Decima van Balventius

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Decima van Balventius
"She don't need you for shit but your dick and your veins and your guts and your body and blood."
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Vital Information

PRONUNCIATION... Deh-chi-mah Bal-Ven-Tee-Us.

NICKNAMES... The White Witch, Ma'am, Mother, Lady Ma'am.

RACE & CLAN... Pure-Blooded Garlean.

GENDER... Female.

AGE... 60.

NAMEDAY... 14th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon.

ORIENTATION... Pansexual.


Other Statistics


CITIZENSHIP... Garlemald.

FAMILY... Fabius quo Balventius, Claudius sas Balventius.

RESIDENCE... The Capital of Garlemald // The Castrums.

OCCUPATION... Legatus of The Vth Legion.


HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 6 fulms, 7 ilms. 200 ponze.

ALIGNMENT... Lawful Evil.

General Information
I won't order you to die for me. I order you to survive.
• Silver • White • Pale • Athletic and Sculpted • Sultry
• Elegant • Right-handed • All over her body, yet none are on her face. • Beauty mark, purple lipstick, smokey eye-shadow •Extravagant
Hair & Eyes
Decima's hair appears as if it's been aspected with Magitek, upon certain occasions (and when the light hits her mane just right) one can catch a glimpse of her snow-white strands glowing bright with the colors of the rainbow. Think of it like how you blow bubbles, and the sun bounces off the soap just right. Her eyes seem like they track any and all movement before her, and her silver irises can be described as "Unnerving". Like all purebloods, she has a third eye in the middle of her forehead.
Physique & Markings
Decima's figure has certainly not gone with age. She has a certain plumpness about her but it's very subtle. Her body is stretched out in-height, yet everything about her is still in proportion. She's athletically trained for speed and strength, and it shows. Her thighs curve out in a very small arc, and her calves are built like that of a horse. She has a relatively small waist-line, but not in a ridiculous way. It's as if her legs and upper-body taper at her belt. Her upper-body is sculpted and refined, like that of an old Roman Sculpture.
Hygiene & Attire
Decima van Balventius makes it a point to be as clean and presentable as humanly possible. She bathes twice a day, reapplies her make-up every few hours, and uses a special sort of Perfume too rare to even mention. There is never a moment where you may catch Decima van Balventius unkempt, unclean, and without her trademark scent. --- Her perfume is not terribly strong, in-fact, it adds nicely to her natural fragrance. It smells flowery, yet sweet. Decima can be caught in extravagant clothing from time to time, at least, when not sporting her Adventurer's Armor. When she knows she won't be doing any duties that day, she will often spend one to two hours putting together an outfit. She tends to wear clothing heavily influenced by Swans and Peacocks, as they're the most influential symbols in her life. She can also be seen wearing something as elegant as Snow itself. When she's on duty, she can be caught sporting her Legatus armor. When she wears this, there is no hint of her womanly figure at all. It's hidden behind steel that is brutally twisted and stretched, contorted to resemble ice.
Psychological Profile

Decima has grown up in luxury, and she can quite literally shine to prove it from time-to-time. Her sense of style and presentation causes her 'Simple-Mercenary' act to wane, making it a struggle to convince others that she is a simple woman. She is vain, proud, enigmatic, yet fair. She seems to enjoy domination and control but never abuses it fully. On the contrary, she only displays this side of herself to prove a point.

Unlike other Legatus's, Decima is quite willing to indulge her inferiors and subordinates with their wants and needs (within reason, of course). She doesn't feel the need to withhold these things from them, as it only proves to gain their betrayal rather than trust and loyalty. She can even go so far as to be quite personable with those in her command and alliances, and never lets herself succumb to raw emotions in their light.

However, she is just as ruthless, sadistic, and brutal with her enemies as she is inspiring and kind to those whom show their loyalty. Even in her own command does she show this side of herself. She often makes an example out of those beneath her when they falter in their servitude.

Examples of these include...

Beating Rhel'ir Tayuun into a coma, and nearly ripped his intestines out in the process.
Ripping out her own sons' (Fabius) eyes with her hands alone for trying to cause a rebellion.
Carving wings (Fabius' Symbol) into R'aha's stomach (Fabius' Husband), tortured him, held him hostage, and taunted his insecurities of being Transgender.
Had her men whip Avidia's back violently and brutally, causing the shape of wings to form there in a rather disgusting display. Then, she let Avidia hang before the eye of The Vth Legion to near death before finally releasing her.
Castrated Aetius for displaying disloyalty to The Empire, and continues to hold it over him to this day by simply eating a meal and forcing him to watch. That meal is, Roasted Sausage.
Decima speaks with confidence. She strives to choose her words wisely, and when she moves to press buttons she does it with calculation. While she may speak formal and proper, her voice is rather animated. It could accurately be described as sultry. In the way she sounds, one can tell she is older.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
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Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

Basic Statistics
High: Intelligence
Above Average: Tactical Cunning
Aetheric Abilities
Mastery: N/A
Expert: N/A
Average: N/A
Novice: N/A
Weapon Training
Mastery: Sword and Buckler
Expert: Revolver
Average: Lance
Novice: Cane
Combat Relevant Skills
High: Speed
Above Average: Strength
Non-Combat Abilities
Ability: Description
Combat Abilities
Ability: Description
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In Recent Times
Moving Forward

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