Chlodomer Bavarac

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Chlodomer Bavarac
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age Late 30s
Occupation Lord of the Blackguard

Chlodomer Bavarac (pronounced /Clo-doh-mer/ /Bah-vah-rack/) is the Lord of the Blackguard, a mysterious order that he apparently commands. He was previously a mercenary dedicated in conducting warfare, protection or manhunts mercilessly and with efficiency in order to bring a swift end to conflicts. An austere and bold swordsman, Chlodomer traveled around Eorzea to offer his martial prowess to the highest bidder. Before his mercenary trade, Chlodomer was originaly a Sultansworn but had to abandon his ties with the order after numerous charges of misconduct and affiliations with criminal organizations.


Early Life

Chlodomer Bavarac was born in Horizon, a hamlet in Western Thanalan. His father, Merovech Bavarac, served as a decorated member of the Brass Blades of the Rose for his efforts against amalj'aa incursions, and was stationed in Horizon's Edge at the time of Chlodomer's birth. He spent part of his childhood in Black Brush and Drybone, before his father's position in the Brass Blades eventually took him to the city of Ul'dah. His father was born in Ala Mhigo and left for the city-state of Ul'dah in pursuit for another lifestyle.

Chlodomer grew up in Ul'dah in a militaristic household, being disciplined regularly by his father. In his youth, Chlodomer aspired to become a Brass Blade as his father had been. Due to the demanding position of his only parent, there was little time in which a bond was able to be established.

Chlodomer became a ward of his father's friend, a Sultansworn known as Sigismund Holter. Sigismund was a highly respected paladin in his ranks and had close relations with the city-state's Syndicate. Whenever Chlodomer was in trouble Sigismund helped him, even teaching him how to be more virtuous. Eventually, Sigismund took Chlodomer in as his own squire.

When of age, Chlodomer passed his trials and eventually succeeded in becoming a Sultansworn.


When a Sultansworn, Chlodomer kept a clean public record, but along with Sigismund, his mentor, he was involved in performing side assignments for the Syndicate. A few years later, Chlodomer grew distant of Sigismund, falling for the temptations of less orthodox offers provided by Monetarists. Chlodomer provided information that would be regarded as exclusive to royalists or paladins to Monetarists and even the criminal underworld. Chlodomer committed other acts deemed criminal and treasonous to the sultanate, however the evidence of his actions were insufficient to act upon.

When better evidence of his crimes were found, action was immediately declared against Chlodomer. After an unusually diplomatic meeting with the flawed man, members of the Syndicate and the Sultansworn had made a "consensus" by merely stripping the corrupted paladin of his position as Sultansworn. Chlodomer retained some of his knowledge of being a paladin, but much of his virtuosity was long replaced with cynicism.

Mercenary career

The concept of becoming a free paladin did not hold true to Chlodomer, forsaking the teachings behind to being a paladin and only preserving the practical knowledge of combat that those within the Sultansworn had. Chlodomer became a freelance mercenary, performing various contracts from numerous locations in Eorzea, even at times venturing beyond the continent to exotic isles to seek out more expensive work. The type of work Chlodomer handled hardly had any moral boundaries, as long as they made use of his martial prowess, else he would turn them down.

Eventually, one of his employers known as Lord Tybalt Beone, made him inherit and lead a free company of his own. What occurred within Chlodomer's mercenary company isn't exactly documented, and no evidence seem to back any rumors or claims behind its activities. A few moons after owning the company, Chlodomer lost ownership and it was liquidated, marking the abrupt end to his mercenary career.

The Blackguard

Despite the fall of his company, Chlodomer managed to salvage what remained and founded an order that remains shrouded with rumors and mysteries, the Blackguard. What Chlodomer conducts with this order isn't public knowledge, but it is open to speculation. He still appears out in public in the occasion but frequently seems to remain in his own estate.