Dennthota Ahtahrmwyn

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 Dennthota Ahtahrmwyn
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Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard/Sea Wolf
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 27
Occupation Sellsword
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Basic Info

Character Name: Dennthota Ahtahrmwyn

Aliases: N/A

Race: Roegadyn

Gender: Female

Profession: Pugilist

Occupation: Sellsword, Bodyguard

Orientation: Confused

Apparent Age: 27


This is a sample

Dennthota is a woman who lives up to her name with her boisterous personality and a booming laugh that shakes rooms. Her father was a sellsword and his father before that was as well and so she carries the legacy of their family with her, being a sellsword herself. She takes the title very seriously and will accept almost any job that will allow her to prove herself. Although her mother’s seafaring Sea Wolf blood runs through her veins and it causes the water to constantly call out to her. She dreams of owning her own ship and sailing the seas, but she has a few obstacles she must overcome first; mainly her fear of swimming and having water over her face.

Having been raised by her father and grandfather she does not have many “lady-like” qualities and is often seen at bars chugging beer, getting into fights, and participating in arm-wrestling competitions; finding herself more comfortable as one of the boys; this is not to say that she does not have womanly desires though. She often becomes jealous of overly feminine women as they tend to attract the attention of men a lot better than she can.

She is generally a carefree person and loves to joke around, often starting unnecessary trouble just to cure her boredom. Dennthota has a hard time turning down a free meal or a drink, often over indulging herself. She is very resilient and has a prideful nature that is both a handicap and a boon, but Dennthota is only an average fighter at best as she didn’t get the opportunity to learn all the families combat secrets, although she refuses to admit it, and usually relies on using her sheer size and intimidation factor to deter anyone from finding that out.


Her father was a Hellsguard and her mother was a Sea Wolf, but her mother died giving birth to her and so she was raised as an only child by her father, Ahtahrm, and her grandfather. He did the best any single father could do trying to raise a daughter, but his job as a sellsword often called him away for months on end. His pride to uphold the families honor kept him from quitting even though he wanted nothing more than to do that and spend time with his daughter. He often left her in the care of her grandfather who was an ex-mercenary while he was away. A mercenary does not normally live to see old age, but numerous injuries over the years eventually caused her grandfather to retire early which ended up working out for the best for her. Dennthota held no spite for her father's absence as she grasped the concept of honor and tradition quite early on.

Around the time that Dennthota was twelve, her grandfather eventually succumbed to old age while Ahtahrm was away. She waited two years for him to return, hunting local wildlife, and tending for herself. Eventually she realized that he was not coming back so she packed up a few of her belongings and headed out to carry on her families tradition. She stopped by the nearby town of Falcon’s Nest where her father normally found work, but was turned away because of her youth. They also had no information regarding her father’s whereabouts except the last mission he took to patrol the outlying area as the Ixali were starting to venture out of their normal territory. Being the hotheaded girl she was, she quickly headed out to seek vengeance against the Ixali. Having only mainly hunted wildlife this was a foolish decision on her part as she was quickly over taken by the first Ixali she came across. An Elezen man was nearby and though he was unable to defeat the Ixali he was about to wound it and drive it away, saving Dennthota’s life in the process. Full of pride and disappointment from her first lose in battle she blamed her defeat not on herself, but on her equipment. The man knew she lacked skill but played along anyway. He offered to take her to Ul’dah so that she could buy new equipment, a place she remembers her father mentioning where many mercenaries gather and find work. She reluctantly agreed to go with him.

She never completely warmed up to the stranger who saved her life and never even got his name, only referring to him as “pointy ears” and even though she never showed it, she was grateful for his help. The relationship did not last long between the two as they were ambushed by Antlings. Again she escaped, but her kind companion was not so lucky. Dehydrated, tired, and injured, she eventually stumbled her way to Ul’dah’s gate before finally collapsing right outside of it. That is where she met a young Hyur male named Haven who took her in and nursed her back to health. She had trouble finding work in the city as she was young, inexperienced, and had no reputation. She ran around with a street gang for awhile, but things changed when they broke into a house that happened to belong to the young man who helped her when she first "arrived" to Ul'dah. After being caught by him, instead of turning her in, he decided to instead offer her, her first legitimate job; as his bodyguard.

