Daurion Vaulgard

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Gridania-transparent.png Daurion Vaulgard
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Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Gridania
Gender Male
Sexuality Heterosexual
Occupation Adventurer, Freelancer, Odd-jobber,
Martial Status Single
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Basic Info

  • Name: Daurion Vaulgard
  • Birth Name: Daurion Zechar Calphayus
  • Nicknames: Rion, Zechs, Auron
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair Color: Dark Blue
  • Eye Color: Amber
  • Height: 6'2
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Body Type: Athletic build



Little is known about Daurion's birth, he was an orphan without a name who roamed the streets of Garlemald trying to survive on what little he could get through stealing. During one of his attempts he came across a man named Cassius oen Vulso, a veteran soldier of the Imperial army, and a known Populares. Having taken pity on the orphan Daurion, rather than turn him into the authorities, Cassius took him in off of the streets. The man and his wife would then raise Daurion as their own, having lost a child during pregnancy. He was given his very first name, Lucius oen Vulso, by the couple and after long process it was made official that he would now the couple would become his parents. Despite being a half blood Garlean he was treated no different by his foster parents than any Garlean child.

1552 AE... He was to a pureblood Garlean

born to Jerrick and Tsubaki Calphayus. He had been raised in a small town that resided near Eastern Steppes of Othard. Like many other territories of the land, his home had been taken over by the Garlean Empire, and the people subjugated to Garlemald rule. It had been a well-known fact that his father had been a Garlean and a soldier within the military, his mother had been a woman whom came from Doma. Unlike others whom had faithfully serve the Empire, his father had been quite different he was a more compassionate man whom came to care for the people of the small town. Growing up, Daurion's childhood had a mixture of both ups and down. While not the only child whom was sired by a Garlean father, many people of his hometown did not take too kindly to his presence nor that of his father. However, there had been some who did not believe in punishing children for their heritage nor the deeds of their parents, thus they did not treat him differently from other children.

Two of Daurion's closes friends had been a boy who was also a half blooded Garlean and Miqo'te girl who was a Seeker. While there had been other children they often played with the trio had more of a close-knit friendship they did everything together, one could almost never see one of them without seeing the other. During his childhood, was a bit of a mischievous boy he would often get into trouble with the adults of his town, often getting himself into all kinds of mischief for the sake of having. Sometimes his mischief making earned him the ire of his parents who would not hesitate to punish him for his actions, often making him apologize for half of the things he done. In addition to his mischievous side, he had a bit of an adventurous side as well. Daurion was always willing to do things and go to places others dared not go, simply hearing about places seemed to interest him, some even considered his adventurous spirit to be rather foolhardy due to the fact that he seemed interest in venturing to places restricted by the Empire. He would sneak into places through vents and ducts just to get a look at things that normally he was not meant to see.

All and all, to him he had rather normal childhood. He had his share of friends as well, and had even found there were some children who shared his interest, but were just scared to act due to the presence of the Empire's forces. From time to time, he would even get into trouble with the adults in his hometown. When his parents found out about his deeds they would always reprimand him for whatever it was he had done. During one of his attempts to sneak into a local Imperial facility, he watched as an Imperial Centurion wrongfully accuse and beat a man before having him imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. Having inherited his fathers sense of justice he felt what happened to have been greatly wrong. He later met the man and learned that his name was Markus Kingston. From time to time he visited the man, until he found out he was executed.

1564 AE... Daurion and many other teenagers were conscripted into serving the Empire. He along with his two closes friends had been sent to take part in a academy built to train new recruits and conscripts who would come to serve the Empire and expand its reaches. It had been either this or imprisonment for treason against the Garlean Empire, and even though his father had served the Empire there was not much he could do to prevent him from being pulled into the Empire's ranks. He spent four years within the academy, trained in all basic requirements one needed to know to be a soldier of the Empire. While attending the academy his relations with his fellow Half-Blood Garlean began to change for the worse, the latter had begun enjoying the views of the Empire while he did not.

1567 AE... After three years of being in the Garlean Academy, Daurion is recruited to protect a outpost that has been attacked by the Beastmen of Othard.

