Daruku Astronomonov

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Daruku Astronomonov is a black mage whom had once lived in the Eorzean city-state of Sharlayan before its destruction during the Calamity. Like many native Sharlayans, he is an intelligent, scholarly type, though he would as much learn and study practically as he would theoretically. Years after his home's destruction, he returned to Eorzea to study aetherical disturbances as well as do what he had originally planned - to live and wander as an adventurer.

Sharlayan.jpg Daruku Astronomonov
320 x 505px
"I'm bad behavior but I do it in the best way."
Gender Male
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Sharlayan
Age 23
Marital Status Single
Height 6'8"
Weight 200 lb
Orientation Pansexual



Daruku's family naturally have reddish skin that accentuate their brilliant white scales, and Daruku is no exception, especially given the time he spends outdoors. His eyes are narrow and slanted, with irises as purple as amethysts, framed with limbral rings of dark red hue. As marvelous as they are, his eyesight is rather poor, for which reason he wears glasses at all times. His silky black hair is rather short among male Au Ra, with a curved side fringe and nothing at the back to braid or tie up, but still it gets messy after long periods away from civilization. Over the bridge of his pointy nose are soft freckles, which spread lightly to his cheeks.

His physique is rather well built, especially for a scholar, with tone muscles, abs and pecs, though they are often hidden behind the thick clothes he likes to wear. Often these consist of fur robes, though at times he will dress in finer garments, for the right occasion. His left arm sports a rather tribal tattoo that matches his affinity to the wild. His torso houses too many scars to count from too many close encounters, each he would be glad to share the story of. His trusty staff, a tribute to the primal Garuda, is yet another indication of his call to the wild.


Although technically a scholar, Daruku has an excitable, mischievous temperament, often even eccentric. He gets things done at a fast pace, and will take any risk for the thrill as well as the accomplishment. Completely confident in every one of his skills, nothing is too hard for Daruku Astronomonov. He can be known to have an ego born from his radiant self confidence, and this can also lead him astray if he takes on a challenge that he finds he cannot triumph. He can be quite the flirt toward men, women, and non binary alike, and this can also make him come off as very straightforward. There is only one thing he keeps quiet about himself - the power of The Echo.





Daruku has his living family remaining in the Sharlayan motherland - his mother Kokari, his younger sister Otome and his identical twin brother, Manuku. He had always tried to convince Manuku to come study and explore Eorzea with him, and still holds out hopes he may one day stumble across him in some bar in Limsa.

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