Croix Leradine

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Croix Leradine
"Uhm, hello..."
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan The Immortal Flames
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 18
Marital Status Single
Occupation Scholar / Alchemist
Height/Weight 4 fulm / 90 ponze
Orientation Homosexual

Croix Leradine is an Immortal Flames Scholar in the Balmung Server.

Basic Info

Croix is a shy, reserved Lalafell who deeply craves the respect of others. Raised in a Hyur household, he exhibits the naming conventions and mannerisms atypical of his species. Do to his awkward position in life, he was shunned in his youth, and suffers a crippling social anxiety because of that. Once he opens up to someone, however, he really opens up; often telling everything about himself to a person he connects with. Croix deeply enjoys quiet, peaceful areas, perfect spots for reading. His adoption into a rich, affluent Hyur family gave him the funding to pursue his escapades throughout Eorzea, observing the natural and aetheric worlds.


■ Quiet Areas
■ Books
■ Unique living creatures
■ Mechanisms


■ Crowded Areas
■ Fish
■ People addressing his race / height
■ People being upset with him


Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Vice(s): Perverted
Favorite Food: Baked potato
Favorite Drink: Apple Cider
Favorite Color: Royal Blue

Appearance & Personality

Croix is a Lalafell of standard build, 4 fulms tall and weighs approximately 90 ponze. His hair is short, brown, and incredibly messy. In more formal circumstances or meeting someone he has never met before, he often wears a fully clothed red outfit, with intricate gold thread accenting the top.
Do to his trauma in his youth, Croix is incredibly socially inept. When just getting to know a person, he is incredibly polite, reserved, and isn't one for talking. However, open him up and he is a complete chatterbox, perhaps a little too much so. He occasionally recognizes when it's time to shut his trap, but he has been known to talk at length about random things when he gets on a bent.



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