Cullen West

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Cullen "Kid" West

 Cullen West
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Unknown
Age Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Marital Status Single
Sexuality Straight
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Basic Info

Not much is known about this young sailor. It is often wondered if he himself even knows who he is. He claims to be from Limsa Lominsa, but no record of birth, nor any known family ties exist to verify this claim. He insists that he is 19 years of age, though even this is cause for speculation with some saying younger, and a few saying older.
It would appear he has a knack for sailing though as bookshelves upon bookshelves containing articles of naval warfare and other sea related literature line his room at a Free Company house in Ul'dah. If one where to examine his desk, they would find nautical charts and star maps. Wind & tide reports over the last few weeks, log books of ships arriving to and from different ports, even a few Supply Request and official looking documents from Maelstrom command, though he has never professed to have been in their ranks.
Several lockboxes are found within his room. A heavy steel safe with a combination lock is tucked beside the desk. It's contents remain unknown and when asked about them, he would simply laugh and ask why you are so curious. A larger locker with a heavy padlock sits to one side of his room. As before, contents unknown and none have pried an answer from him.
He does not seem to have many friends, though he can often be seeing hanging out at bars and taverns chatting to various people. He is also seen communicating to the Free Company members that he is currently a part of. If any where to ask his Free Company mates about him, they would not be able to tell you much about the man.


He is young and tanned, he is in good health and excellent shape though he lacks in muscle mass.
He can be seen wearing earthtoned colors. Browns, Blacks, Greens.
He is pretty tall for a Midlander. His brown eyes peer out from shaggy sandy blonde hair.
His body lacks any major damage, save for a few minor scars and scratches that are seldom noticed


He is often drunk, and on more than one occasion, seen staggering about in the Free Compant yard, though he always seems to lack a hangover the next day. When drunk, he can be overly friendly, often annoying those around him. He can be incredibly flirtatious at times, while also blushing at the slightest compliment someone would pay him. Even when he is drunk, he manages to keep his lips sealed and his secrets about himself are not pried from him.
When he is not drunk, he usually keeps to himself. However, if addressed he will respond with a friendly smile and usually will treat the person with kindness and patience.


Not much is known about his combat ability yet. He does carry a longbow, and a quiver full of arrows, claiming to have made both himself. When asked about his combat experience he will deny having ever killed a man, though some would wonder if that is true. He does seem to be incredibly agile, once clearing a countertop in an effortless vault over the top of it.

Has a fondness for women, but will seldom approach them unless spoken to
He is often in his Free Company yard shooting at various targets with his bow
In a Tavern or Bar is where he is usually found
He loves a good drink, and occasionally sample a smoke of some unknown substance

People entering his room unless they have been invited
Being dirty, smelly or ungroomed
Is certainly afraid of heights. When on an airship, he remains seated directly in the middle
Has a fear of Water dwelling monsters

Alignment: Unknown
Favorite Food: Eft steak
Favorite Drink: Whiskey or beer
Favorite Color: Earth-tone colors
Hobbies: Training - Hunting - Fishing