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Damien Takayama, a Raen born in the slums of Kugane to Roshi and Yasui Takayama. His birth brought out the death of his mother, and the ire of his grieving father. For years his father blamed the small child for the death of his mother, his entire existence treated like that of a cursed being. It did not help that he grew sharp teeth and that his face conveyed no emotion even when beaten by his father within an inch of his life. It did not take long for Roshi to bore of the silent punching bag that was Damien, and turned to the allure of gambling and addiction that could so often be found in the poor of Kugane. By the time Damien was five, his father accrued a debt from his frequent gambling house visits, and resorted to selling of the cursed child to the Yakuza who ran the establishment. When received, they found minimal use of the boy, his body so battered and littered with scars that not even his organs were worth much. On a whim, the cruel leader decided to use him as an entertainment for their more deprived customers, throwing him in a fighting ring between himself and two dogs. Just when the crowd was ready to see a one sided slaughter, the child displayed an animalistic side of himself, allowing the beast to bite him as his own sharp teeth pierced through their throats. While the crowd remained speechless, the Yakuza leader's smile only grew wider. This led to years of fighting in rings for the entertainment of the crowds, the boy more beast than man. It was when he turned fifteen did things change for him. To advance his ability for fighting, the Yakuza leader hired a retired warrior to teach Damien a fighting style that would allow him to flourish even more in the ring. The warrior accepted, though the lessons were not so easily taught. The boy was essentially an animal after the years of cruel treatment and hard living. So the warrior began his lessons, teaching the boy of what it meant to live as a man, to be able to read and write. Though Damien rebelled countless times, the beatings the warrior gave left no room for debate. For eight years, the warrior taught him, teaching him what it was to be a man, and how to wield a giant club through the Damien's unyielding strength. Though he would not find out the name for this fighting style for a while, he had been passed down the ability of the Dark Knights that the warrior had learned numerous years ago. Though Damien still lived in cruel conditions, he had learned to preserve, to stand firm against the treatment, and to find a chance when he could finally escape. Then, one night, before one of his biggest matches, the Yakuza leader approached Damien, planning to inspect Damien's condition as he had grown to become the ring's most noted fighter, 'The Facless Oni.' Using the opportunity, Damien struck down the man who kept him captive like a beast for years, and made his escape to Eorzea. Now he finds himself of what to do with his life, his social skills non existent, and his common sense warped from years in darkness.


Damien stands tall even amongst other Raen, his frame built but not bulky as his muscles were trained for practicality. His scales and skin lack color, years of living and underground rooms, only to be let out to fight, keeping him a sickly tone at all times. His hair is short and messy, brows wild and thick, bags are clear under his eyes, and his teeth are strangely sharp, as if those of a beast. Most of his skin is littered with some form of scar, with the only color being found on the giant Oni tattoo on his back.


Damien has found that since he was a child, he had difficulty expressing emotion, though not from a lack of trying. The years of pain and suffering he has endured has skewed his mind, and has made it difficult for him to integrate with other people. He can easily come off as cruel, could, and callous, but that is not all there is to him. He is easily filled with wonder at new experiences, having experienced so little of the outside world until now. His expression may fail to show how much he appreciates those who treat him with any form of kindness.


Scenery. Damien was kept in a dark, dank room for most of his life, which has led him to enjoy scenery at every moment. Every view fills him with wonder and joy, an emotion he had rarely felt before in his life.
Nature. Similar to his love of scenery, nature hold so much wonder and beauty for Damien, something he had rarely experienced in all of his years in solitude. In fact, some extremely close to him would find he actually enjoys gardening.


Rowdiness'. The wails of crowds shouting for entertainment have become a sort of trigger for him. When he hears a crowd screaming, his instincts go into fight or flight.
Wastefulness.Much of his life was a fight for survival, and he accustomed himself to using everything around him, so when he sees frivolous waste, he can become irked.


Sparring/Training.Damien is a firm believer that the person you must be hardest on is yourself. Therefore he practices the skills passed unto him every day without fail.
Gardening. One of his better kept secrets, Damien enjoys gardening, though on a small scale. He particularly enjoys growing beautiful flowers.


