Ciceroix Cantoire

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Gridania-transparent.png Ciceroix Cantoire
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Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Gridanian
Server Gilgamesh
Free Company (OOC) The Shaded Bough
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Ciceroix is clearly short for Elezen, though still above all but the very tallest Hyur. However, he seems greater than he really is as he usually stands straight and holds his head high, befitting his social class and military background. He has a healthy olive complexion but pale eyes that seem to be somewhere between gray and icy blue. His hair is dark with silvery gray highlights. His is an athletic build, and years of constant training have clearly left their mark on his lean physique. He retains the characteristics of his race and as such is not overly muscled, but rather lithe and well-toned.

He prefers wearing light clothing or leather armor and is not fond of any heavier protection which he finds cumbersome. He has no tattoos nor birthmarks and any scars he might have are not easy to spot without a close inspection.


Ciceroix usually shows excellent manners, being polite and well-spoken. His more recent reflections on the world have left him considerate and respectful, even though in his earlier life he was more of a proud and sometimes even vain person. He tends to treat people well and shows great courtesy to women and everyone he deems as a decent person, or simply anyone worthy of his respect. He is calm and doesn’t get easily aggravated, but he can be slow to forget a grudge. He gives no respect to the arrogant and the self-centered and he cannot stand bad manners and lack of proper respect. Toward such persons he can seem cold and condescending, and his pride can flare up when dealing with them.

He has a low baritone voice that shifts from melodic and smooth to strong and authoritative depending on the situation. His normal speech is articulate and refined and has somewhat of a graceful tone to it.


Ciceroix showed great athletic and martial talent already at an early age and has been training extensively ever since. Younger, he fancied himself more as a lone hero but his later years in the ranks of the Wood Wailers have made him understand the importance and benefits of teamwork as well. He has trained the use of many different techniques during the years, his weapons of choice being different polearms including spears, staves and tridents. His skill with such weapons is respected by all who know him (or of him), and while he himself is not prone to boasting he is counted among the more talented warriors of his generation among his Gridanian peers. He can hold his ground with a sword or in unarmed combat as well, and is by no means an amateur at them, though his skills with such weapons do not match those of an experienced swordsman or pugilist. He can shoot a bow but he hasn’t trained much in archery. He greatly dislikes the use of shields and heavy armor, and the heavy great-axes.

His fighting style could be described as fluid and fast, flexible and reactive. He often uses counter-attacks to lethal effect, aiming with precision to the weak points in his opponent’s defense. He dislikes fighting against an axe-wielding opponent due to the fact that to him it is the least familiar of all the basic weapons and for the sheer brutality of its attacks. His own strength lies in his ability to end a fight quickly and on his own terms, often utilizing evasions to tire down the attacker.

Ultimately, he prefers not to fight if he can avoid it but rather likes to talk things through. Even in a real fight he normally prefers not to slay his opponent but to disarm them if possible, or to force them into submission.

Crafting and gathering

Ciceroix, being one of those people who show natural talent at most pursuits, might be able to attain moderate levels in most crafts should he have interest for them. Alas, he has never bothered to try out his skill at any crafts, preferring martial training or other endeavors. While he enjoys nature and its beauty he doesn't really know much of plants either. He does fish and hunt if necessary, and can cook basic meals, but his skills could be considered meager by any professional standards.


While some very basic conjury was included in his education in his early years, Ciceroix has never shown much interest in magic. Earlier he viewed it as inferior or cheap in contrast to physically mastering oneself, and while his opinions have later shifted from that position toward an ideal of an all-around educated and versatile person, he has never pursued a career in magical arts or even started any preliminary studies. As with most things, he might have potential for some level of control over aether should he truly put his mind to it, but is yet to test the depth of his talent.



  • Nature
  • Well-mannered, intelligent people and good conversations
  • Tea
  • Literature and poetry
  • Physical training when properly motivated


  • Arrogance and rude manners
  • Excess and abundance
  • He is not fond of people whose only goal is attain wealth (albeit he has plenty himself)


  • Ciceroix has a knack for music, and enjoys singing and playing the flute.


  • He holds no significant racial prejudices but he can be wary of certain cultural backgrounds (Duskwight mainly). He is conscious of not being very familiar with other cultures apart from his own, though.



Father - Isore Cantoire: He was an officer in the Wood Wailers, fell in the Battle of Carteneau.

Mother - Eminne Cantoire (née Clouet): She used to serve in the Gods’ Quiver but was forced to retire after a disabling injury years ago. She inhabits the Cantoire family house in Gridania.


Ciceroix has few friends and fewer still he would consider close. He still feels a brotherly bond with some of his Wood Wailer companions, though, but every passing day he has less contact with them.


During his time with the Wood Wailers he has surely made some enemies as per his duty, but he holds no personal grudge against anyone specific at the moment.


Common Rumors

  • "Cantoire, you say? Didn't he die in that fire a while ago? You know, when his house burned to the ground? Not much left of that family, I hear..."

-A Gridanian merchant

Moderate Rumors

  • "Ciceo..Cicerroix? He used ter drink 'ere sometimes, didn' talk much then. Never told yeh did he? But now he throws us oot if we don' behave. Haven' seen 'im in moons, tho, guess he's bin busy with other folk. Gwahahaha!"

-A Drunken Roegadyn, Buscarron's Druthers

Rare Rumors

  • "Am I glad he left of his own will? I ask you, would you have ever even allowed him to enter? He duelled one of us, his own tutor no less! All too few of us seem to remember how we were thus humiliated. His position was ill-deserved and his actions not befitting the name of his fathers, the name he has stained in Gridanian blood."

-An Elezen Wood Wailer Officer

PC Rumors

If you know Ciceroix in character or have seen him around, feel free to add a rumor that you think fits him. I do still reserve the right to delete any rumor I think is not appropriate, though.


Ciceroix doesn't usually talk too much about his past, though he isn't being exactly secretive about it either and usually answers if questioned, should the inquirer be known to him.


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