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What is the world without Knowledge?




We are a simple place seeking naught but the enjoyment, spreading, gathering, and seeking of information and knowledge. Please come in and take a seat. There's plenty of snacks around for your enjoyment, free of charge. Just mind the books. Crumbs in the binding doesn't set a good example.

If you would like to inquire about, you may need to find and speak with some of the staff. They're...around.


Recruitment is always open. Feel free to apply. If you have any questions about the FC, please feel free to direct them to or

Currently deciding on if we will have a Discord Server or a LS up. Depends on numbers in the future.

Jobs Available

New Hires

Basic Job
Here you will stay until you request a new specific job.

Security Staff

-Role Descriptor-
Job Description


-Role Descriptor-
Job Description

Info Gatherer

-Role Descriptor-
Job Description


-Role Descriptor-
Job Description

Service Staff

-Role Descriptor-
Job Description

Book Retriver

-Role Descriptor-
Job Description


-Role Descriptor-
Job Description


-Those who haven't returned in a while.
Instead of automatically kicking people for inactivity, instead people get moved to this rank for a certain amount of time. If they're gone for too long and we need more people instead, only then will removal be considered. We understand real life gets in the way sometimes, or that sometimes a character needs to be refreshed or breaks are needed. If you are experiencing troubles and need someone to talk to, the admins would be happy to try to help.

OOC About


Admins are and Una Watanabe
Una Watanabe and Tsukito Watanabe are the current heads and runners of the FC, so if you see them online, please do feel free to direct questions their way in game or on their tumblrs (see Recruitment tabs for tumblr urls). They are more than happy to be of service in inquiries.

◢ Housing
The Library, Between The Lines, can be found in Lavender Beds,
Ward 8, Plot 54.
◢ FC Style
We are a casual FC so don’t feel pressured by the < Mafia > tag. We're primarily a library now, with crime syndicate undertones in the background, and it is no longer out primary focus. We want everyone to feel comfortable and have fun. If you think that you might fit,even slightly please do inquire! We have a lot of roles and are not always IC. While we might have events later, we're a low pressure group.
We are also LGBT+ Friendly.


Stats about the FC

◢ Facts

Foundation Date: June 26, 2016
Current Member Count: "13" (Alts of admins are in this FC as well.)
Lodestone Link:
Forum Page: (to be edited)
Server: Balmung

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