Dacien Urleaux

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 Dacien Urleaux
Dacien wiki.jpg
The Wandering Minstrel
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 28




Despite being on the short side for an Elezen, Dacien still seems to tower over most people aside from Roegadyn, male Au ra, and others of his kind. His face could be called effeminate by some, his features usually adorned by a soft smile. Dirty blonde locks of long hair frame and even cover a part of his face, the tousled look clearly well planned, rather than left that way due laziness. His eyes are a light shade of aquamarine with long lashes, usually glancing around with gentle gaze.


Calm and collected most of the time, Dacien's movements seem to be well-planned and executed, be it sipping from a glass of wine or playing his lute. Socializing comes naturally for him, most likely due to his occupation, and it shows. Always greeting people with a gentle smile, he always seems ready to listen to people's problems and stories, and offer advice if needed.

Flirting also seems to come naturally for him, as he doesn't hesitate to compliment people, or gaze at them with his bedroom eyes. His interests are quite obvious to those that are caught alone with this Elezen, as at times his advances can be quite far from subtle. Lately it seems this habit of "hunting" has calmed down slighty, for one reason or the other.



From the outside he doesn't seem to have much prowess in fighting at all, choosing to stay in the cities and using the safest routes to travel between outposts. It seems he has some talent for healing, though the man doesn't talk much about when or where he learned his spells.



  • Wine
  • Singing
  • Socializing
  • Helping people


  • Being alone
  • Aggressive people


  • Skillful in singing and lute playing.
  • Seems to have an interest in healing, be it physical or mental.



Dacien doesn't talk about his family much, only mentioning being disowned by his father, for reasons unknown.


Theolain Deresnels: A grumpy tall Elezen Dacien helped during his visit to Gridania, thus freeing him from his family duties. Despite Theo bluntly rejecting the minstrel's flirty advances at first, the two ended up developing feelings for each other, and after a confession from Daci the two became a couple.

Serren Ashenhold: A huyr thief and a conman, who ended up helping Dacien a few times during his escapades, and comforting him during tough break-ups. Dacien considers him one of his closest friends, despite being frustrated by his illegal antics.


None at the moment


Common Rumors

  • "I've seen him at the local bar, batting his eyelashes and talking with some poor man. He seems to have no shame at all!"
  • "Oh him, he often visits the town and sings at the local square."

PC Rumors

  • "Ahah...I remember missing out on a particularly lewd song of his, once. He was kind enough to visit me and sing it again, though...Certainly brightened up my evening."
  • "...Hrm. He's more sensitive than I thought. ...What. Our relationship? Well, that's none of your business."

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