Clementain Mortique

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 Clementain Mortique
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Clementain Mortique
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 44
Name Day
Guardian Thaliak, the Scholar
Occupation Scholar/Disease and pathogen's researcher
Free Company none
Sexuality Asexual


Server: Balmung

Age: 44

Nicknames: Clem, Clementine (much to his distaste)

Height: 6'10"

Body build: Slender and not muscular at all

Appearance: Clementain is tall even by Elezen standards, and grey of skin. He has pointed, mid length ears and quite long, darkly coloured hair. He dresses mostly in light robes, and sometimes can be found in things a little less flashy and flattering if he's working. He has brown eyes and has not a scar on his body. He often has glossy lips, as he uses chapstick made from a special paste his small clan made to cope with the bitter cold of their home.


Quite simply put, he's a bit of an asshole. While he doesn't necessarily mean to be, he is very pompous and holds himself a great deal higher than those around him and it's hard to earn his respects. Even fellow Elezen displease him in some way and he can come off rude to even them. He finds solace in books, and can be found reading a great deal of the time, and if not, he's experimenting. He is incredibly interested in sickness and disease, as well as how the body is granted immunity of all sorts of ailments.

It's extremely uncommon for him to not be condescending to others, as he holds others to high standards and if they aren't met, the person isn't worth his time. He is very objective and logical, and views the world as a predictable place and makes so many assumptions about other individuals and sometimes even races as a whole. These bias' are hard to get past, and instead of voicing them most often, he will say something along the lines of 'that was expected from you' or similar. He doesn't particularly hate other races and people, but he views near everyone as decaying matter that just hasn't died yet.

When given the chance to delve into his studies, he can actually become quite excited! He really, truly enjoys his work and wants to share what he's found simply because he thinks that he will be praised. He has the mindset that he's done plenty with his life and the world just hasn't noticed his genius yet.


Clementain has done quite a bit with his life and believes in many things, most of which are a little unorthodox. Quite honestly he has been incredibly racist growing up and hasn't quite gotten out of that yet. He has traveled around Eorzea his whole life, and after the calamity, he moved to Coerthas and resides in a small cave there.

He at one time had quite a number of prostitutes under his name, not for the money, but for the hope they would catch some sort of sickness which he could study, and attempt to remove from them for further study.

He is currently brushing up on his studies and getting back into the swing of things.

His Study

Clem is studying how sickness and corrupted aether are related. In his practice, he has been attempting to remove the corrupted aether with whatever disease it's attached with safely and without damaging the host. He is also attempting to place the corrupted aether and sickness into a new host, and documenting it's affects before he takes it back out again. It's a bit daunting, and he repeats it quite a number of times to make sure that it will work every time.

Tiny Facts

He laughs really sarcastically, and not often.

He struggles with chronic illness, though tries not to show it and has become quite good at faking wellness.

He is scared of jackals.

He cherishes books and is personally offended if anything were to happen to one in his presence.

Clem is very racist.


(None as of yet)


"You've been dying from the moment you were born, why are you so scared of it now?"


Common Rumours:

"He never really seems happy about anything."

"I'd stay away from him if you have a soft heart, he can be really condescending."

Moderate Rumours:

"He never sleeps.. I don't know how he does it."

Rare Rumours:

"I hear he sleeps with the dead." PC Rumours (Feel free to add):