Charlotte Mariani

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Charlotte Mariani
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Take my hand, we'll walk together.
Duskwight of the Sands
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 37
Occupation Brass Blade
Rank Darksilver
Place of Birth Gridania
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Charlotte is not a unique Elezen, whom like many other young ladies have left their homes to find and create their own lives. And this Duskwight with much luck was able to do just that in Ul'dah. Throughout her much younger years, Charlotte was trained by her father to be a Wailer. Beyond teaching her fundamentals, her father also taught her his morale code, of the woods and most important of all the value of service for one's home. Despite a close upbringing, Charlotte parted ways with her family after disagreements about her future when she came of age. Charlotte disobeyed her family's wishes and embarked on a journey that would lead her passed the mighty woods and into the sandsea. Upon arrival, with training under her belt she found it easier to assimilate among the ranks of the Brass Blades where she served the city-state of Ul'dah for nearly twenty years.


Graced with height and sharp long ears, Charlotte is a natural Duskwight. She's true to her clan's appearance, pale silky skin and amethyst eyes that are not keen as the Wildwood counterpart. Her natural hair color is black, though she often experiments with her stylist out of boredom. Like most Elezen, she retains a youthful appearance despite her known age.


Usually a woman that comes off floaty, whimsical and even far too aloof to have a care in the world, she uses this facade to hide her insecurities and make attempts to speak with others. Beyond the haze of clumsily put together phrases, Charlotte is an organized, alert and hard working woman. When at work, Charlotte tends to be far more forgiving than other Brass Blades, often times lack of reprimand coming back to haunt her. She usually behaves in a professional manner and uses formalities around friends. Charlotte also has a strict moral code she follows, mostly unwilling to budge even if she is to suffer consequences. When it comes to matter of the heart, she can be unreasonable and jealous. If she feels her status is threatened she would not hesitate to let it be known vocally.



For the entirety of her employ as a Brass Blade, Charlotte has used and mastered the standard issue scimitar and buckler. Undergoing two years of training with sixteen years of experience, Charlotte has taken the fundamentals and crafted her own style to fit her height and reach. Her buckler serves as her secondary defense, though it proves to be a folly when precision is needed for lancers or archers. Her third use for her buckler is as a concentration point for one of two spells she knows; Barrier (Protect) and cure. Her healing magic is not potent, only good for minor wounds and scratches, though her barrier is quite fortified from years of practice.

Physical Abilities

A natural tall and imposing woman, Charlotte is a force to be reckoned with a balance of strength, dexterity and speed. While in her youth her reflexes were unquestionably fast, in her later years she makes up for the loss of speed with experience in battle meaning her offensive capabilities are limited while her defensive are dominant.

Magical Abilities

Charlotte is by no means a great healer, or even a healer in general. The extent of her white magic is limited to creating aetherial barriers to shield herself from magic-based attacks. However, she can only create this barrier when having a shield equipped as a concentration point otherwise she cannot perform the spell. If her aether is depleted, Charlotte requires a full sun to recharge her mana. She has no offensive spell capabilities.



  • Bubble Chocolate.
  • A nice bottle of rum. (Or two.)
  • Finger Sandwiches


  • Questionable morals.
  • Obnoxious personalities.
  • Dishonorable competitors.


  • Prying into people's business.
  • Teasing her friends.
  • Sparring/competing.


  • Loves meeting other Brass Blades.
  • Though a tougher challenge to speak with at first, shy personalities are fun for her.
  • She loves Thanalan. She's strange that way.



Charlotte was married in the year 1561 at the age of twenty summers to a midlander Hyur named Walter Bennett. Two years into their marriage, Charlotte gave birth to a healthy, dominantly Elezen girl named Annette. Due to unfortunate events, both her husband and daughter have passed away during the Calamity. She has not heard from her family in Gridania since she left, and it is unknown whether she has relatives still alive to this day.


Common Rumors

  • I see her taking walks at the residential district.
  • You'll find a chatty Duskwight in the Quicksand.
  • Always carry bubble chocolate in case of emergencies.

Moderate Rumors

  • There's a Duskwight at Vesper Bay who won't shut up.
  • She let me go as long as I promised to be good, you should consider being nice!
  • Her pointy ears are sharp, don't say things you'll regret around her!

Rare Rumors

  • Walter said somethin' about 'behind the ears.' Is that true?
  • 'Alacran Sting?' They say a Duskwight invented that.
  • Her favorite part of the job is slapping on the cuffs...


  • Born on 1541 of the Sixth Astral Era, 8th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon in Gridania.
  • 1551, Began training as a Wailer.
  • 1554, Earns her first sword after completing preliminary regiment.
  • 1559, Becomes of age, leaves for Ul'dah and finds work as a Brass Blade.
  • 1561, Earns the rank of 'Brass' and marries fellow Brass Blade, Walter Bennett.
  • 1563, Gives birth to Annette.
  • 1567, Charlotte and her unit is permanently stationed at Vesper Bay & Horizon. Earns Silver Rank.
  • 1571, Garleans attack Vesper Bay and Horizon, Charlotte and company defend their posts. Earns Darksilver Rank.
  • 1572, End of the Sixth Astral Era. Husband and daughter leave the city with other families to find refuge.
  • 00, Beginning of the Seventh Umbral Era. Charlotte and company are selected to fight in Cartaneau Flats. Her husband and daughter are killed.
  • 05, Charlotte is called once again in Operation Archon. Her unit assaults Cape Westwind, suffering heavy losses.
  • 05~, Takes a leave of absence after Archon.
  • 05~, Joins the Immortal Flames. Rank of Private, Second Class is granted.
  • 05~, Returns to the Brass Blades, retaining rank of Darksilver.


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