Devilish Sarracenia

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Person of Interest #929213, "Devil" (Balmung, NA server)

Public Record

Brass Blades 'Person of Interest' File #929213:

Name: Devil

Race: Hellsguard Roegadyn

Gender: Female

Height: 7 fulms, 3.7 ilms

Known Record and Suspected Activities:

929213, or "Devil", first showed up in Ul'dah's Brass Blades files as a missing person from a local orphanage, back in 1557. Though several attempts were made to apprehend and return her, she showed an aptitude for escaping confinement. Eventually, further attempts were stalled due to the influx of refugees, though reports continued to trickle in of a girl fitting 929213's description filching food from local vendors. No major infractions occurred until later, in 1569, when 929213 was accused of assault. When it was discovered the 'victim' was a known slave trader, the charges were dropped against 929213, as it was generally considered self-defense. Her activities were known, but generally overlooked until 1571, when she attacked a hired hand of a local merchant, only this assault led to murder. She was sentenced to an indefinite term in the oubliette while the investigation was underway. Later, it was determined that the man and his employer were part of an underhanded dealing scheme in which a young girl had been caught. The man had assaulted the girl, and 929213 intervened. She served a twelve-moon sentence before release in late 1572.

Since her release, 929213's activities have increased in violence and frequency, from assault to known mercenary work, along with suspected illegal interrogation methods, assassinations, and dealings with Ul'dah's Syndicate. However, with the continual influx of refugees and the increased mobility with which 929213 has gained via her contacts, capture is unlikely, and solid proof of her misdeeds are even harder to come by.


Though she does not have a permanent place of residence, Devil can most often be found prowling the back alleys and seedy neighborhoods of Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa, and occasionally Gridania. Not always the most social of people, Devil prefers to maintain a low profile, which is strangely easy for this tall Roegadyn. She is suspected of participation or instigation in a variety of crimes, ranging from simple theft up to coordinated assassinations. However, she has built her reputation with just the right people; from members of the Ul'dahn Syndicate to certain individuals within the Brass Blades, to important figureheads in the other city-states as well, not to mention her contacts with the Scions of the Seventh Dawn themselves. She has effectively surrounded herself with powerful people and keeps herself just useful enough to their endeavors to prevent most attempts at her incarceration.

Recent Events: (8/13/14) Devil showed up at the Oak Inn in the Lavender Beds in the company of a strange, red-haired man. She was unconscious when he delivered her to the property. The proprietor of the establishment questioned the man on Devil's condition, to which he admitted stabbing her sixteen times 'because she asked for it'. Under threat of arrest, he left, but the circumstances surrounding Devil's state remain a mystery. Of note, she seemed to be running a severe fever, but otherwise showed no signs of assault. She was ushered to a private quarters once she regained consciousness, though nothing further has been revealed about the strange man or his motives.

Update: The strange red-headed man was none other than Ashe En'Vale, notorious shard-shanking firebug. Devil has had several encounters with this lunatic, most of them amusing, if not altogether positive. After recuperating, she admitted she -did- ask for the "stabbing", but refused to go into detail why.

(4/15/16) After a long bout of various misdeeds and adventures, many things have changed for Devil. She has cut many former alliances, lost others in the mix, gained a few new contacts, had her cold heart broken and broken a few along the way. Aside from a new group she takes contracts through, she mostly keeps to herself, save the occasional forays to the Mist, the Hinterlands, and other secluded places. When in the city-states, she might linger a while, but she generally doesn't socialize, save with a familiar face or two if they happen by.

(6/23/19) Once Baelsar's Wall fell to Alliance forces, Devil went off the radar for an extended period of time. Sightings of her in her usual haunts were down to rumor-only, while out on the Wall and surrounding territories a new spectre arose. Tales of a person or creature grew, fueled by disappearances of Imperial patrols near the Wall, that was said to make the sky itself rain blood. Pretty lofty stuff, even for Dev.


