Conrad Rosewood

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Gridania-transparent.png Conrad Rosewood
Gender Cis Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Gridania
Age 32
Sexuality Bisexual
Given name Conrad Atticus Rosewood
Alignment Lawful Fuckboy
Occupation Ex-Mammeteer, Vagabond
Server Balmung (NA Legacy)

Basic Info

Conrad, when he is sighted in settlements, is most often seen over a flagon of ale beside his friend Jesse cracking jokes that are only funny to him. While he hasn't exactly gone to great lengths to purge knowledge of his past, he doesn't exactly talk a whole lot about it. Even if he's not the kind of person to purposely start trouble, he's participated in more bar fights than most people could count on both hands, although this is somewhat to Jesse's dismay.

He prefers to spend most of his time away from civilization, keeping in touch with nature and the great outdoors, Jesse being his only companion for the majority of his time. When he's approached by a stranger in the wild, he's usually caught off guard and can behave in a cold and defensive way. This is not, however, very difficult to get around. The easiest way to get Conrad to warm up to you is to offer him a stiff drink.

In spite of his birthplace in Thanalan, he appears to have a distaste for Ul'dahns in general, referring to it as a "hovel of greed". Why it was that he chose to offload his masterwork there is likely a reflection of his renunciation of the lifestyle he previously had as a mammeteer. He, however, did not seem to have any idea that he had created true life.


A young man born in Thanalan, his parents took immediate notice to Conrad's intellectual gifts. He spent a great deal of time asking questions about the objects around the house, disassembling and reassembling whatever he could get his hands on. They, of course, did everything they could to encourage him. Nearly every nameday he would receive new parts or tools to work with, creating all sorts of machines both practical and meaningless.

One day, he received his first Mammet Heart and crafted an automaton to assist his mother with her housework. Both pleased and impressed, his parents reached out to their community and brought attention to their son's brilliant creations. Fairly soon after the young man was hired as a mammeteer and minion crafter, bringing him a steady career and impressive salary.

As time went on, the joy he found in creation began to waste away. His clients met him with increasingly unreasonable demands, as did his employers, until eventually he had decided he had enough. However, he made himself a promise that before he would put down his hammer for good, he was going to create the most advanced automaton his hands would allow him to. This led to the birth of a massive automaton, standing nearly at his own height, that could perform incredibly precise and lifelike movements. As he had no idea of it's mental or emotional capabilities, he decided it would be best to abandon his creation with no trace of his whereabouts, that he may never be bothered to recreate this masterpiece.

There is a chance that this self-aware Mammet may have it's creators name and face imprinted on it's memory...


While this was not the case in the past, Conrad has become the sort of person who fails to take any given situation seriously. He'll laugh carelessly in the face of one who would threaten his life, and often this sort of thing will be the beginning of his charming his way out of a bad situation. He has a habit of making everything into a game, which is probably more annoying than anything. While there is an overtone of respect to the way he treats his traveling companion, he often teases and heckles the Roegadyn, even going so far as to pull pranks on him.

When given a chance to be, he is quite competitive, this being a reason he tends to treat his life as if it has no real consequences. He loves playing Triple Triad with anyone who even so much as mentions it, sometimes challenging them to his own game he calls Strip Triple. Alongside this, he's also more than willing to engage in athletic sports and general outdoor play. For this reason, he is quite popular with the children of the Black Shroud, with whom he plays catch if he happens to pass by their settlements.

In spite of these energetic tendencies, Conrad can also be seen as rather lazy. More often than not, he will leave tasks such as foraging and cooking to Jesse without thinking to offer any help. He has a mindset of "do what's fun right now", which can sometimes lead him to forget basic essentials like eating and bathing.

There is a high chance that confronting him about mammeteering will trigger his fight or flight response.


Mammet XLII - His greatest and final creation. His information as it's previous Primary User is imprinted in it's mind, but he purposely denied it the knowledge of where it was when it awakened so that he could avoid being tracked. He crafted it in the likeness of an ex-boyfriend.

Jesse Idyllwild - His traveling companion and best friend. Possibly his boyfriend. The two met in La Noscea. (wip)

Other Notes

Do you know Twisted Fate from League of Legends? He sounds like that.

He's up for G/M RP. E/RP is strictly reserved for Jesse but risque Strip Triple is absolutely allowed.