Cerphi Lis

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Cerphi Lis
finding music in the stars





Vital Information



RACE & CLAN: Au'ra Raen

GENDER: Female

AGE: 24

NAMEDAY: 9th Sun, 1st Umbral Moon

ORIENTATION: Heterosexual


Other Statistics



FAMILY: Raphael Lis

RESIDENCE: Lavender Beds  

OCCUPATION: Astrologian of the Aetheristry (Council of the Dawn)  


HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5 fulms, 2 ilms. 90 ponze.

ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good

General Information
H-hi hello!
Green with emerald limbal rings Silver, long and neat Creamy Petite, lithe Soft, whispery and gentle
Withdrawn Right-favoured Back, forearms Ivory scales and horns; horn piercings Modest clothing, fashionable
Hair & Eyes
As a child she preferred short hair to make washing out dirt and sand much easier. Since her enrollment into the Astrologian's Guild, it wasn't much of a luxury as it was the result of her focus on her studies and lack of physical care that her hair was allowed to grow long. Not really sure what to do with it, she keeps it tied up and out of the way but presentable nonetheless.
Physique & Markings
Back when she worked her oddjobs with one of them including a questionable rabbit uniform, it was the rare time one would catch her showing any skin. Her form is lightly sunkissed from her time in Thalanan, but shapely in her womanhood. Mistakenably fit, Cerphi's muscle strength is hilariously weak. She is soft and physically defenseless, relying on diplomacy to avoid conflict at all costs. As a result of domestic punishment and bullying, there are about 10 blurry scars from lashings criss-crossing her back and remnants of defensive wounds on her arms. Since receiving those injuries, she has done her best to behave. There is a patch of scales missing on her left hip from an attempt of someone trying to skin her.
Hygiene & Attire
Given the nature of her work, she keeps herself clean but is always ready to get her hands dirty. On the field, she makes herself visible for those in need of aids, adopting the iconic whitemage image of a miracle in white. Due to her bardic influences, she was taught the power of costume and colours and her Fate Mother often enjoyed dressing her up to let her feel cute and give her a sense of fashion. Nowadays she can be found wearing comfortable Eorzean garb - anything to cover her scars and keep herself modest and modern. With white being exclusive to her work, she contrasts it with black or anything tasteful in her downtime.
Psychological Profile
Upon first meeting, she is well-known to be a quiet, stuttering mess with a voice that is barely audible. Once the ice is broken, her voice will gradually increase in volume that's generally heard so long as she is the only one speaking in a turn. With those she is very close to or very intimate with, people who she will comfortably refer to by their first name, she can finally relax and her tone is gentle and often bubbly. Under pressure, she often sounds like she is on the brink of tears, voice cracking into squeaks and the like. The more nervous she is, the more inclined she will be to withdraw. However, when excited about astrology or astromancy she can forget to breathe and fill one's ears with an unending string of trivia - the most confident and forward version of her yet.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
● Stargazing
● Collecting Art
● Music
● Tea & Wine
● Learning & Teaching
● Sweets
● Spicy Food
● Hot Climates
● Public Speaking
● Confrontation & Conflict
● Crowds
● Disrespectful People
● Jack-of-All-Trades
● Celestial Readings
● Piano-Playing
● Knowledge Sponge
● Heavy Drinker
● Medical Training

Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

Basic Statistics
High: Wisdom, Aether
Above Average: Intelligence, Will
Average: Dexterity, Charisma
Low: Strength, Defense, Endurance
Aetheric Abilities
Mastery: None
Expert: Celestial Aether
Average: Conjury
Novice: None
Weapon Training
Mastery: None
Expert: None
Average: Archery
Novice: None
Combat Relevant Skills
High: Medic
Above Average: Quick-Thinking, Resourcefulness
Average: Marksmanship, Quick Reflexes
Low: None
Non-Combat Abilities
Combat Abilities
● Aether Manipulation
● Celestial Divining

