Desi Rosien

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Desi Rosien
Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from indomitable will.
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 26
Birthplace Little Ala Mhigo
Occupation Leatherworker/Pugilist
Religion/Philosophy Menphina, the Lover
Orientation/Relationship status Heterosexual/Single
Server Balmung
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Desi Rosien is, by all appearances, a midlander hyur who has abandoned the caravans of her youth to settle in Ul'dah. While dedicated to the path her father set for her as a leatherworker, she has taken up the cesti to protect herself and those important to her. A dedicated and gentle woman, with a warped sense of humor and an weakness for intense company.


Height: Tall for a midlander, short for a highlander.

Body: Well built, more muscular then your average midlander female; toned and well proportioned.

Hair: Dark Cherry, worn at shoulder length, unless working, then pulled into a pair of low messy pigtails.

Eyes: Dark Teal (Peacock)

Skin: A light caramel tinted with dusky rose.

Scars: None

Tattoos: Under each eye, mirrored tribal markings, 3 shades darker then her skin.

Clothing: Desi's clothing varies depending on the situation; she prefers blues, greens, and browns.


When Almeric Cantilever laid eyes on a young dancer on the streets of Ul'dah, he did not think of a new mother for his three headstrong sons; he thought only his currently empty cot, hips and breasts. The young woman was accommodating enough and warmed his cot for the duration of the caravan's stay in the glistening city. It was only at their departure that young Rose confessed she had conceived. Honor bound, the highlander married the girl in a quick ceremony and she joined him on the road. She would not survive the journey, childbirth on the road proving to be too much for the city breed girl. Almeric greived the loss of this, a second wife, but he was overjoyed with the wailing bundle was placed in his thick arms. His first and only daughter.

In fear that the road would take his daughter, like it did his young wife, Almeric did what the thought he must; upon the caravans arrival in Ala Mhigo he sought out a childless couple whom he'd often done business with. An agreement was settled for the duskwight elezens, Vorsaile and Aenore Marette, to foster the child until she was old enough to ride with the caravan without worry. This they did without hesitation, for Aenore had been trying for a child for many years without success. With Almerics permission, the child was finally named Desiree.

Under the watchful eyes of her foster parents, the young girl grew up wild and bright eyed, with an interest in all things of nature. Clearly not quite midlander and not quite highlander, the young girl had trouble with other hyur children. For children are often more cruel then adults, in their own way. Aenore sought out instead the young son of the blacksmith, who's mother was a friend, in hopes to give her foster daughter some semblance of a friend. The pair were inseparable.

When Desiree was ten years old, Aenore conceived and word was sent for Almeric. Worried about the stresses on his beloved wife, Vorsaile asked that Almeric take his daughter back to the caravan. Distraught about being thrown away, young Desiree ran to the only one she knew would protect her, her only friend. And though he was valiant in his attempt, little Desi was still carted away by the eldest of her three brothers, screaming, kicking and biting. It would be a very long time until she saw her friend again.

Life in the caravan, once settled with the understanding that these highlander men, though unfamiliar, were her real family, was more fascinating for the girl. Before she had only been on excursions to the forests when Aenore went. Now the entire world was hers. For the first time she had siblings to protect her from this world that was “hers”. No more did people look down on her, at least not in sight of the overly protective and potentially violent masses that were her brothers, Eldric, Gerhard and Reginar. Over the course of the next ten years the caravan traveled, as they do; and Desi grew up. Under her father and brother Gerhard's watchful eye she took up headknife and awl, applying what she'd learned of alchemy to mix fine dyes for their own crafts. In her late teens her father took ill and the family once again settled in Ala Mhigo while the old highlander's health gave way to old age. While there Desi was reunited with a changed friend. Young romance budded but was quickly staunched by her eldest brother and the young man's own path. When Almeric died, Eldric's grief drove him from the caravan entirely. He left for Limsa Lominsa, to take on an entirely new path to loose himself in. Gerhard, Reginar and Desi rejoined the caravan. Gerhard took up his father's position, as had been planned, and Desi his. Life regained a sense of normalcy again, for a time.