Haven was a strange man who never took life too seriously and as the two spent more time together his carefree personality eventually rubbed off on her. The two became more than employer and employee, they became friends, even though he still paid her for her services. He tried to help bring closure to her life by finding out what happened to her father, but their search ultimately proved fruitless. As the years went by she fell in love with him, but never revealed her feelings to him and he eventually had a child with another woman named Ophelia. She knew little about the woman as her jealousy caused her to keep her distance from Ophelia. When the Garlean Empire began to invade Eorzea the two joined the Eorzean Alliance. Haven sought to protect his family and country, but she only joined to protect him. The two found themselves in a small skirmish with the Garlean Empire and even though Dennthota was right by his side the entire time, she was powerless to save him as he fell in the battle. The last words he murmured to her were “protect my family”. She did not stay the rest of the battle and immediately retreated, no longer having a reason to be there.

Heartbroken and struck with anguish she returned to Ul’dah to find Haven’s son, Aldo, but Aldo and his mother were gone. She believes that news of Haven’s death had reached Ophelia before Dennthota had arrived and Ophelia had taken the child with her to parts unknown. After the events of Dalamud she seems to have forgotten her promise to the man she loved. She knows of his son and his wife, but thinking that they would blame her for his death she has not put much effort into locating them.

She has spent the last five years making ends meet by utilizing some of the tricks she learned a teenager in Ul'dah. Mainly cheating, and trying to con adventurers out of their money. Dennthota also tends to take debt collection jobs; which is ironic because she has racked up debt with a decent amount of people herself to support her gambling and drinking habit. Dennthota does not visit the cities that often as she does not want to be spotted by her debt collectors, and being a loud mouthed Roegadyn makes her easily noticeable in public places.


Dennthota has recently found herself following around a motley crew of adventurers who call themselves the Night Blades. She originally joined them to pay a debt back to one of it's members, but all their talk about obtaining power keeps her mouth watering.

The Tavern of Rumors (Plot Timeline)

Dennthota found herself tangled up with the Garlean forces, working with them for awhile. The reasons are still unknown but rumors say that it had something to do with a young lover or a promise...or maybe it was a sea monster. You know how rumors are. In any case, the woman seems to have gotten out of that mess, but not without being thrown in jail first. I don't think the Flames really take kindly to traitors no matter what the reason is. At least we thought she was in jail..someone said that they spotted her walking the road. Does she have a twin sister? No, can't be. The world would erupt into chaos if two Dennthota's were able to run rampant. That woman causes enough trouble to probably be labeled a livin' breathin' Umbral Era.

Ah, I remember now. It was the mountains. Yeah, she ran off to the northern mountains with some blue haired alchemist and a Roegadyn man. I wonder what they were doing up there the entire time. All I know is that since then, a small cabin has been seen in the middle of nowhere. Could be safe to say that she and her friends had something to do with it. The other two came back pretty quickly but she...she stayed there for months. It ain't good for your health to be a hermit, but they don't call her the Thunder Daughter for nothin'. That gal can take care of herself just fine. It'll be a warm day in Coerthas if something like a pack of wolves took down the self-proclaimed Peoples Champion of the Grindstone.

And what did I tell you? That darn woman was seen just the other night starting a fight in the bar. Seems like she is back to her old self again. Even got herself kicked out of the Grindstone for trying to break someones spine. I wonder if it was better if she just stayed up there, but things were too quiet without her so its good to have her back. Must have been the visit from that red-haired roegadyn woman who fancies her. Yes, I did say woman. Seems that Dennthota has been chasing and chased after by the same sex. But who can blame her? I mean everyone gets lonely and when you are as intimidating as that woman, its hard to attract male attention..the lack of showers and body hair probably don't help her in that department either.

Lately we have seen her walking around with a bag of gil on her belt. Now normally that would not raise any alarms, but this woman is known for having no money. Can't help but wonder where she is getting that all from; not to mention rumor has it that she has been hiring people, forming up a group of her own. She ain't one for Free Companies or even to be working with a team..I wonder what she is up to. Knowing her it can't be anything good. Perhaps someone should hire her to take care of this increase in bandit activity around Thanalan. Give her somethin' to do to keep her out of trouble.

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