Chou Warsong

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 Chou Warsong


Biographical Information
Birth Name Chou Warsong
Guardian Benzaiten of the Seven Lucky Gods, the kami.
Birthplace Hingashi
Born 1542
Nameday 32nd Sun of the Fourth Umbral Moon
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Physical Attributes
Hair Pale blonde
Eyes Blue
Height 5'7"
Weight 136 ponze
Career Information
Occupation Biwa player, singer
Out-of-Character Information
Time Zone GMT-5
Server Balmung
Job Machinist


Not much is shared from the woman, painting herself as a humble musician from Isari in the Ruby Sea. Having moved away from that region after it was freed from Garlean domination by the Confederates, she finds herself in the most obscure and exotic regions, exerting a slightly atypical but extensive amount of knowledge of her homeland and beyond. For someone from such a humble fishing village, she's fairly educated in history and especially music, having taken lessons from private tutors herself.

After from what she claims was a scuffle with her mother over her broken relationship with her father, she was disowned and forced to move out of her aquatic home. She never found a permanent place to stay, but she seems to prefer things that way, especially if it's out of reach of the domain of Hingashi.



Strangely, despite her friendly and casual demeanor (even in business settings), she's fairly pessimistic, mainly about personal events. However, she keeps most of this to herself to get along with others better, meanwhile she doesn't care much for rejection in social situations. This can lead her to having some issues with empathizing with others, but she'd always lend an eager ear and advice to those who'd need it, partly so she can just get her own opinion out.


She interacts with others fairly frequently, especially to make herself used to her surroundings. Despite her flamboyant choices of clothing, she favors making herself blend into the crowd. She seems sometimes to be more concerned with herself than others, but it's precisely the opposite. Granted, she tends to misread a lot of people's feelings.


She easily displays her feelings, especially with body language, unless it's negative opinions on a more important matter. Ironically, though, she easily takes sides and even encourages others to do so. She very vocal about her strong sense of right and wrong.

Notes & Trivia

  • She's well-practiced in playing both the shamisen and the biwa, though she's especially fond of the latter.
  • She speaks some Thavnairian thanks to interactions with Hannish traders headed for Kugane. It sparked a strong interest in the culture ever since.
  • She equally enjoys kabuki and noh opera, the latter being considered more respectable in her home country however.
  • Her favorite novels include The Tale of the Heike (Heike Monogatari), The Great Mirror (Ōkagami), and Anthology of Tales from the Past (Konjaku Monogatarishū), the last carrying some inspiration from Thavnairian culture. In non-fiction, she's particularly fond of The Science of Material Gain (Arthashastra) from Thavnair. Her favorite poem collection is Collection of a Thousand Years (Senzai Wakashū).