As the years progressed things only seemed to worsen for many individuals of his home town. Men and women alike were being forced to serve the Empire. Those who refused to join the military rank of the Garlean Empire would be sentenced to a lifetime of imprisonment, as an act of treason against the Emperor. Young men and women were the main focus of this recruitment, and among them was Daurion. For several months he was made to attend an academy run by the Empire. Before the recruitment process could be fully completed his father put in motion a plan --- one that was secretly put together by the adults of the town, and a small neighboring town years ago. It was a plan that required everyone to abandon their homes for the sake of freedom. Malms away from the towns, and away from Garlean outpost, a small number of ships awaited. On the night the evacuation would take place, Daurion had been awoken by his mother and was instructed as to what was going on. He joined his mother and several others as they made their way to a location where a small number of ships awaited. Before everyone could be moved onto the ships a small squad of Garleans soldiers arrived, accompanied by an individual whom Daurion met during his time at the academy. In order to buy more time, his father rallied a few men to fight the Garleans. While brave, the men were no match for those given military training, in the end his father had been the last one standing abit wounded, he was forced to board one of the fleeing ships.

By time the Magitek Reapers arrived the ships had been long gone, but that did not stop the Empire from giving chase. Ships were dispatched after the rebel ships. As they were nothing more than civilian filled ships there was no way to fight back, and in the ensuing chase several ships were destroyed; men, women, and children all lost their lives on the night of the Exodus. For several days Daurion remained on the ship heading for Eorzea, his home had been lost to him, there was no going back. After having witnessed so many people he knew die at the hands of the Garlean Empire, he developed a growing hatred for them. The only thing that crossed his mind had been the thought of revenge, how he would pay the empire back for the suffering they caused, he had become a rather emotionally wounded individual and for most of his time on the ships he kept to himself, not speaking much to anyone not even his parents. When the ships finally arrived in Eorzea many survivors had gone their separate ways, a few followed his father and became nomads.

Eorzean Life

Living a nomad life in Eorzea was not great, but it was good, after all they had their freedom. There were no Garlean soldiers to breathe down the necks of his people, women were not being made to do things against their will. Daurion and his townsmen were free. During his nomad lifestyle he had the opportunity to see many new things, beast that he had not seen before while in Othard, statues and various other things. His father, having been a former soldier of the Garlean Empire, was now a leader to the very people who once despised him because of his past allegiance. While he lacked the bodies of his fallen friends, Daurion dug graves for his friends that were unaccounted for, on Eorzean soil. As time passed his nomadic family caught wind of coming battle between the Eorzean Alliance and the Garlean Empire. With this information his father sought to join the the Eorzean alliance, Daurion had planned on doing the same as he also felt that he needed to avenge those who were like family to him. For several months his father trained him in using the swords, as well as hand to hand combat, wanting him to learn as much as he knew. When his father finally set out to join the eorzean alliance he was left behind with his mother, unknown to him his father did not want him to be apart of such a battle. He watched over his mother as his father and several others fought in the The Battle of Carteneau. Like many others, his father did not return from that battle, in with such news his mother fallen into a deep depression leaving Daurion with no choice but to support them both. For a while he and is mother lived on the streets of Ul'dah until they were found by a rather wealthy Lalafell named, Melanora Nora, and her escort. Out of pity for she had offered them a proposition; shelter, food, and warm beds, in exchange for their services. For a short while, Daurion worked as Melanora's retainer.

After months of faithful service, and bonding, he developed a brother-sister relationship with the Lalafell. Eventually, Melanora granted him the freedom to do as he pleased while offering to take care of his mother. Daurion traveled from Ul'dah to Gridania and joined the lancers guild where he further trained in the art of combat using the lance, from there he began working as a freelancer and was eventually invited to join the Free Company known as Ironworks Union, a freelancer company.


Daurion is described as having somewhat of a laid-back attitude, he prefers to live for the moment and do things at the here and now and deal with the consequences later when they present themselves. He does not really care much for authority figures, and he hates when people try to impose their will on by others by force thus he has a deep rooted hatred for the Garlean Empire, despite the fact that his father was Garlean, however he knows not all Garleans are bad. At times, Daurion can be a rather forgetful person as well as down right oblivious, if it is something that he is not totally focused on then it will completely slip his mind unless someone actually reminds him. With that said, if tasked with two things, if he is completely focused on one thing he will forget the other until the thing that really has his interest is taken care of be it a errand or job. Over the years Daurion has learned to take responsibility for his actions, not willing to shift the blame on others not have others take the blame for anything he has done. Despite working as a Freelancer, or sellsword, Daurion has his principals he will not take part in kidnapping individuals, he will not harm civilians, nor will he take part in any misdealing or illegal operations, however there are some exceptions when it comes to the latter. He knows that the world can be harsh and seeks to make sure that he does not become one of the many who are corrupt. Being half Garlean and half Doman, Daurion does not judge those who are of mixed blood as he himself would not like to be judge upon the blood that flows through his veins. Half of the time he does not tell anyone of his lineage unless it is someone he is certain he can trust.


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