite a bit of time out wandering around. Enjoying the different scenes, even if he could not remember the cold... Was a cast ready to come with a bit of change for the young Elezen. She was sent far beyond the stone and sand, to find her way in the ways of the Monk. That was fully to come soon.

  • Grown - While in Ul'dah, the thin framed Cendreie had undergone Pugilist training. Taking a quick liking to it. Already knowing a bit, and having mastered a bit from her mother. Weissiie soon sent her daughter away at a tender age. Away to Abania to train with a childhood friend of hers. A friend whom she trained with in her own early years. Before doom fell and slaughter happened. Or others scattered away. It was nice to see the look on her mother's face when she came home and announced her graduation to Monk. Taking the training of that. But, sadly it would separate the two. Having to split from her mother at fourteen was harsh. It hurt. But, the multiple years gone made it all the better for the return. Showing off the powers of the inner spirit. Something her mother could not do anymore. Not being the same as she was before. What really made Weissiie happy, was that her old friend was alive and well. Hidden away in the dry mountains.. This, was the most exciting news. It was only a few months until she booted Cendreie out. To explore the rest of Eorzea. Her training away was fierce. Fist fighting large felines. Tumbling with stones. Punching away at hard Rock. Hours and hours of physical exhaustion. Training day in and day out. Not many days to herself.

  • This Moment -


Cendreie is polite and selfless. Takes responsibility apon herself to help and do the right thing. Base her moral compass on established traditions. Upholds morality and philosophy. Supportive and calm. Can easily be spotted. Tends to put others far before herself. Thinking that her purpose in this world is to help the lives of others. Whether it be protecting, or just being the person that sits there and listens. Afraid to hurt the feelings of others, so tries to think her answers and statements over a few times. Often causes a small bit of unwanted silence. Strong practical skills and keeps a day to day list of tasks. Strong sense of duty and strives to meet obligations. Beyond loyal, valuing stability and security. Overly trustworthy. Seeks harmony and cares deeply about the live's of other.... Probably a bit too much at times.

There are small moments where a different part of her slips through. Enjoys a good fight. A certain grin or smile might make its way through. Usually leading to a far more... focused Cendreie.


  • Splendid conversations
  • Creatures of all sorts
  • Books, books, and more books
  • Occasional quiet time to ones-self
  • A random snowball fight


  • Insects... Will kill them.

The Ones in Life

  • Luscien Mer (father) (deceased)
  • Weissiie Belle (mother)
  • Lebeaux Desrosiers (love interest?)
  • Lycheria Itazura (friendy friend)
  • Charming Cherry
  • Daniel Lockheart

Ones just met

Happenings with

*Shino Hatanaka:

