Ciceroix Poisson

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Gridania-transparent.png Ciceroix Poisson
The Good Smuggler
"The best smugglers are the ones you don't know exist."
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): Archer
Main Tradeskill: Culinarian
Preferred Role: Tank, DPS
Server: Balmung
Alignment: True Neutral
Reputation: Low Profile
Occupation: Hunter and Fisherman
Education: Archer's Guild, Private Mentor
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Guardian: Althyk, the Keeper
Free Company
Items Carried
Bow, quiver, arrows, broadsword, and hunting knife.
Race: Elezen
Clan: Wildwood
Age: 25
Height: 6 fulm, 4 ilm
Weight: 180 ponz
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Blonde
Complexion: Slightly tan skin
Physical Build: Slender, yet not frail.
Notable Features: Scar on right cheek
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity


♦ General

Ciceroix Poisson was born in Quarrymill, located in the South Shroud. Staying true to his family name and heritage, he took hold of his first fishing rod and supported both his father and mother the best he could. Quarrymill was frequented by many travelers from regions across Eorzea, to have their spirit tested by the elementals. Desperate to stay alive, Ciceroix often stole from the visitors. Though younger than 12 cycles, he received stern punishments from the Wood Wailers and the more heavily armed travelers he repossessed goods from.

In order to avoid punishment while still keeping both him and his family alive, he trained in combat. What was once a fishing rod became a bow; a skinning knife to swords and knives, and frail knuckles to hardened fists. Thanks to innately enhanced eyesight and hearing, he rose his talents to rival first those of the Wood Wailers then the God's Quiver. After many years of training at the Archer's Guild, he was offered an invitation to join the Order of the Twin Adders, with an assignment to the Red Otters. He declined, more concerned for the simple joys and pleasures of life instead of the rigorous discipline of a Grand Company.

After his 20th cycle, he attained mastery with the bow and arrow, with a bit of training in close combat using his fists and blades. At 23, he met a young Elise Wolfe, then Lynx at the time, still fresh off her promotion to Storm Lieutenant Second Class. She was ambushed near the Redbelly Hive by five different Redbelly fighters; Ciceroix, meanwhile, was fishing at the nearby pond when he heard the fighting. He analyzed the situation and determined the aggressors the Redbellies. He readied his bow and struck down one of the melee combantants from behind a tree. The Redbelly group was momentarily distracted and gave Elise enough time to take down another opponent in front of her. Both Ciceroix and Elise steadily took down the aggressors until none were left alive. The two approached each other and the Hyur thanked him for the assistance, commending him on his archery skills. In exchange, she completed the training with the blade Ciceroix neglected earlier in his life. Ciceroix, as repayment, offered a debt of loyalty to the woman for his services, which included smuggling and thievery--his secret specialties.

Now 25, Ciceroix is traveling around Eorzea searching for new challenges, whether it be acquiring a new skill, seeking a new fish, refining his art, or collecting some gil to fulfill end's meet.

♦ Appearance

Short for his race and gender, Ciceroix is 6 fulms and 4 ilms tall. His garments usually include one or more of the following colors: red, green, yellow, white, brown, and black. He almost always carries his bow, quiver, and a blade on his back and side. Some common items on his person include, but are not limited to: a pack of cigars, a whiskey canteen, medical supplies, fishing bait, and flint and tinder. Depending on the scenario, he may be carrying more items or adorned in simple clothing.

Very rarely is he seen without a canteen or drink of some sort on his person.

♦ Behaviour

Ciceroix is commonly seen as a good-natured man; he doesn't break the law, he treats his peers with respect, and doesn't do anything blatantly illegal in the public eye. He makes occasional remarks about the races of Eorzea--even his own Wildwood kin--which may be seen as casual racism by those who don't know him and a joke for those that do. Most of the time, his good speech and mannerisms are genuine. Almost all of the time, he consumes alcohol and can be seen by others as generally incompetent. The guise lets him perform sleight of hand and deceit tactics to further his own goals and achieve profit of some kind.

♦ Combat

Bow and Arrow:

Ciceroix's first choice of weapon, the bow sacrifices the lethality of a musketoon for the silent projectile. He is as skilled as a Red Otter from the Order of the Twin Adders and can match above-average opponents of equal bow skill rather easily. Blessed with improved eyesight, he can strike targets more precisely and accurately than the average archer, though a large group of soldiers coming towards the man incites flight rather than fight.


Ciceroix expected one of the opponents first moves is to disarm him. As a backup, he taught himself how to use a knife and, eventually, a broadsword. Though he can use a greatsword as well as a one-handed sword, he cannot carry or use a bow if he is using a greatsword. His skill with a blade the same as the bow, though he excels at one-at-one combat. After Elise's training, he can take on two people if needed, but more than two will prove a challenge to the Elezen. His fighting style is a conglomerate of multiple fighting styles, such as keeping the blade within its scabbard as much as possible and Mordhau strikes with the pommel or crossguard.


There are times where Ciceroix cannot carry weapons where he goes. This includes balls, dinner parties, fine dining establishments, and even being a guest in another's home. Benefiting from his training with the bow, Ciceroix has the strength behind the punch, but his fist-fighting technique is like he's trying to strike with an arrow. Thus, he's only proficient in one-on-one fights with his fists; any more than one person at a time and he risks defeat. His fist fighting style is similar to Zui Quan.



■ Fishing
■ Hunting
■ Respect for the common man
■ Women
■ Alcohol


■ Oppression
■ Nobility and the Rich
■ Meat besides fish
■ Not having money
■ Bad Clientele


■ Smuggling and Stealing
■ Archery
■ Swordsmanship
■ Simple Cooking
■ Stealth


■ Pipira Pira
■ Rice
■ Leather armour
■ A good cigar
■ Vegetables and fruits



Common Rumours

"Ciceroix Poisson. A nice man, who is occasionally helping out the poor. Doesn't seem too fond of nobility, though." - Ul'dahni Beggar
"He's a bit rugged but, if he got rid of that 'occasional' smoking habit with the cigars, the man would have settled down with an all too happy woman a few cycles ago at least." - Courtesan

Moderate Rumours

"Poisson... that reminds me of the family of fishermen in the South Shroud near Quarrymill. Heard they weren't the wealthiest of folk, but at least they were honest." - Wood Wailer
"Ciceroix? That Ciceroix from Quarrymill? I know him. Turned down an offer to be a Red Otter in the Twin Adders. Stupid decision if you ask me; he would've had a steady life there." - Quarrymill Citizen

Rare Rumours

"There's truth in the man's good deeds; don't mistake that for a moment. There's also truth with him as a conman who deals with illegal goods as well. Keep your wits about him, boss." - Mercenary; overheard speaking to their leader.
"Ciceroix? Bastard took down some of my best men back in the Shroud; set us back a moon in profits. Respectable in his actions he may be, but it's a grudging respect at best. No more, no less." - Suspicious Merchant

Player Character Rumours

Other Information

Disclaimer: This character is relatively new to the RP scene.

OOC Inspirations

Lü Dongbin

Legolas (Lord of the Rings)

Thancred (FFXIV)

Garrett (Thief Series)

Davos Seaworth (Game of Thrones)

Jar Jar Binks