Sixth Astral Era

Seventh Umbral Era

In Recent Times
Moving Forward

Relationship Status Legend

Birth Mother/Father, Unknown. ()
Character's Thoughts: "If I don't think about it, it's fine."
Being stolen away in the night by slavers at a young age, it's difficult for Cerphi to feel anything more than a bitter indifference. With all the years that passed, she had learned to rely on herself to get through the days, not long for people that she couldn't remember the faces of. Still, part of her wishes that she knew her roots.
The Wandering Bard, Raphael Lis. ()
Character's Thoughts: "Sometimes I have dreams of hearing that lute playing in the morning. I still expect to see his face in a crowd. I find myself humming his songs... yet whenever I introduce myself it hurts to use his name. I don't his memory to die with me, I want it written in the stars."
It was the redheaded Hyur who planted the seed of yearning within her. If it wasn't for him, his music, his stories and many colours, she would have drowned in the sand. He was her mentor, her friend and a father to her. The fact that sickness could take a man so lively and bold is a fear of hers that still lingers.
Matron of Performers, Aryelle Guillemont. ()
Character's Thoughts: "Well, if there's anyone to blame for my excessive apologies..."
Sou Akinata. ()
Character's Thoughts: "If it wasn't for him wearing a cake on his face, I might've forgotten that I watched him cut down dozens of voidkin."
Skilled, reserved and naive. There is a bit of a boyish charm to the Doman as he can unexpectedly crack a joke despite the strict expressions that harden his face and his generally composed demeanor. Had she not been introduced to him by a former friend, Sou would have easily made it to the list of Intimidators.
Kerrath. ()
Character's Thoughts: "Gods, it was terrible! His arm- it was hanging on by a thread and but kept swinging! The muscle damage- the ligament damage- Twelve, I don't know what held him together!"
Strong, stubborn and... surprising? The man has a knack for having trivially useless skills while living off the bare minimum of knowledge needed to exist in the world. He has been a protector on a number of missions by throwing away all survival's instinct and replacing it with the will to mow down whatever stood in his way. Of course, this has led her to picking up his pieces and slapping him back together but he has also earned her respect as being the hardiest person she's ever encountered. With the man agreeing to take her under his wing, she hopes to improve herself physically in hopes of being less of a liability on the field.
Kiyokage Mizuhiki. ()
Character's Thoughts: "I don't think he thinks I'm cut out for this..."
The Council of the Dawn's leader is a cold man who spares no soft words for his fellow men. His presence alone sets her on edge, fearing his judgement and merciless wrath but she has seen the lengths and efforts that he has gone through to corral his companions, the respect he demands be shared to the other members and she had heard tales of his... endearing hobbies of plushie-crafting. Still, it was better to keep her head low and quietly earn her place among them all.
Gideon "Red" Wilhelm. ()
Character's Thoughts: ""
Kindred spirits. The Viera's passion for Nymerian lore rivals Cerphi's love for the heavens. Knowledgeable and talented in the art of wards, one world think that Red would be a fragile person hiding behind powerful magics... and they'd be right. Whether it has been bad timing or not, the instances where the two have interacted have been low points for Red: being shot in the chest, void worm avid attacks, and romantic rejection. Though Cerphi was there to mend and comfort her, seeing Red in such moments of distress fuel her desire to strengthen herself to keep her safe. There is also the issue of not being able to reciprocate her affection but perhaps not all is lost for Red.
Khallendra Khaine. ()
Character's Thoughts: "...."
Her title spoke volumes but it couldn't compare to the woman that lay hidden behind it. Reminiscent of the impression she got from Kiyokage, Khallendra was a powerful force whose presence choked her. But not horus after meeting the notorious Tigress, Cerphi witnessed the woman's generosity, wisdom and heartwarming intentions behind the things that she did. Similar to her feelings towards Kerrath, Cerphi aspires to be as strong and capable as her to a degree of idolization. However, she desperately wishes for the Tigress to show the Council the same smile that she saw. In private, the woman was so tender and warm - maternally so. Cerphi wants nothing more than for her to get along well with the company and show her that it's okay to rely on others.
Talon Khaine. ()
Character's Thoughts: "."
A soldier, a mechanic, and lover of sweets. Though she initially reached out to him out of curiosity of his sister, she found that the man was terribly disarming. The kindness she sees in him reminds her very much of the man who saved her from her desert hell.
Dravikas Mistros. ()
Character's Thoughts: "Even now, I'm haunted-- I can feel her slipping through my fingers like sand..."
A comrade she'd scarcely spoken a word to prior to her voidsent possession. During the incident, she found herself rushing to the woman's side and demanding time to save her from others who deemed execution to be the best medicine. She was a woman driven by her faith in Althyk and despite her rough edges, meant well in their cause for the greater good. When the woman lashed out about her hate towards all Garleans, she empathized in her difficulties with forgiveness. In her passing, many realizations came with it: the bond she felt to her council members who were the first companions she had ever made since her troupe, a powerful need to become stronger to protect them, and a hunger for knowledge about the Void to ensure that what happened to Dravikas would never befall anyone else.


Peaceful Sleep
Artist: Keiichi Okabe
Kainé Salvation
Artist: Keiichi Okabe
Song of the Ancients - Popola
Artist: Keiichi Okabe
Song of the Ancients - Devola
Artist: Keiichi Okabe
Made in Abyss
Artist: Kevin Penkin
Welcome to my World
Artist: Kevin Penkin
Lost my pieces
Artist: Toradora OST
Who's Theme
Artist: Nujabes feat MINMI
low-fi playlist
Artist: Listed
Diamond Dust
Artist: NΣΣT
Artist: Porter Robinson & Madeon
Blue Shift
Artist: Lemaitre
Artist: Valerie Broussard

In-Game Screenshots
RP Info

Location & Probability
Places where the character is very likely to be seen
Kugane: Somewhat Likely
Ishgard: Somewhat Likely
Idyllshire: Moderately Likely
Gridania: Extremely Likely
The Council of the Dawn: Aetheristry Member
The Manderville Gold Saucer: Former Employee
Astrologian's Guild: Alumni
Humminglanders: Musical Performer
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RP Limits
RP Hooks
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