  1. First encounter was a proving of sorts. Cendreie had to fight her now friend. The Elezen jokes about it on occasion.
  2. Had discovered an abandoned mansion. Wishing to see what was within, Cendreie was invited. The two powered through many void sent and demons. Destroying each with ease. There was nothing of value, but both learned something of the other. And, had a good experience.
  • Lycheria Itazura:
  1. A rather short and adorable Au'ra. To be a bit more specific a cute Raen. Cendreie and Lycheria did not hAve a close friendship at first. But a few nice conversations and Grindstone meet ups later, things changed for the best.
  2. Our Elezen Monk would never harm her little new found friend. A few battles with others of House Cahernaut in the dirt of Abania proved this. Giving Lycheria a mask was one act of friendship. Surely that would make her a sword wielding assassin. Gauntlets helped Cendreie protect her friend from blasts and shots of weapons. Taking a hit or two for her. Nether the less it had shown a bad side of her.
  3. One of these battles left them worn and Cendreie had invited Lycheria over. Honeyed dates from her mother needed to be eaten. The inventation seemed like a way to lure a child. Cendreie apologized for her horrible actions. Not liking the show of her inner rage. Fear and anger of past experiences. Can lead to bad things. Lycheria seemed understanding while stuffing dates in her face. The Monk was forgiven.
  4. Much else happened and the meeting of the two led to the offer of training. Hand to hand. The meeting was at the old Temple of Rhalgr the Destroyer. Interesting place to meet. The two had a small adventure inside and fought their way through the cursed spirits if the lost. Besides this it was fun. Outside the two had a bit of a one sided spar. Cendreie had Lycheria continue a series of punches. To her own dangerous hands. She tried hard not to let memories of her own ruin the experience. Sadly it had been interrupted when Lycheria was called away. It was still a fun time and left Cendreie with a great smile and wonderful memory.
  5. To be added.
  • Lebeaux Desroosiers:
  1. After a casual fight at the Grindstone, the two got acquainted. Worrying over the others wounds and speaking of the previous fight. Outside of their conversation, it might have appeared to be flirting.
  2. A show around the house Cahernaut. Flirting again seemed to sneak its way through. The two caught up on the previous Grindstone. Talking casually about each others latest moments..... Cendreie had to depart. Did so with a small kiss on the cheek she had punched during their fight.
  3. There was a event going on at the House. Cendreie and Lebeaux had a nice little walk. Enjoying themselves.
  4. Cendreie had gone to visit the spot of her father's ashes having been spread. In the Last Vigil. Not expecting Lebeaux to sneak up behind her. He had been loud, but she was still startled. Not paying too much attention to her surroundings. She spoke of her parents, telling her friend how they had met and how her father past away. Certain little things that led to a bit of a depressed girl. Lebeaux offered cocoa or coffee. Something hot to warm of the cold. They walked to the bridge nearby and continued to talk. She told him of her father's Griffin. Auhert. Found a way back to the house where they parted.
  5. After not getting far in the second try at the Grindstone, Lebeaux took Cendreie out for a little bit of a walk. Taking her hand and leading her to a nice little cliff. The two sat there and spoke. The man had sent Aether to a worn out body, tired from the previous fighting. Helping out with the swelling starting on the female's face. Made her a little too comfortable. They flirted a bit. Speaking. Using each other as a pillow in some way. The male Elezen had kissed the Monk on the forehead. The thing of the night that surprised Cendreie was when he told her that there may be a time that would arose where he may need to relocate. Her response was a mere, "No matter what it is or when, yo may do so. I am here for you." It relaxed the tense man. Their relationship seemed to grow a tad more.
  6. Things were getting heavy as the two had what seemed to be a first official date. A nice little sitting area near a beautiful waterfall. Involved with a glass of wine. Indirect kiss and all for the lack of wine glasses. Cendreie spoke of how she entered House Cahernaut. In short detail. Explained why she had problems with being alone for too long. Enjoying his company. Lebeaux had ways with words. The grip on her hand calming her down greatly when she practically fell apart. He did start a kiss with her. Lasted longer then she expected. Felt quite unsure of the situation. Not really knowing what everything meant. Still a little naive in the whole relationship bit. Surprised by the kiss, she had wished to get away. Politely. She dismissed herself rather quickly after another little kiss. Ran off without peering back.
  7. There had been a bit if a test going on within House Cahernaut. Lebaux and Cendreie had been in the same little squad you could say. After ruining the lives of Crocs and Cyclops, they had to defeat a behemoth. Though a pup it still did damage. Flinging the team around like ragdolls. Lebaux had gotten hurt. Cendreie thrashed and flew to the air. Landing in top of the man. Angered by this test, she snapped and threatened the man whom brought her into the House. A behemoth was not something to have someone test fight against. She was upset. This is when Cendreie slipped and said she would harm others for the safety of Lebeaux. Again, she had found a way to escape.
  8. Dinner and awards came to Cahernaut. Enjoying themselves, Cendreie eventually whisked Lebaux away. To her room. Where they spoke. She apologized for running away the past few times. None too happy with herself. The explanation of her feelings came from her mouth. A few kisses induced. Though it ended rather quickly.