Devilish Sarracenia

Devil is a towering example of a female Roegadyn. At over seven fulms, she finds herself looking down on most people, which suits her just fine. Warm, deeply-tanned skin stretches taut over a form trained for strength and speed. Long, jet-black hair razored into a messy 'devil-may-care' cut frames a young (early- to mid-thirties) face, and provides a shroud for those eerily-pale lilac eyes to gleam mischievously from. Though it's not uncommon to see her in a full gear set, she typically prefers lighter, more comfortable outfits for reconnaissance, or for just meandering about town. Lean, lithe, and confident, she knows she's a force to be reckoned with.

A special note: those who are sensitive to aether in others will notice an anomaly in Devil's signature. It appears as a faint orange glow focusing around her heart. Those who are skilled in this study might even discern a very obscure crystalline shape, though it does not appear to be part of her physical form. Devil's body temperature runs notably higher than normal. (Worry not; she's not some Mary Sue half-primal disaster. This is a result of an RP adventure she became involved in.)Since recent events, the anomaly seems to have spread,focusing along sixteen major points throughout her body. The fever-like aura she typically exudes runs noticeably higher now, as well, and may indicate either an intensification of the anomaly, or perhaps a lack of control since its spread.

    • Note:** Due to recent events, Devil's aether anomaly has shifted. There are no longer discernible points throughout her body where the aura focuses and her fever-like temperature has all but vanished except in very specific instances. Only characters who are fully-trained in and have the ability to sense or see aether will notice this: Devil's aura is now very dark and appears almost wisp-like, vanishing in places where before it was solidly connected. It gives it a thin, smoke-like appearance with many segments missing at any time.

After an extended absence from the public eye, Devil has resurfaced, once again on this side of Baelsar's Wall. Her aura seems to be settled, though those gifted in viewing such things may note Dev's still fluctuates with strange colors and patterns, from wispy, fiery reds to thick, globulous blue-blacks, occasionally shifting to the smoke-like appearance of earlier record.


Usually coming across as aloof or uncaring, Devil mainly keeps to herself. Occasionally, she will branch out and make contact with some random person, though these encounters typically end quickly. She does have a sense of humor, deranged though it may be, and a quick wit backed by a sharp tongue. It is not uncommon to witness a ridiculous chance of luck favoring this woman; for whatever the reason, and regardless of her deeds, she certainly has bouts of 'the Devil's luck'... or is it skill?

Devil actually does have a few scruples when it comes to her illegal activities: for one, she absolutely, without exception, hates those who deal in any manner of slave trading. Likewise, she harbors a deep hatred for Imperials and those who support Garlean conquest which, to her, is little better than slavery. For another, Pearl Lane is her territory. She defends it and the beggars who live there from would-be rival takeovers, though this is not common knowledge to those who do not reside in the Lane. Finally, and perhaps most strangely, this cold-blooded fiend has been known to randomly provide 'good deeds' to various people. These range from saving strange adventurers from certain doom, to 'accidentally' dropping a handful of gil in a starving mother's hands. If asked, she'll deny it, or wave it away with some comment about having done her good deed for the week.

After the Alliance's assault against Imperial hold, and the subsequent liberation of Ala Mhigo and Doma, Devil's presence along Pearl Lane has subsided markedly. With the refugees headed home, or finding new niches in the city-states, it would seem her protection is not required.


Devil was abandoned as an infant at the Gate of the Sultana in Ul'dah. With no clue to who her parents were or what fate befell them, she was given over to the local orphanage. Left with only a strange, thin metallic disc tied on a string around her neck, nothing was known of the child, save the one word on that disc- "Sarracenia". Scholars thought it a strange name, considering it was a known genus of carnivorous plant, reputed for luring its prey in close before delivering the killing blow. Certainly no name for a small child...

Over time, she earned her 'new' name, "Devilish". She was a handful, always managing to appear where she shouldn't be, vanishing on a whim, getting into trouble at the drop of a hat... She kept the matrons on their toes. During this time, she made her first, and likely only, friend. A fellow orphan, the little blonde-headed highlander girl went by the name of Lila, and though much quieter than the mischievous Devil, she tagged along like a shadow. The two became inseparable.

Years later, the pair were making one of their many forays into forbidden territory when they chanced upon a meeting of the matrons with a hooded figure. As they eavesdropped, they learned the matrons were making a deal to sell off some of the orphans and refugee children to this black-market dealer. The idea had Devil bristling, and with nowhere else to go, she and Lila ran away, into the streets of Ul'dah.

