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The Children of Steel (a.k.a. Snow Miqo'te or Eyed Miqo'te) are a sub-type of Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te native to the northern reaches of Ilsabard. Decades ago, they were assimilated into the fledgling Garlean Republic through conquest and continued to serve the Garlean Empire until after the destruction of Bozja Citadel. They now dwell inside a large mountain island rising above the waters of the Sea of Rhotano.


For the most part, the Children of Steel resemble their Seeker cousins; with the notable exception of their lengthened canines and the third eye that adorns the foreheads of the vast majority of the clan's population. The third eye tends to be small in size, and a pure milky white color with no pupil. Due to their long history of interbreeding with native Garleans, the eye is identical in form and function to theirs. For some reason, the eye gene tends to be quite a bit more dominant in the Children than in Garleans; meaning that having a third eye tends not to be as much of an indicator of Children or Garlean blood.

The most common of hair colors among the Children tends to range from a brilliant scarlet color to a platinum blonde color; a trait indicative of their northern habitat.

Also, the Children of Steel tend to accumulate fat in a different way than most races. As they tend to use fat as insulation in their tundra home, fat is distributed evenly throughout the body. So as they accumulate fat, Children don't really get fatter, just softer and bigger all around.


Until their incorporation into the Garlean Republic, the Children of Steel lived in sprawling underground tunnel networks inside mountains, centered around massive repositories of molten metal where the city's mineral resources were pooled and distributed to its many forges. Houses were mostly carved out of the very stone of the main forge-cavern's walls. The forge-cavern also housed marketplaces and personal shops and tended to expand upward and downward into the mountain instead of outward into existing mining tunnels. The vast majority of the great forge-caverns became abandoned when the Children of Steel assimilated into Garlean society.

For the most part, the Children of Steel lived in the city of Bozja Citadel and functioned as normal members of Garlean society. They tended not to venture to other cities with the exception of the capital of Garlemald. Garlemald tended to house the more "upper-crust" Children who ascended through Garlean society to becoming somewhat lesser nobles. When the Bozja Citadel was vaporized by Dalamud, only the roughly one-thousand Children of Steel who lived in Garlemald remained.

When the Children abandoned the Empire, they fled to Eorzea, where Limsa Lominsa allowed them to set up one last settlement within their waters. Thus, the last great forge-cavern was constructed under the name of Istschmiede. Istschmiede was constructed using mostly magitek, rather than traditional methods; and thus is made mostly of steel and technology, rather than out of stone. It possesses large stores of ceruleum, as well as regular smithing materials.

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