Little bit of an extra

  1. Takes care of her deceased father's Griffin. The majestic creatures name is 'Auhert'.

The House of Cahernaut

  • First Interaction -
  • "Daniel Lockheart, The Baron, had ordered a Ninja to attack Cendreie. Said Ninja, Shino Hatanaka, and Cendreie had a brutal physical fight. This was a form of proving. A way to see if she was worthy to enter the House of Cahernaut. Reruiting. The fight lasted a while. Shino had started off by quietly sneaking up to Cendreie. Trying hard to thrust her dagger towards the Elezen's back. Attempting a fatal blow. Cendreie had not been expecting to feel a tip of something press into the back of her shirt. Quickly, she spun to confront a Au'Ra who had tried to push the dagger in. She pushed aside the dagger the best she could. Shino reacted as the dagger was pushed aside. Closely watching Cendreie's actions before trying to sweep legs with a kick. Cendreie had been making sure to pay close attention to the actions of her enemy. Noticed quickly that a leg sweep was to happen and hopped over with ease. She then went to throw a fist to Shino's face. But, the Ninja had evaded the punch with a back pedal. Then, performed a few handsigns, causing lightning to crash towards Cendreie. Quickly our Monk had stepped back, barely avoiding the bolt. Used speed to swirl into a Dragon Kick. The kick had landed and pushed the Ninja back, bringing up loads of dust. Shino had gone to throw a barrage along with a Fuma Shuriken. A smile spread across Cendreie's lips just as she slammed her fist into the dirt. Energy of a Howling Fist shot forward to the Ninja. It was able to be dodged. Darting forward, Cendreie had then gone into a spin kick. Hurting her enemy harshly.Daniel had come forth clapping."
  • More moments -
  • "There has been much to happen. Multiple dinners and award ceremonies. Get togethers. Single sparring night. Introduction to newer family members. Bringing light of the Grindstone. The newest having been a test. A test against a behemoth. A test to see if the family may work as a team. They did not in this fight. Being torn apart and hurt by the beast. Thrashed about and played with like toys. Did not leave Cendreie very happy. So much so she threatened Lockheart. Let us see what else is to come."
  • "More and more happened with those of Cahernaut. Much that had eventually made Cendreie very unhappy with some of the people she called family. Sadly, there was need to leave. Our Elezen woman here took up the courage and left the place she called home for a time. It was not a place for her afterall."

