Delanaux Guillaume

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Delanaux Guillaume
"Merely a setback!"
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 22
Sexuality Unsure, but he seems to lean more toward men.
Server Balmung
Pronunciation Del-Ah-No G EE-y oh m
Nick names Del, D, Delly, Dela

Physical description

Standing just under 6'3, Delanaux is a little on the short side for the average Elezen. In fact, compared to his brothers, he is down right tiny in stature, as both stand roughly 6'9.

Sporting thick, black hair tied back off his slim face, Delanaux has an androgynous look to him with full lips, dark brown, almond shaped eyes and short, pointed ears. While muscular, he doesn't have a noticeable bulk to his body like a warrior, though his limbs are toned, with clear definition to them and he seems like he could hold his own in a fight. Still, he Looks oddly non-threatening, compared to some of the other residents of Limsa and appears somewhat gentle. Being young and not very intimidating by appearance, Delanaux is often underestimated by some of his peers.

Given what he wears, he has probably spent a long time on the road or in battle, his clothing often worn and sometimes covered in blood.


Delanaux is of a quiet, almost shy disposition and always tries to maintain his calm. Due to his quiet resolve, stoic nature and calmness, few people take the trouble to get to know him, often branding him as 'cold'. As such, he tends to worry and mull over his own problems alone, often not sharing them with others unless he must. He keeps himself at a distance to others at times until he gets to know them. Indeed, he can be quite friendly to others once he has loosened up around them.

Delanaux seems out of place in a large city such as Limsa. Young and not quite so worldly as other folk, he seems to be on his own a lot, and can at times appear quite socially awkward. When speaking he has a soft, smooth voice which echos his demeanor and he seems graceful with a rather naïve smile. At times he can appear stubborn, showing quiet resolve when faced with a difficult task and tends to keep himself to himself, this has led to a few whispers that he might not be all that he seems, and the word 'Spy' has been thrown about when brought up.

While he may seem cold and stony to some, Delanaux is a loyal friend and ally to those who he regards as friends. Never one to leave his friend's in times of need, he shows astute resolve around them when faced with trouble that is not his own and can often be the more level headed of a group in these types of situations.

This seems to be in stark contrast when faced with his own problems and as such, he can panic a little when his own problems rear their ugly heads and he doesn't have his brother's to back him up.

When stressed or under pressure, Delanaux seems to stutter a little, his lilting voice losing it's quality quickly to be replaced by nerves. He has a habit of saying 'um' a lot, and often dislikes confrontation when it is directed at him. This seems to imply he dislikes being in the spot light and would rather take a 'back row seat' to confrontations and seems to draw his confidence from others around him in these types of situations.


•Kind - Gentle by nature and with a kind heart, Delanaux is the type of person one can confide in. He has a gentle soul and will often go out of his way to help others.

•Loyal - Once someone finds a friend in Delanaux, they will have one for life. He is incredibly loyal to friends and will do all he can to aid them.

•Listener - While he might not be so great at talking to others, he can certainly lend an ear to those that wish to have someone to talk to.

•Determined - Delanaux will often stick with something until he figures it out. Not one to leave a task half done, he'll try his best to right something.


•Awkward - Socially, he seems out of place at times, like he hasn't quite found his feet yet. He tends to be nervous around others and this can lead them to thinking he's rude or unsociable.

•Gullible- While this is an opportunity for others, for Delanaux it tends to be his downfall. He can often be fooled into thinking and doing things others may not, and as such, is easy to exploit.

•People in need of help - Brought up to help others, he often can't turn down someone in need, no matter how odd the situation. While it can be seen as a good thing, he's often found himself in a few scrapes because of it or mixing with the wrong crowd due to being misled.


Hot tea
Quiet corners
His Carbuncle
Sun bathing
Helping others


Rain/Cold weather
Drunks in general
Overly loud people
Aggressive people
Flirtatious people



Practicing the arts.

Delanaux, or Del as many call him, is the youngest of three brothers and the last to finally venture fourth into the world.

Delanaux and his brothers were brought up by their grandparents from being young children, having lost their parents when Delanaux was but a new born. There is mystery surrounding their deaths, one that his grandparents and brothers seem to know of, but will not share with him, for reasons unknown.

