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The following includes quick instructions to creating a wiki page for your character.

Quick Guide

  1. Login to the wiki using your RPC forum account info.
  2. Highlight and copy the template below (or any other template you like; please consult the list of Wiki Templates).
  3. Type your character's full name into the search bar located on the left side of the wiki. Hit enter.
  4. Click on your character's displayed name, showing as a red link. This takes you to the editing page.
  5. Paste the template and fill out whatever details you want and click on "Save page" at the bottom of the page.

Congrats! You just created your character page and can edit it at your leisure!

Basic page template

Simply copy-paste the text below to create a simple wiki page. This template is provided by the RPC and no attribution is requested or required. You can also find other templates in the list of Wiki Templates.

| name = 
| image =
| imagewidth = 
| caption =
| title = 
| gender = 
| citizenship = 
| race = 
| clan = 
| stat_1 = 
| stat_1_value = 
| stat_2 = 
| stat_2_value = 
| stat_3 = 
| stat_3_value = 
| stat_4 = 
| stat_4_value = 
| stat_5 = 
| stat_5_value = 
| stat_6 = 
| stat_6_value = 

==Basic Info==




==Other Notes==

The infobox

The first thing on your page is something in curly braces that says "Infobox-PC". Don't be afraid! This is what's called a template, and it's used by the wiki software to create neat layouts (like the big infobox) from simple text. The Infobox handles the construction of the table for you, as well as much of the categorization of your character. This saves you from having to learn a bunch of HTML and also lets you use the Infobox like a form.

The Infobox is fully documented on its page, but it's easy enough to use that you probably don't need to read the full documentation. The name field specifies the name of your character; if you don't provide it, it defaults to the name of the page. The image field can contain the name of an image file uploaded to the wiki, while the imagewidth field contains the width of that picture in pixels. The caption field, if provided, puts a caption under the image to indicate what it is. The title field, if provided, puts a line under the caption that lets you sum up your character with a descriptive title. For instance, you might put "Captain of the GoldenMyst" or "Headmaster of A.E.T.H.E.R." If your character doesn't have a title, or you can't think of one, you can leave this field blank.

The gender field is, presumably, self-explanatory. The citizenship, race, and clan fields refer to your character's home city, race (Hyur, Elezen, etc.), and clan or sub-race (Midlander, Highlander, Duskwight, etc.), respectively. However, these are magic fields that also control the automatic categorization of your page, as well as the layout of the Infobox. If you put the proper name of a city into the citizenship box, the Infobox will change its header color to match your city, put the city's logo next to your character name, and tag your character as being a citizen of that city. Similar logic applies to the race and clan fields. While none of these are technically required, it's highly recommended you provide them so people can find your character.

The next fields are generic fields in the Infobox that you can create at will. The first line of each pair (stat_1, stat_2, and so on) gives a name to the field, while the second line (stat_1_value, stat_2_value, etc.) contains its value. You can use these to indicate relationships, physical characteristics, character status (alive or dead), or anything else you feel is relevant to put in the infobox. Or just leave them blank/delete them if you wish.

The final field is server. Like the citizenship, race, and clan fields, this one magically tags your character to its server category if you put in the name of a known RP server. Otherwise, it simply shows the server name in the infobox.

When you're done editing the infobox, click Show Preview to make sure it looks right, then click Save Page to save your changes.

The body text

The page template provides you with a number of headers into which you can write body text. Any text you write before the first header will appear on the top of the page, outside of any headers. You can add and delete headers as you see fit; if you have at least three, the wiki will automatically generate a table of contents for you so users can quickly browse your page.

Notice how each header is defined by having a number of equals signs (=) surrounding it. You can change the level of headers (and thus the size of their text) by varying the number of equals signs on both sides of the header text. For instance, in this document, the section headers use three equals signs, and subsections such as this one use four. Reducing the number of signs makes a header higher level and increases the text size; adding signs does the reverse.

Removing the stub indicator

When you feel comfortable with your page as written, you can remove the stub indication by deleting the {{{Character-stub}}} line at the top of the page.

Extra Help

Should you need extra help, feel free to ask on the forums or send a PM/tell to the admin (or anyone else who you're comfortable asking help from). Should you be too proud to ask for help...

You can also get the hang of things by going to another character's page. Click the edit button as if you're going to edit their page (don't actually edit their page though without permission!). Take a glimpse at how they setup their page and that may help you better understand everything. In fact, some likely won't mind if you copy/paste their entire layout into your page. Just be sure to change their information to your own and give them credit!