Chichek Dotharl

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 Chichek Dotharl
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship ???
Alias Chi, "green girl"
Age 20
Occupation "Healer," general nuisance
Height/Weight 4 fulms 8 ilms / 148 ponz
Orientation Heterosexual, monogamous
Marital Unmarried

((OOC note: Please bear with me as I make some adjustments to this profile. I played this character a couple years ago right at the release of Heavensward on the Balmung server. I've taken a long break and changed servers to Mateus, and will be working on some changes to Chichek and her profile. Thanks!))

Chichek ( /chee-check/ ) has got to be just the nicest, sweetest little cupcake from the Dotharl tribe that you've ever laid eyes on. And considering who her people are, that's just a little unnatural. Such an observation is only the beginning of peculiar descriptions that could be formed about this oddball of a lass. With a measley height, a plump build, an adorable face and a sing-song voice, it's plain to see that she couldn't be one of the clan's even slightly efficient harbingers of brutality and violence. And when she isn't spouting off about things that seem to bare little correlation to much else, she's a rather nice person with a quirky sense of humor— certainly not like those fearless, battle-prone Dotharli that people sometimes talk of.

But you know what they say.

Looks can be quite deceiving.

Basic Info


Sweet-mannered, welcoming
Emotionally honest
Indiscriminately talkative
Exceedingly friendly
Optimistic, lighthearted
Outwardly easy-going
Confident, fearless


Motivational liar
Brutally sadistic
Selfish, greedy
Ruthlessly violent
Selectively attention-seeking
Prideful, narcissistic


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Evil
Vice(s): Binge eating
Favorite Food: Cream cheese, candies, meats— fresher the better, bone-in preferred
Favorite Drink: Meat broth, sweet syrups, milk tea
Favorite Color: Light pale green and yellow


Can use healing magics, but fiercely dislikes being healed by others and will react nastily
Occasionally appears to be conversing with herself back and forth
Has a tendency to be drawn toward those who give her the impression that they've killed/maimed
Carries two violet-bladed daggers (more on this to be added later)


Chichek is a tiny little Au Ra who's appearance brings the words "harmless" and "squishy" to mind. There is very little athleticism or lean muscle apparent in her build. The plump little Auri lass has a physique shaped like someone stepped on an hour-glass and squashed it, then stuck some horns and a tail on it. Her shoulders are narrow but a bit rounded, and her tummy has a bit of squish going on; this is easily overlooked by her ridiculously ample bust, broadened hips and thick thighs. She carries a lot of weight in these spots, a recent development in her later years of life. It's as if after she couldn't grow vertically any more, her body began to grow horizontally in certain areas instead.
Often seen with a pleasant expression and prone to giggling and smiling, the darling little Chichek doesn't seem easy to provoke or distress: at least, not in the usual ways one would expect. She's often seen leisurely wandering about with a pep in her step and a cheery hum under her breath, face lit up with unwarranted merriment as she goes about whatever-it-is she does. She looks entirely approachable and wonderful to interact with; what could possibly go wrong from such a sweet-looking Au Ra?
She has a round and cheery face with utterly pinchable cheeks, framed by short and feathery hair cut into stylish layers. Her side-parted bangs cover the right side of her freckled face, and if one cares to stare, there is a notable bright yellow gleam coming from only that one covered eye- her visible eye is a similar shade of dull-pale-green as her hair. Interestingly, her skin has a light greenish-greyish tint to it as well, giving her an overall naturally matching color scheme; even her freckles are dark green. She has delicate facial features, a "baby face" as some would call it: big, expressive eyes, rosy cheeks, a small nose, and plush lips that seem to have a permanent semblance of a smile at their corners. There is only one unsettling feature about her appearance that isn't immediately noted: her grin will reveal a set of trianguarly-sharpened teeth, a set of choppers fit for only the most vicious of carnivores.
Her favorite choice of attire since coming to Eorzea is very, if not overly feminine. She loves ribbons and bows, frills and lace; the more, the better! Dresses, cute blouses, frilled shorts, long stockings, mary-jane style shoes or heeled boots are usually her first choice in clothing. Nearly everything she wears has the same color scheme that she was naturally born with, but she's been known to throw some pinks and white into the mix.