It was at the invasion of Ala Mhigo that life changed again. In the rubble of a too familiar home Desi found the blacksmith's son, battered, burned and broken, but alive. Gerhard wanted no part in it, remaining with the caravan which left them behind. Reginar remained with her, helping her care for the young man until they arrived at Gridania. Their stay there was short, war was brewing. Reginar took his sister to her mother's homeland, to Ul'dah, to see her safely under the watchful eye of the pugilist guild before leaving under the banner of the Immortal Flames. To Carteneau. She would not see him again.

Over the last five years, Desi has dedicated herself to her craft, but also, to those that took her in, the pugilist guild. The only thing returned to her after Carteneau, was her brothers cesti. She took them up, repaired the scorched leather and set her feet on the path.


Almeric Cantilever(father-deceased/old age): A grizzled old highlander even when given his young daughter; he gave Desi her deep red hair, her firey temper and her strength. A leatherworker of some note, formally a Yellow Jacket of Limsa Lominsa. The untimely death of his first wife, mother of his sons, drove him from service and the city.

Rose Dermont(mother-deceased/childbirth): A wild young midlander who was known for her grace and good humor. A street dancer under the employ of the miner's guild, she took up with Almeric in the effort to escape the attentions of a Royalist who was trying to win her favor. Unequipped for living rough, she did not survive childbirth on the road. Desi inherited her unusual teal eyes and figure from her.

Eldric Cantilever(brother): The eldest of Almeric's three sons, Eldric seemed born with an axe in hand and was secretly the old marauder's pride. After his father's death he returned home to Limsa Lominsa. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Gerhard Cantilever(brother):Following his father's footsteps after his departure from the Yellow Jackets, Gerhard works as a leathercrafter within the caravan where they settled and grew up. He's a pragmatic sort and does not agree with his sister's desire to fight, out of fear he will loose her like he's lost the rest of his siblings.

Reginar Cantilever(brother-*deceased): The youngest of Almeric's sons and the brother Desi was closest to, Reginar was the comforting hand that brought the angry, fighting spirit of his little sister into check when she rejoined the caravan. He taught her how to defend herself and more importantly, not to care what others thought of her. Though his cesti were found on the field of Carteneau, his body was never found and he is presumed dead.

Vorsaile and Aenore Marette(foster parents): An alchemist and botanist by trade, the pair of duskwight elezan fostered Desi until her tenth year and the birth of their first son, Isidaure. Their whereabouts after the Calamity are unknown.


Desi is a smart mouthed young hyur, a little jaded, cocky and fiercly independant. With a good, if not a little warped, sense of humor and a tendancy to look out for the little guy. A little flirty, in an off handed way with men and woman alike, Desi herself is a bit of a mystery and does not share herself or her opinions with just anyone. Often she comes off as a bit of a smartass. Insults directed at herself, particually those about her breeding, roll off her like water off a ducks back. A life on the road has given her a love for exploration that almost rivals her love for a stout brew. Almost. She has a weakness for children, and an even greater weakness for anything small and fluffy.

Alignment: good with definate chaotic good leanings


  • Exploration
  • Men
  • Leatherworking
  • Alchemy
  • Nature
  • Botany
  • Kicking bullys in the face


  • Willful Ignorance
  • Small Spaces
  • Dishonesty
  • Overprotective brothers
  • Dresses

Traits: Independant, Jaded, Gentle, slightly cocky

Romance: Desi, as mentioned above enjoys male company, both as friends and otherwise. She prefers strong men, with a weakness for highlander hyur, elezen and the occasionally well built miquo'te. That being said she flirts nearly as naturally as she breathes and doesnt seem to be bothered whether the target is male or female. This coy nature is a shell to protect herself, and will not be cracked easily.