Physique. A mix of aspects make his body one of his greatest strength. His large frame built over the years, along with his inability to feel much pain, makes it so in a fight he is quite frightening, and difficult to put down.
Understanding. Damien has been in such a horrible place for so long that he really does not judge anyone else for their shortcomings.


First Impressions. His cold, emotionless tone, along with his tendency to hide his face from others, usually causes misunderstandings and poor first impressions.
Socially Unaware. Despite being a part of society for a while now, he can be completely unaware of his poor attitude, or the fact he is leaving a bad impression due to his words or actions.
Unexpressive. His inexpressiveness causes many to see him as a cruel and ruthless person, when the reality he is just hiding his emotions deep within, and carries out his actions in a pragmatic fashion.


Purpose' . Ever since he left the yakuza, he has been searching for some of purpose in Eorzea, to do something with this meager life of his.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Roshi Takayama Father. ( ) -
The man who beat him who tortured him for the first five years of his life. While he now accepts what his father did to him, it does not mean he will not kill him if their path's ever crossed again. " ."
Paternal father.
Kazuo Takenaka . ( ) - Yakuza Leader
A cruel and ruthless Yakuza leader, Damien endured years of abuse, to finally kill him when he had the chance.. " ."
Warrior Suzo . ( ) - Fighting Instructor
The man who taught Damien to be a human again. Their relation is odd, where they are not enemies, but nor are they friends. Only Damien can tell you the story between the two of them. " ."



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"The 'Mad Dog', or 'Cursed Oni' of the Takenaka Gang. He is cruel and ruthless, and will kill without flinching"

"I have seen him take a knife to the ribs, and he did not even seem to notice!"

"He always wears a mask to hide the horrible scars he has gotten over the years of being a 'Mad Dog'!"
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"They say he killed the leader of the Takenaka Gang with the giant club he is always fighting with!"

"I hear the killed him on the spot, but they still could not save the Boss."

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
""I hear that he managed to somehow escape the Yakuza, and is now living somewhere else." "


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Under Construction!" — Rumormonger.



Player Note
Hey there, I am Cris! I have been RPing for a while, and recently took a break from the game for a couple of months, and have decided to get back into it. Damien is my new character who I have been working with, and essentially my main focus right now! I am up for most RP, preferring more mature, possibly dark RP, though I do also enjoy more light hearted, slice of life RP as well since I am up for shaping Damien through any kind of interaction! I am based out of Texas on the CST timezone, and am usually in game in the evening into late into the night. I RP both in game and on discord, but know I can sometimes take a bit on discord! I am a bit shy when approaching people, so I am sorry about that haha, but either way I look forward to RPing with y'all! ALSO, I am looking for an RP FC, and am open to anything, though I would prefer a more mature RP FC! If Damien seems like someone who could possibly fit in to your FC, please let me know!!!
Personal RP Limits
I am up for most RP, as long as it does not maim/kill/ or cause some kind of damage to my character unless it is extensively talked about before hand. I do enjoy mature, and darker RP, and my limits for such RP can be talked about if you are interest in RPing! Also I am not a big fan of ERP so please do not expect any kind with Damien, as romance is something he has absolutely no experience with.


Potential Plot Hooks
If you have a character who is more privy to the going ons of the darker side of Kugane, you have likely heard of Damien. So feel free to approach him with this in mind.

If you are someone who is interested in Damien's fighting ability, he looks like someone who can easily carry himself in a fight, especially with the large club he tends to carry over his back.

Most RP I am up for, so if you simply interested in walking up to Damien because you are curious, please feel free to do so! Though in game, unless I have the RP symbol up, I am not RPing at the moment.
Character Lore Adherence
I do not mind at all if you lore bend or if your character as some unique aspect that is not fully explored within the game. I will however not enjoy someone who is an extreme lore breaker which detracts from RP.


Damien Bust.jpg

Name - Damien Takayama
Race - Raen
Age - 23
Name Day - Unknown
Deity - None

Alias: The Faceless Oni
Citizenship: Kugane
Occupation: Fighter
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Pale grey with fluctuating limbal rings
Complexion: Pale
Piercings: Tongue piercing
Marks or tattoos: Oni tattoo on back/ Scars everywhere but face
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Key Items: Metal Club/ Face mask
Favorite Food: Takoyaki
Favorite Drink: Green Tea
Favorite Color: Red/White
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