Cerres Meadowlark

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Garlemald Flag.jpg Cerres Meadowlark
6-29-2017 5-40-01 PM.png
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Doma
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Born in Doma, with the name Isami Rokuyari, Cerres took on her current name during her youth on the Kugane streets. Growing up a dirty cutpurse, she always envied the rich folk she stole from to survive. She would imagine herself dressed as they were, pretty and perfect, with heavy gil purses, heading to soirees and balls. Her desire for material wealth subsided any hesitation when offered a choice between death or learning and executing the assassination craft for a very well dressed man she tried to pickpocket.

Eventually, she regained her freedom from the well-dressed man and was deeply in love with the lifestyle, no longer having any desire to pursue any other craft. Now learned in the ways of stealth killing, her lifelong lust for gil is only rivaled by her thirst for blood. Ever enjoying the thrill of the hunt, kill, and post job payment, she lives out her days in extravagance; expanding her client list, pockets, wardrobe, and material wealth.