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 Dei jen Angura
[[Image:Madam Dei profile.jpg|250px]]
"I didn't start it, but I'll sure as hells finish it."
Madam Dei, The Lost Cleric, The Prodigal, The Ivory Shade
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Garlean Empire
Identification Code ALMH-D1623-A2467
Physical Age 37
True Age Unknown
Height 1.82 metres (6 feet)
Country of Origin Gridania
Place of Aquirement Ala Mhigo


♦ Subject Personality

Disclaimer: Subject has been trained to be fully capable of altering her apparent personality to fit different situations in order to attain an outcome that she wants. Given her high capacity for acting it is highly difficult to properly analyse this subject’s true personality and intentions.

  • In the subject’s current assignment she is polite and well-spoken, though not above cursing when the situation calls for it. The subject is friendly and appears open and accepting, though she is inclined toward sarcasm and passive aggressiveness. She is also protective of those considered to be “under her care.”

  • In all appearances this subject is stubborn, but loyal to the Empire. She is highly intelligent and manipulative. When given missions she completes them with no discernable mercy or guilt. None-the-less, the subject still appears to want to help people and has been known to heal others that she encounters at random.

Note: She has often professed a hatred for Gridanians that did not exist when she was first attained, though the cause is unknown.

♦ Subject History: Known

Subject was found in Ala Mhigo healing the wounded from both sides of the battle. Captain <REDACTED> took her into custody and upon questioning he stated that she said, “I’m sick of politics. I just try to help where I can.”

Subject was taken to a re-purposing camp in <REDACTED> where she began the indoctrination process. After several months she caught the attention of The Matriarch, a secretive practitioner of the darker arts commonly known as Black Magic. <REDACTED> turned the subject over to The Matriarch for further training and indoctrination. Within a year she was returned, and after thorough character analysis, was assigned to the Intelligence Division.

♦ Subject History: Conjecture

Subject was likely raised by the Conjurer's Guild located in Old Gridania. Given her distinctive skin-tone it is unlikely that she was born of the sect of Elezen that occupy most of Gridania, and it can be assumed she was left in the city as an orphan; her lack of information on any relatives supports this theory.


Conjurer/Black Mage: Due to the subject’s training in Conjury and her natural affinity for the darker schools of magic conflicting against each other she is capable of using both Conjurer and Black Mage abilities, but her ability to use either types of magic is severely hindered without great concentration on her part.

Description: She is completely incapable of casting “Raise” or any other light skill past its first level, and her dark attack spells are weaker than they should be given her born affinity. The subject has worked over the years to refine her own style of fighting that minimizes her weaknesses, and she is not above fighting dirty (often resorting to misdirection and sneak-attacks).


She has managment skills, is able to cook common foods, mend damaged clothing, and knows how to read and complete the basic maths required to run a business. She also has a particular affinity for poisons and is adept at using them.

Known Association

The Matriarch: Full Name - <REDACTED>
Silverleaf Industries
Debauchery Tea Party

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"Poor, poor child of darkness," the woman crooned as she brushed the elezen's matted hair out of her dust-covered face. "Raised in that terrible, blinding light. Blinded to your own true nature." The woman caressed the girl's cheek in a perversion of kindness, "Sentients can be so cruel can't they?" she asked idly, not expecting an answer from the injured Imperial Conscript. She smiled harshly, "Don't worry child. We will rectify this. You will have your revenge against those that raised you and thought to oppress your essence. You have my word. From The Mother to A Daughter."
- Interaction with The Matriarch; Date unknown

Important Character Information

Dei is working undercover to attain information in Ul’dah as the owner of Wayside Tavern located in a sketchy part of town. She treats her employees fairly, and keeps the Tavern well secured despite its location. The tavern officially functions as an inn and pub which rents out rooms at rates that range from hourly to weekly (think anything from a “love hotel” to an extended stay hotel with kitchens built in etc. for people that can’t keep up with month to month rent). ‘Unofficially’ Dei is the Madam for a rather large group of down-on-their-luck individuals who are willingly working as prostitutes. Even more unofficially Dei runs a back-room healing clinic for anyone that doesn’t have money to pay reputable healers. She only charges what she feels the person is capable of paying (often healing for free). Occasionally she has had well-off, but shady individuals try to take advantage of this and charged them through the nose for her services.


Mina Youji
Nekocchi Mio
Einion Veskar
Gabvorn Havenhide


Mariele Neufang
Zenku Yocom
True Calamity
Mister Bigbaldguy
Genos Saitama

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