Datura Venenum

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Datura Venenum
Nickname: Dats, Datty, Rara | Sex: Female | Age: 20 | Race: Lalafell (Mixed)
Occupation: Researcher | Marital Status: Bonded to Coco Coco.

personality and talents

Bubbly. Intuitive. Kind. -- The Purple Prose Extraordinaire.

From a distance, Datura tends to look like she is stern and mean-spirited. Upon being approached, however, one will find that she is simply a shy Lalafell who wants to make friends. It's generally difficult to get on Datura's nerves. She has an opinion for just about anything, but refuses to say it unless someone wants her to speak her mind. She finds joy in meeting people, learning about their cultures, and lights up upon seeing someone she knows. When her feelings are hurt or she's offended, look out; she will not hesitate to fight back, and won't bat an eye at hurting feelings either.

In Datura's slave-based youth, she walked the path of Arcanima - originally for reasons unknown. Her interest in books led her to inheriting her master's soul stone, and she has read many a Nymian tome to help her walk down the path of a Scholar. In her spare time, however, Datura has picked up fortune-telling and analyzing the stars with her newfound prowess: Astromancy.

appearance and traits

Anyone who met Datura in previous moons would know that the Lalafell was easy to point out by her dark purple hair, green streaks, and butterfly tattoo. Now that she has returned more to the public eye, new and old faces will find her with bright purple eyes, longer (and lighter) purple hair, and scars all across her face. Her skin has darkened a little more, and the tips can be described as “burnt” when looked upon in closer inspection.

Those of Garlean descent (and knowledge) will notice a Third Eye on her forehead. She knows just as much as you do when it comes to that.

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Theme: Alfyn, the Apothecary (From Octopath Traveler)
Voice Headcanon: Maaya Sakamoto (Arulumaya)
Likes: Books, Rolanberries, and Tea Parties
Dislikes: Morbols, Conflict, and Shame
Fears: Abandonment, not being worthy.

out of character info
I'm an RPer from Gilgamesh, and currently reside in Texas. I'm very busy irl, but I don't mind making time for others!
I love RP of all kinds, but am especially game for anything story or arc-related. I'm willing to do RP in-game or via Discord!
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