Damiaux Belmont

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Ishgard.jpg Damiaux Belmont
Damiaux 2.jpg
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Ishgard
Age 32
Height 7'2"
Weight 240 lbs
Profession -
Patron Deity Halone
Server Odin

Damiaux Belmont (Day-Me-Oh Bel-Mon), formerly known as Damiaux Greystone, is the only child of the late Ser Nicolaix Belmont and Iflione Marciac. A former lancer of the Gridanian Wood Wailers, he became the Champion of Hydaelyn, serving as many things during his time, such as a Dragoon of the Holy See, a knight in the service of House Fortemps, before finding his calling in the guise of a Dark Knight, rooting out evil and dispensing justice to those who would threaten Eorzea.




Born in the year 1545 6AE, Damiaux came into the world a crime. His father was Ser Nicolaix Belmont, the oldest son of the venerated House Belmont, famed for their long line of Dragoons, with Nicolaix being no exception. A member of the esteemed Heavens' Ward and having served in many of the Holy See's conflicts against their ancient foe, while an established hero of Ishgard and loyal member of the Church, Nicolaix was gifted with the echo, albeit in small comparison to the child he would sire. Since he was a young adult, the echo had plagued him with visions and memories of the past, but always in fragmented pieces with nothing adding up. Nicolaix largely kept these visions to himself, lest he be branded mad or worse, a Heretic. But there was one who he shared the things he had seen with; Iflione of House Marciac, a companion of his since childhood, her family having been vassals of his own. Though the knights of the Heavens' Ward had each sworn their oaths of celibacy, the two had fallen in love long before Nicolaix's appointment to their ranks, and continued with a forbidden love. Out of their unity came a child, though they could never be a family. Rather than disown their own kin or risk the Church's ire, both families were content in masking the child's true identity as Nicolaix's son, with Iflione passing the babe off as the son of a knight who had since passed at the hands of the dragons. Still, they were happy. Until the day when everything changed.

Recently, Nicolaix's visions had begun to come more frequently and in further depth, causing him to question the Holy See's crusade. While careful never to be caught what would be blaspheming, he wished for answers to the past, and confided in his superior, Ser Vellguine de Bourbagne. The elder knight swore secrecy to Nicolaix's trust and admitted he too had been questioning the leadership of the Archbishop as of late. The next day Nicolaix was arrested and clapped in chains, with the charges of heresy, infidelity and high treason placed before him. He pleaded his innocence and spoke only of wishing to know the truth, to know if Ishagard's suffering and loss of life after life was for the cause they had all been dedicated to all their lives. His answer was being paraded out into the streets of Ishgard in front of a crowd of thousands and publicly flogged before being lashed to a stake. The Archbishop gave him one last chance to repent and plead for mercy, yet Nicolaix yet again proclaimed no wrongdoing, only wishing to serve Ishgard and her people. He was burned alive within minutes. The Archbishop proclaimed to the crowds that this was the fate of all Heretics, solidifying Ishgard's stance against the worst kind of criminal. Only the Heavens' Ward and the Archbishop himself knew the truth; Nicolaix had come too close to exposing the Church's dogma. Within hours, swift action was taken. The houses of Belmont and Marciac were ransacked, with noble and servant alike taken and imprisoned on orders of the Holy See.



Affiliations and Known Associates



  • Nicknames: -
  • Age: 32
  • Nameday: 1st Sun, 1st Astral Moon, 1545 6AE
  • Gender: Male
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Height: 7'2"
  • Weight: 240 lbs
  • Body: Lithe but muscular
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Light Purple
  • Skin: Pale Wildwood skin
  • Clothing: -


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Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: -
  • Crafting: -
  • Other: -


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Other Notes


Having been granted an audience several times with Hydaelyn as well as having faced an array of Primals, Damiaux was raised believing in the Twelve only but now acknowledges that the Gods of all are very real.






The following rumours can be heard about Damiaux: (If your character has an opinion about him, feel free to add it here.)

Common rumours

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Uncommon rumours

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Rare rumours

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Known Haunts

You might have run into or otherwise know Damiaux from:

  • The Drowning Wench
  • The Quicksand
  • The Carline Canopy
  • Seventh Heaven