Chakha Hotgo

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 Chakha Hotgo
‘’’Shadow of Ul’dah’’’
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela (Hotgo Tribe)
Citizenship None
Age 18
Height 4'7"
Hair Dark Blue
Eyes Dark Violet
Birthplace Great Plains of Othard
Registered Professions Ossuary Courier
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General Appearance

Chakha’s skin is pale from the dense covering of the disguises and wraps she wears. Her dark-blue hair melds with her scales and horns, her hair once displayed highlights, but un-dyed. Her eyes are dark-violet, providing a contrast to her untanned white skin. Chakha is short, even among other Au Ra Xaela, where females are typically disproportionally smaller than males (a mental trigger during her youth). Scales are abundant on her chin and neck, alongside forward junting horns. Her face is relatively clear and white, as a blank portrait sheet, once a canvas for her family unit’s and tribe’s displays of painted emotions.

Implanted Devices

Chakha’s body is compatible with most other Xaela Au Ra woman, with a physique that although would not astound, would not invite shame either. Her skin is as white as her face, punctuated by marks and glimmers of metal; these mark the places where magitek implants were introduced into her body as part of her training as a Imperial Shadow.

There are five devices, standard-issue for many Garlean soldiers and conscripts in Eorzea, each designed and modified to maximize her capacity as a imperial soldier:

1) located near her throat, part of it serving as a form of protection against garroting, is a device with the capability to alter her vocal patterns.

2) located on the side of the abdomen, a standard-issue Celeris implant, often employed by Garlean soldiers to enhance their physical responsiveness.

3) and 4) are implants located in her legs, amplifying the natural rogue talent for landing after dropping from high places. They also buffer and protect her leg muscles, allowing for bursts of speed, whether on land or in the sea.

5) is a implant insider her right horn, modified to incorporate a multi-use linkshell, as well as a miniature aetheric lightning converter for a Garlean electromagnetic communication device. It also gives a limited passive resistance to aetheric lightning.

Important Items

Mhachi Mageslayer Daggers - A set of daggers originating from lost Mhach. The weapons emit frequencies that are naturally disruptive towards aetheric objects and entities, originating from the glowing orbs at the center of each weapon. [These appear Allagan at first glance, but obsidian dark steel of the daggers radiate a aetheric presence indicative of the drowned void mages; a legacy of Mhach’s discovery of ancient Allag’s void research.]


PC Rumors

  • "Fear and sadness can drive the heart towards hate... I only hope 'tis not too late to offer a second chance, away from it all." - Zanzan Yanzan