First impressions of Chichek normally leave one with the thought that she is a very happy, but very odd girl, and easily excited on that note. Her attention span (or lack thereof) leaves her to hop from one subject to the next, especially if there's interesting things or people displayed before her. She seems almost kind of dopey at first (who could be so cheerful in a world like this, after all?) but this strange little Au Ra can certainly prove she's got a peculiar intellect underneath her jolly-giddy-optimism, if one gets to know her. She seems like the sort who is blissfully honest and open, often speaking about whatever is on her mind at that exact moment; but a little-known fact is that Chi can be very deceptive and lie exceedingly well, if it means she can get what she want or detour questions about herself that she doesn't wish to answer.
To say there is a dark side to this beaming little sunflower is a severe understatement. Despite being open about her love of atmospheres containing fighting, bloodshed, even torture and killing, one will often write this off as a remnant of Dotharl-esque preferences instilled upon her not by her own choice, but from the culture she was brought up in. While that isn't entirely false, it's not entirely true, either. She has some very sadistic qualities in her personality, and the only reason it isn't constantly displayed in her demeanor is because it seems very normal and natural to her; it simply shows when something brings it to attention. She doesn't empathize with pacifists or peacekeepers whatsoever, but she isn't necessarily going to be abrasive about it— that's just how Chichek is.
The fact that she practices the healing arts is not to be taken as an indicator of gentleness. Chi does not heal to bring comfort and rejuvenation— rather, she heals so she can instill those feelings and then take them away by her own hand. To put it simply, the only reason she is sorry to see anyone injured and suffering is because she wasn't the one to make them suffer in the first place. Unbeknownst to others, if her aid is requested, nine times out of ten she'll close the wound only to delightfully tear it open again. One of the few ways to avoid this is to prove oneself capable of causing bloodied spectacles of violence in her presence. She might then deem the person in question worth keeping alive and healthy for her own gains of reveling in their massacres. Otherwise, it's really nothing personal if one finds themselves a victim of her heal-and-maim treatment. She's endlessly fascinated by the physical and emotional reactions, the bloodshed, and the whole aura of the situation- and has not been known to exclude any potential candidates for any reasons, save for the aforementioned.
That being said, Chichek is drawn to those who seem to possess an aptitude for violence, chaos, or both. She is not hesitant to try reaching out to even the most intimidating and dangerous of people, knowing that her favorite fascinations will tend to follow in their wake. And though it isn't really Chi's style to start unwarranted violent conflicts, she can and will fight back ferociously, if necessary. Like the rest of the Dotharl clan, she does not fear death; this is quite evident in how she retaliates against severely failed attempts at engaging dangerous people or creatures. The tiny woman attacks like a vicious animal intending for either side to be obliterated completely as a means to an end of the scuffle. Using claws, horns and sharpened teeth, blows to the most disabling or sensitive areas, and utilizing anything and everything she has within reach, there is absolutely no fear in this lass. Her pain tolerance is amazingly high, perhaps because she knows she can soothe her ailments as soon as she's done with whoever is insisting on harming her; or perhaps because she's too focused on their reactions to having their eye plucked out— who knows? She has no favored weapon so far, mainly because it doesn't matter what she's found to fight with, her intentions are always going to be seeing her foe react to being cut or jabbed where she knows it will hurt the most. What makes her differ from her kin is that there is no honor or code in battle for Chichek, only satiating her fascination and ensuring she lives another day to fulfill it again.
But she's really a nice person when she's not looking for a victim. Honest!


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Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"The green girl? I see her all the time, but she's never really doing anything besides wandering and lurking where there's plenty of passerby. Always looks happy, though." --Flower merchant
"She doesn't look like much of a fighter, but I suppose even Dotharli have their odd ones." --Gossiping Xaela
"Oh? She's one of my best customers! She always wants everything dyed a certain shade of green. Strangest request I've had, but it truly works for her." --Uptown tailor
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"A girl that pretty shouldn't be trailin' bloodstains 'round. But I swear on th' Twelve I catch sight o' it ev'ry so oft. An' the smile never leaves 'er lovely face. Gives me th' creeps.." --City dancer
"Tiny little thing, she is. I'll be damned if I let that fool me, though. I've heard her speak of her appetite. I wished I had heard incorrectly, but she spoke of consuming other people..." --Tavern wench
"Her grin's real s'spicious lookin'. Thought she was kin'na cute 't first, but eh, y'seen them choppers? Seven bloody hells, couldn't pay me t' get w'thin a fulm've that mouth." --Local drunkard
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"*Eyes widen* Oh, Twelve have mercy if she ever finds you! Sh-she- she offered to heal me when I'd been attacked out in the desert. J-Just a gash in th-the leg.. Now I don't have the leg at all anymore. The Brass Blades didn't even believe my tale.. ..J-just- just stay away from that horrid green girl!" -- Novice adventurer
"That cute li'l thing? ...Yeh. She ain't so cute if ya'd seen what I've seen. Draggin' bodies under th' cover've night's shadows outside the gates. Don't even wanna know what she does with'um." -- Traveling merchant
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players, feel free to add your own!)


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Extra Pictures


RP Hooks:
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  • Your character in need of heals? If you aren't squeamish about playing along with violence/injuries, Chichek can help.. with a twist!
  • Frequently hangs out in Ul'dah and the surrounding desert-lands.
Voice: Blossom from Powerpuff Girls Z, English dub
Theme Song: Rabbit Junk - Broken Highways (Cyanotic Mix)
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