Despite having lost his parents at a young age, Delanaux's life was a good one. His grandparents doted on him as did his elder brothers and were you to ask him, he would tell you that he never once wished he had met his mother and father, ("Why, when I have never met them, would I desire to meet them now?") his grandparents taking on the roles of his parents instead. This suited the young Elezen fine, for he was very similar in mannerisms and personality to his grandmother, who was also quiet and gentle. He'd often spend time following her as she tended to the gardens or picked herbs, regaling him stories of when she was an Arcanist.It was through his grandmother that his curiosity for the arcane arts was born. He would spend hours pouring over books and facts about magic, hoping to learn as much as he could about the unusual ability. He'd often attempt spells when his grandmother was preoccupied with her work, which often led to some pretty nasty accidents about the home.

As a child, the three brothers got on surprisingly well, and would often spend a lot of time in each others company. Aurelias, the eldest, by only one bell to his identical twin, Gallenaux, would often look after his brothers and often saw it as his responsibility to take care of the other two. As they got older, both twins began taking care of their younger brother together, teaching him simple things such as fishing or leather working, something they were both fond of. Delanaux had no head for leather working however, and often spent his time day dreaming instead of learning from his brothers. Quiet and not as boisterous as his brothers, he preferred reading to play fighting, drawing to sword fighting and seemed to take more care in the world than his brothers, who rushed head first into virtually everything.

By the time he hit his teens, his grandmother had begun teaching him in the ways of basic Arcane magic, while his brothers were taught sword by their grandfather, something Delanaux just hadn't the skill for. His talent lied in fact finding and casting spells, or reading the land to harvest from it and it was often a source of ridicule from his brothers as they got older, who claimed their younger brother thought himself too good for them. Light jokes turned into bitter remarks and taunts and as the three grew older, they butted heads more and more over who had the superior abilities and when call came for adventurers to leave and join armies in distant lands, his brothers jumped at the chance to prove their skills. Delanaux, was not so eager. He wanted to study more, learn from his grandmother and hone his skills before setting out, and had no desire to go storming off into battle with his brothers, who would undoubtedly treat him like a child in the presence of others.

Several years went on, with more and more letters from his brothers coming home and speaking of grand battles and how prosperous they were and for a while, Delanaux was oddly jealous when he saw his grandparents so pleased with his brothers and the older he got, the more appealing it became to start his own adventure in the great, wide world.


The twins, Aurelias(right) and Gallenaux(left)

Recently, his brother's letters have become fewer and less frequent. They were worded oddly and scrawled as if drafted in a rush. When questioned they reassured they were fine, that they were merely having a spot of trouble with local gangs and were merely on their toes, without much time to rest, but Delanaux felt they something was amiss. No longer were they teasing him in his letters, but sending subtle hints that they could use his help out in the field, asking when he might care to join them. It seemed casual, but he knew that they wouldn't say it unless something was wrong, as often their pride would keep them from asking for help, especially from their younger brother, who they teased due to his chosen skills in the Arcane. Still, regardless of the teasing and name calling, they were still his brothers and he held a certain fondness for them both and their overly large egos.

A week ago the letters stopped and instead a small box was sent, which contained a ragged, bloody finger that he knew at once belonged to one of his brother's. He knew then that he couldn't delay going to find them and set off in the dead of night to Limsa, the place where their last letter had come from.

Trying to find his brother's in Limsa was no easy task, for he didn't know where to begin and no one seemed to have heard of them, or knew them. They were easy to spot, for they were identical twins and often wore the same cocky grin and bore the same crest on their weapons, created by their grandfather. Yet no one in the entire city had seen them.

Were they Hiding something? Had his brother's lied about their location in the last letter? Either way, he couldn't go back until he found them and it seemed like he might have to take his search out of Limsa.



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Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"He always looks a little lost."
"He doesn't seem to know many people, on his own most of the time."
"He's such a sweetheart, he helped me find my necklace in the tavern when I lost it once."

Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Bit of a loner. Little bit suspicious if you ask me."
"Untapped potential maybe? Pfft! More like a Spy. It's always the quiet ones I'm tellin' ya"
"I've seen him about asking questions. Dunno what about though, but I bet he's up to something."

Rare Rumors (Rarely overheard)
"I wouldn't piss him off if I were you. He might look like a pup but I heard he's got a nasty little Carbuncle that acts more like a guard dog! I've seen him and it in battle and he doesn't seem too shy then. I think it's all a ruse."
"I heard he's sweet on another adventurer that he met coming over to Limsa. Big tall guy it was apparently."
PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)


Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Poor Standing

Aurelias and Gallenaux - Delanaux's older brothers. Identical twins, the pair like playing tricks on others via their appearance. The only way to tell them apart is their ear clasps and scars. Currently they are missing, and Delanaux has set out to find them.


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