Chotan Angura

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Chotan Angura
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Nameday 17th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Age 22
Guardian Althyk, The Keeper
Marital Status Single
Occupation Adventurer / Maelstrom First Lieutenant
Server Balmung

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Chotan Angura, a wandering adventurer hailing from Othard's mountainous glaciers. Currently residing in Limsa Lominsa, with little in terms of goal or purpose other than studying and practicing numerous skills, and discovering more to add to her repertoire as she travels around Eorzia.

Basic Character

Chotan is a girl afflicted with an ever-present wanderlust and a thirst for knowledge. Constantly on the move, she carries a large pack filled with supplies, books, and various weapons to defend herself with. Settling down to an extent, Chotan is eager to share and exchange the knowledge and skills she's gathered in her travels with those of Eorzean locals. She's already learned quite a bit, and those who have gotten the chance to speak with her when she stops by towns and cities say that she is a well-read and cheerful young lady.


Chotan is no astonishing beauty, but she isn't exactly someone who blends into crowds either. She's five feet and one inch tall, with tanned skin. Where other Anguran Xaela's skin take on a redder, rust coloration, Chotan attributes her fairer-by-comparison skintone to her lengthy travels away from the glaciers her tribe calls home. She has dark brown hair, with brighter, dirty-blonde highlights at the edges. Her dark scales run over her cheekbones, extending out over her down-pointed horns. Usually, unless found in the heat of combat or heavy activity, she wears a pair of spectacles which draw attention to her odd-colored eyes, one blue and one brown, both bearing white limbal rings. Mainly cosmetic, the lenses of the spectacles offer a slight aid when reading up close, but are not a necessity for Chotan to see.

Among Chotan's myriad of outfits, a favorite of hers tends to be a dark, deep red vest and sleeveless white shirt, paired with dark belts and white, tribal-inspired pants. Her preference comes from a proclaimed ease of movement, allowing for ready availability of whatever tools of research or self defense to be readied at a moments notice. Additionally, her preference for the color red seems to stem from her newfound 'home away from home' of Limsa Lominsa.

With her shorter stature, Chotan is also very slim. What she may not have developed in terms of more womanly curves, she has instead cultivated in skills and strength, which lend her slender limbs a fair bit of visible muscle. This isn't to say she is flat as a board, and in fact any insinuation towards such is likely to place you on the receiving end of an expertly aimed strike from her current weapon of choice.


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Skills and Equipment

Chotan has trained in a myriad of skills over her travels. The majority of which have revolved around magick and other avenues of aetheric research. Primarily, her talents reside in the field of Arcanima and Magitech, though her growing affiliation with the Maelstrom has lead to an increased use and interest in Astrology and star-reading, both for its magical uses and for navigation. This isn't to say her talents in martial combat arts is anything to scoff at, but if presented the choice she would choose magicks over a blade.

Overall, Chotan's abilities stand as such:

  • Arcanima - Proficient - One of the first arts she studied and practiced upon arrival in Eorzia.
  • Astrology - Skilled - Study into the stars has been a growing interest for her long with her life among the Maelstrom.
  • Marksmanship, Rifle - Skilled - As above, influence from Maelstrom associates birthed an interest and study in firearms.
  • Katana - Skilled - A talent honed in her homeland. Less commonly used, but still keeps practicing.
  • Gunblade - Talented - Intrigued by combinations of firearms and blades she tinkers here and there with mixed results.
  • Nimian Scholary - Talented (No Fairy, Just Tactics) - As others in the Maelstrom research the ancient texts, she studies their findings.
  • Thaumaturgy - Limited - Drawing from internal aether is something that does not come easy to her.
  • Conjuration - Limited - Likewise, communing with elementals is a challenge for her.
  • Two-Handed Swords - Limited - While capable of swinging the heavier blade, habits of her skill with a katana spring up hampering her progress.

To accompany her talents, she has gathered various tools for their respective uses including, but not entirely limited to:

  • Various grimoires of arcanima formulas, many hand-crafted.
  • A portable astrolab and set of fortune cards, purchased from seafaring traders.
  • A Maelstrom issued rifle, reflective of her rank.
  • A single katana brought over from her initial voyage through Doma.
  • A simple gunblade purchased from Mor Dhona craftsmen.
  • A rod and staff for focusing aether for thaumaturgy and conjuration respectively.
  • A single greatsword of Maelstrom design.