Cliaux Rondelet

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Cliaux Rondelet
Gender female
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Ul'dah
Profession street fighter, dancer
Patron Deity Azeyma
Server Balmung


  • Nicknames: Clio, The Little Hawk
  • Age: 22
    • Nameday: 19th sun of the third astral moon
  • Gender: female
    • Sexuality: bisexual
    • Marital Status: single
  • Alignment: lawful neutral
  • Height: 6 fulms
  • Weight: 127 ponze
  • Body: toned, described as "a ballerina who can punch your jaw off"
  • Hair: blue-grey, tied in cropped pigtails
  • Eyes: hazel
  • Skin: light brown
  • Clothing: easy-fitting and mobile, with a penchant for showing off her shape


Cliaux reportedly is a refugee from Ishgard, part of a small caravan of lower-born citizens who fled the area and decided to forego Coerthas and the fight against the Dravanian hordes. Her life was otherwise unremarkable in the grand machinations of Ul'dah. She had been drawn to the Bloodsands and had even competed more than several times, to no great amount of success or acclaim. She has also been known to join several dance troupes in the streets, her lithe movements drawing enough eyes--and gil--to keep her out of the refugee camps.

She has recently been seen at the Pugilist's Guild, focusing her combat style. For whatever reason, her training has been intense, and she has recently taken to joining underground street fights to supplement her skills. Apparently, the less constricting nature of these bouts is to her liking, as she has won several matches in recent weeks.


Despite the circles she tends to favor and the activities she pursues, Cliaux is a very cheerful and bright woman. She almost always appears to have a smile on her face and a spring in her step, approaching strangers and friends alike with a level of eager warmth that is either endearing or repulsive. She is more than willing to strike up a friendly conversation, or dance if the music or mood suits spontaneously. Closer relations have also been known to receive frequent hugs, as she wears her affections on her sleeve.

In combat, her upbeat manner serves her well, as she deftly maneuvers around, delivering punishing kicks and punches. Regardless of her apparently early registration to the Pugilist's Guild, she appears to have intense levels of knowledge and training, moving with a skill that she contends is Twelve-sent.

Affiliations and Known Associates

Cliaux currently has no official relations.


  • dancing
  • conversation with anyone
  • fighting
  • running
  • moonlight


  • liars
  • braggarts
  • almost all authority figures, with specific distaste of the Brass Blades
  • quitters
  • beer

Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: Cliaux is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, able to weave several moves together in an almost dance-like display. Despite her weight and maneuverability, she has been reported to hit like a bag of hammers.
  • Crafting: Cliaux has practically no workman skills whatsoever, though she is a reasonably deft hand at cooking.
  • Other: Cliaux is an excellent and sultry dancer, and earned a great majority of her gil at her arrival in Ul'dah as a street performer.


  • speed and agility
  • sharp-minded and equally sharp-tongued
  • determined and willful
  • surprisingly fast
  • eager to please


  • unashamedly talkative
  • generally ignorant of greater peril
  • perhaps too driven
  • described by some as "clingy"
  • unable to handle liquor well

Other Notes


Cliaux has a reasonable belief in the Twelve, and has modeled herself after the traits of Azeyma the Warden--specifically taking interest in her penchant for consoling those who confess to their crimes.


A noticeable trait of Cliaux is her eyes. They appear to be constantly in motion, sizing up every place she stands in. Even when in conversation, she continually scans the room as if sizing up individuals, room layout and other unknown factors.


Cliaux travels light--a small pack, simple pugilist's handguards and a thin, flat gil pouch that is doubly lashed to her hip. She also has been seen with a set of small daggers on her belt, though doesn't appear to favor these.


The following rumours can be heard about Cliaux, predominantly in Ul'dah. (If your character has an opinion about her, feel free to add it here.)

Common rumours

  • She's likely much younger than 22
  • Her gloves are probably leaden to win fights
  • She's not Ishgardian

Uncommon rumours

  • She's had prior combat training
  • She's not an Ul'dah citizen
  • She works for the Brass Blades

Rare rumours

  • She's an assassin
  • She's former miilitary

What PCs are saying

Known Haunts

You might have run into or otherwise know Cliaux from:

  • Ruby Road, as a dancer in the street
  • an entrant in the Bloodsands
  • if your character has been involved with underground street fighting
  • the Quicksand