Dacein Vallerimont

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Dacein Vallerimont
The Faithful Dragoon

Ishgard.jpg Dacein Vallerimont
The Noble Dragoon
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Ishgard
Age 24
Occupation Knight/Dragoon of House Haillenarte
Marital Status Single
Sexuality Straight
Religion Halone the Fury
Alliance House Haillenarte
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Basic Info

Born as the only child into a Noble House of Ishgard, Dacein was to follow a destined path. To continue his family's legacy by serving under House Haillenarte as his family did before him. To marry and to raise a family, to push the name Vallerimont further into Ishgard Nobility.
His mother passed away at childbirth and his father upon viewing him as the last gift his wife would leave him, took excellent care of Dacein in his infant & toddler years. After some years had passed, around his 8th birthday, Dacein's father was killed on patrol in Northern Coerthas. It wasn't fully known on who perpetrated the attack on his Fathers patrol, but the wounds and the scars on the lifeless bodies pointed to man made weapons. It wasn't long before rumors of dragon worshippers and heretics as the responsible ones for the attack began to circle.
Dacein was now 8yrs old and the sole survivor of the Vallerimonts. A loyal friend of his Father whom Dacein knew only as Knight Fauletion, took care of liquidating Dacein's family assets and kept it safe until Dacein would reach 18, at which point the money would be given back to Dacein to secure his future. He became a second father to Dacein, constantly checking in on him from time to time, usually with new treats and stories to regale the young boy with.
During this time, and in memory of decades of service to their Family, the Haillenarte House took him in to their ranks and trained him to follow in his father footsteps. Dacein welcomed the chance to busy himself. Finding joy in learning new weapons, running combat drills and talking to veteran soldiers of stories of war and travelling the world. On his 18th birthday Dacein received the money from his aged father figure Fauletion who had grown ill and frail. He was granted leave from his duties to attend to the mans side until he passed some days later. Dacein didn't know to much about the mans past, only that Fauletion loved him like a son, and had no family to speak of. At his passing Dacein reflected on being the only known Vallerimonte in Ishgard and refused to let his family name die out with him.
Dacein began to volunteer for the toughest assignments he could obtain and soon obtained the status of Knight and was on his way to restoring his family name.
Because of his continued Loyalty to Ishgard, and upon his 2nd Dragon kill, Dacein was given the esteemed title of Dragoon, and he wore it proudly as he joined their ranks. He would soon find himself at the forefront of Ishgards defense.


Short for an Elezen male, he refuses to let his size be the determining factor of his character. His lighter colored skin makes dark colored eyes seem even darker as they peer out from jet black hair that hangs down into his forehead. A large gash adorns his right cheek and he wears it proudly, it serving as a testament to his dedication to House Haillenarte. His body is lean and well toned and lacks particular un-needed muscle as fits the needs of a Dragoon.
For combat or on duty he is typically seen in standard issue Dragoon armor, or some sort of chainmail.
When not on duty he can be seen wearing casual, but finely made clothing. These are kept pressed and neatly folded when not in use. When not in combat or patrol, he keeps himself well cleaned and manicured, and smells of the finest colognes and soaps that Eorzea has to offer.


Quite, polite and professional, well taught in manners and tactfulness. He speaks softly, seldom raises his voice or expresses when something angers him. His emotions can be hard to figure most sometimes. His heart hardened by years of combat serving under House Haillenarte against the Dragon Horde. He has not opened up to anyone about what he feels on the inside and keeps a shell around any painful or hurtful emotions. He has an unspoken soft spot for new recruits in the Military. Often lending a helping hand in their training, knowing that in the current disarray of Ishgard they will need to be combat effective as soon as possible and he does not wish to see unprepared lives thrown away.
In combat he is a rock, standing brave against the dragons that face him and those of his company. He is often the first into battle and the last to leave. He does not fear death, nor does he welcome it. He would simply see the dragon horde defeated and fortune be restored to Ishgard and honor to it's patron diety, Halone. His foray into battle is prepared for on his knees in prayer, praying that his Goddess would grant his speed be quick, and his strike be strong. Upon the battles conclusion to his knees again, thanking her for her blessing of life she's granted him again to continue his work for Her, and for Ishgard


From childhood up he walked in his fore-fathers footsteps, becoming a Knight under House Haillenarte. Long hours each day was spent in their training camp. He was taught to find his mark with an arrow, how to defend with sword and shield, he learned to wield 2 smaller daggers in conjunction with each other, how to defend himself if left unarmed. But above all these, he excelled with a lance in his hands. He learned how to properly thrust, parry, to retort and canter. To find balance with it and to have it become second hand to him. It wasn't long before it became his weapon of choice. These skills eventually helped him earn the title of Dragoon, and the particular set of skills that have come with it.

His Homeland of Ishgard
Halone, the Fury
Beautiful Elezen Girls
Attending Social Events with Friends
Seeing to his Weapons & Armor

Cheap Wine or Food, as well as cheap Clothing
The current state of Ishgard
Those who speak ill of Ishgard

Heretics & Blasphemers
Foreigners swarming into Ishgard
The Dravanian Horde
Those who oppose House Vallerimonte or House Haillenarte

Alignment: Honorable - Pure - Good
Favorite Food: Roast Canard
Favorite Drink: Ishgardian Tea
Favorite Color: Black - White
Hobbies: Training - Hunting - Fishing


Romantic Interest      Sexual Desire      Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing


◢ Rumors
He's the last of his family name I hear. Pity the poor boy doesn't spend as much time with a suitable Lady as he does in the field with the other Soldiers. - Ishgard Citizen
I once seen him buy drinks for the whole tavern! But the crazy part is, he didn't drink any himself. No, he settled back with a hot cup of tea and then retired early for the evening. - Bar Tender
Sometimes you can spot him sitting alone by a fire, just starring into it. The poor dear, he's probably seen a lot of bad things in his young life, given his status as a Knight. I long for the days our boys can live without being expected to lie down their lives to the dragons. - Elder Woman

◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)