Hearth and Anvil

  • First Interaction -
  • "Charming Cherry, a female Roe friend, had taken Cendreie out for a *girl night out*. With this, the two had gone to a rather large place with a marvelous dining area below in the basement. The bright and cheery Cherry had seemed excited about bringing Cendreie here. Were immediately greeted by a very bright and rather hyper woman. Presumably, someone of the house. The two were served and spoke for a bit. It had become clear just how polite everyone here was. At this moment in time before the Elezen woman began to tire, she decided this was the new place to be."
  • "A day or two later after the first initial event, Cendreie had gone to comfortable abode. Was a bit of a surprise to see Daniel Lockheart there as well. Appeared that the man had removed himself from Cahernaut as well. For reasons she was unsure of. Paperwork had been filled out and it was time for a physical of sorts. The doctor H'thisee went over Cendreie quickly. No problems at all. Healthy as a fiddle. A nice conversation with a few others ensued. Charming place to be.
  • Moments -
  • "A bit of a venture came forth. A group of thieves were taking supplies from the city of Ul'dah. Seemed they were servants of Ifrit to top it all off. Cendreie did not care about that matter. The thieves were metaphorically taking food from the mouths of children. The elderly. People whom needed it in the already falling apart city. In a way they were taking things from her mother's mouth. Infuriated Ms. Belle'mer at the thought. She decided to join a small group that was heading out to take care of said thieves. Two of the party she already knew. Charming Cherry and Vivida Vida. The newer figure seemed to be a ninja named Vaiden. Hopefully they would become acquainted at some point. The four met up at the Quicksand. Received the scroll of said mission, and took off to Black Brush Station in Central Thanalan. They followed along the railroad track, North. Cendreie remembered that there was a tunnel up ahead. Perhaps that would be a good place. She also recommended her friends not to stride on the tracks for it was a unsafe idea. As the tunnel came into view, a party of four was spotted up ahead. The abnormal group agreed to split up. Cherry went off ahead to circle around front, hiding her best behind a prickly plant her size. Comical. Vaiden went up a natural stone structure and hid behind a rather large cactus as well. Vivida and Cendreie came behind the enemy party. At first, the two were friendly. Greeting them. The opposing group immediately became hostile. Already threatening to attack the two. That is when things became sour. Cendreie darted forward almost immediately when threatened by a dual sword wielding Highlander woman. A straight punch was thrown and easily dodged. The Duelist swiped her two blades in retaliation. Cendreie crossed her gauntlets before her and backhanded the swords away with ease. Not taking a liking to the threat of being gutted either, she went forth again. A dagger of sorts had been thrown at this point by Vaiden. It slashed the Highlander across the back, distracting her. Perfect time for a bit of dancing and to throw a form of spin kick. Aiming right for a set of ribs. The enemy jumped and kicked off Cendreie's flying leg, performing a series of flips and slicing her two blades across a chest. Blood came forth. Red stained a nice white set of clothes. The X slash caused a bit of pain. Not dealing with this well, a fit of rage flew out of Cendreie. This caused a chackra gate to burst open, sending energy flying out like a blooming rose. Charging forward, a heavy armored fist swiveled from underneath, cutting through the air with ease. It hammered straight into the chin of the Highlander. The top of the woman's skull blew off. Everything exploded. The body landed hard before Cendreie, flopping like a fish on land. It lay still just as blood came out of the emptied orb. Spitting apon the body, Ms. Belle'mer pulled her attention finally to the others of her party. Focusing on them as they were on the other side of the tracks at this rate. Other enemies had lost their heads as well. The only one left was a very lucky Paladin. They lived through being tripped. But, did not live through four people attacking at once. Vivida had done the deed of killing, shoving her small hand and arm down the throat of heavily armored woman. At this point Cendreie was forcing herself to calm down, missing the chance to catch Cherry whom blacked out. There was much she missed. Cendreie Belle'mer picked up her fallen partner and they all returned home."
  • Family Fued: Pillow Edition -
  • The House of Hearth and Anvil is together like a family. In-between the stress of adventures, they seem to find ways to relax and have fun. This time it happened to be an enormous pillow fight. Time to get ready to rumble!

The Grindstone

  • "The Grindstone is an unofficial coalition of fighters; armed or unarmed, novice or master, pit-fighter or soldier. Folk are put against other fighters in a competition. Brackets set up for winners."
  • First experience: Cendreie had never done Grindstone before. She had been hiding her excitement to be put up against other fighters. Wondering just how well she would fair against others.
  1. Talan Greyson- Hyur male Dark Knight. Seemed like a novice in the usage of his large blade. The Dark Knight was an easy fight. A gut punch caused the man to throw out the contents of his stomach at Cendreie. She dodged the substance. First Victory.
  2. Lebeaux Desoriers- A Elezen male White Mage. Hit Cendreie easily in the ribs with his staff. Causing a bit of pain. A hard punch to the face did a bit of damage.
  3. Dex Cogstride- A far harder opponent. Female Roe and a Machanist. Shot Cendreie repeatedly in the leg, trying to subdue her. Found a way to push Cendreie to the floor. Gave her a chance to lift the lower part of her body and wrap her legs around Dex's face. Putting the large Roe in a form of chokehold. Victory.
  4. Grenat Querroux- Elezen male Dragoon. Continuously tried to stab Cendreie in the armpit to rid her of her arm. Got kicked back and fell to his back. Had lifted his lance in a defense position to stab through her. Did not work. Cendreie had sat on the man and continuously punched.
  5. Jin Hattori- Fellow Monk. Was a hard and close fight. Barely pulled through with a shoulder tackle and liver punch.
  6. Swyreyn Keltiyrn- Very lare Roe male Warrior. Swung his axe like a baseball bat. Breaking several of Cendreie's ribs.

Got Second place at her First Grindstone. Cendreie was quite proud of herself.