Claroise Marot

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Ishgard.jpg Claroise Marot
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Ishgard
Age 22
Marital Status Single
Occupation Dragoon of House Haillenarte
Height/Weight 6.6 Fulms / 170
Orientation Straight
  • Falchian Marot (deceased)
  • Clarise Marot (deceased)

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Basic Info


Fruit Teas


Hot Weather


Alignment: Lawful Good
Favorite Food: Marmot Steak
Favorite Drink: Tea
Favorite Color: Royal Blue

Appearance & Personality

Claroise Marot is and has always been tall, even for an Elezen woman. Her red hair is always neatly kept. Her figure is lean and muscular, and only betrayed by the natural curves women possess. Her hands are on the small side with long elegant and well kept fingers. This elegance can also be betrayed by callouses from wielding lances from a young age. Her green eyes have a kindness to them.

Claroise if met on the street by a stranger would at first seem kind and welcoming. Her heart is worn on her sleeve. She has never met a man or woman she didn't want to help. Although she is guarded with the details of her own life she is always willing to listen to those who need to vent or speak. If caught in a bad situation she is determined and will do anything within the law and her set of morals to get through it.



Claroise was born to a small merchant family that worked in the service of House Haillenarte. Her childhood was a happy one full of travelling from Gridania to Ishgard with her parents while they worked in their trade. There is not ultimate tragic even in her early child hood.


Claroise was fifteen when the Calamity happened. In the time period before the Calamity her parents trade business seemed to pick up. There were many trips to different areas to deliver what could only be known by her parents and those receiving the said items. Claroise was not privy to this information. A young Knight from House Haillenarte was assigned to guard the family as they conducted their business. Two weeks before the Calamity hit Claroise was woken in their camp in the early hours of the morning and told to get her things because she was returning home. Her parents were going to continue on. The young Knight took Claroise home Ishgard as ordered. When the gates to the Holy See were closed and Claroise parents did not return she was taken in as a ward to House Haillenarte. She soon enlisted herself in their service and worked herself up the ranks.


Claroise has finally left Ishgard on orders to retrieve someone from Ul'dah. She has also taken this moment to hire a group to search for her parents be they dead or alive.



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