They survived with Devil stealing food for them while Lila begged for gil. Though they were poor, they were happy. They managed to get what they needed, most times, though there were plenty of hard times, especially when the thugs came through. The girls learned fast that when the alley got quiet, it was a cue to hide. It was not an easy life, and as they grew older, it didn't get any easier, but they managed.

Lila began taking odd jobs for merchants. She always had a better sense of morality than Devil, and felt that her stealing was unnecessary. Things were working out, until the poor girl took a job from a merchant known throughout the Lane for cruel, backhanded dealings. Devil pleaded with her to drop the job, but Lila was lured by the promise of good pay for a simple job. All she had to do was deliver a rare vase to a collector across town. Devil couldn't stop her. It should have been a quick job, two bells at most, but something was wrong. It had been too long. Devil tracked down the merchant and instead found a crowd. In the middle of it, a large, burly man, obviously a thug hired by the dirty merchant, was beating a young, blonde-headed girl... it was Lila. Devil saw red. She leaped onto the man's back and grabbed his jaw with one hand, her other at the back of his head. Without a second thought, she twisted. A loud snap, and the thug fell limp. She didn't care she'd just killed a man. She didn't care there were no less than a dozen witnesses. Her only thought was to save her sister, and with that, she helped Lila up, and got her back to their place in the Lane. The highlander was in bad shape, and could barely talk. Devil was doing all she could to help her, but she had no way of healing. Lila managed to tell her how she had been carrying the expensive vase to the buyer, when a large, cloaked man walked right into her, and knocked the vase to the ground, shattering it. When Lila went to tell the merchant, he flew into a rage, demanding she pay for the merchandise. When she told him she couldn't, he set his goon on her. Devil had an idea that the cloaked man and the goon were likely one and the same, and the whole thing had been a set-up by the cruel merchant. Before she could say as much, though, a woman in white interrupted. She had seen the fight start, and had gone to get the Brass Blades. It was over by the time she returned, and onlookers pointed her in the direction of Pearl Lane when she asked about the injured girl. Though Devil was wary of this stranger, Lila seemed comforted by her presence. As the woman began to channel healing magic, two of the Brass Blades showed up. They were getting mixed stories from the crowd, but one was certain; Devil had killed a man. As they began to drag her away, Devil saw the last of the woman's spell restore her friend. The woman, sensing her concern, called out that she would care for Lila in Devil's absence.

Ul'dah was in the middle of a refugee influx. Crimes and complaints were through the roof, and every day it seemed there was some new tragedy looming on the horizon. It was with little surprise that Devil learned hardly any leeway was being made in her case. By the time the Brass Blades learned the merchant had indeed set up the entire plot against Lila in an attempt to filch any gil she -had- earned, Devil had sat in the oubliette for nearly a year. During that time, the woman in white had come to see Devil a few times. At first, it was to tell her of Lila's welfare, at least until a few moons prior. The last time she came, the woman said she and her family had decided to adopt Lila. They were moving her to Limsa Lominsa for a fresh start. She extended the invitation for Devil to visit, though, deep down, the girl figured it was just a formality.

Once she was finally released, Devil went back to Pearl Lane. She thought it would be lonely and hard to bear. She was half-right. She missed her sister, but in the time she was gone, word of her attack on that man had spread, and grew into the beginnings of a reputation. Devil found herself on the cusp of something terrible... and great.

Current Activities

Devil has found herself wandering the new lands like so many others; Coerthas, Ishgard, and Dravania just to name a few, all for the promise of great challenges and greater loot. Aside from killing Nidhogg's dragons, a few heretics, and some stuffy-arsed paladins, things are fairly quiet for Devil... for the time being.

-- -- -- -- -- --

With the liberation of Doma and Ala Mhigo achieved, Dev has found herself once more meandering through the pubs and crawls in popular places, taking up contracts and making gil with odd jobs. Rumor has it something big is on the forefront, and with it comes new lands, new races, and new enemies to the slaughter. She's keeping her axe at the ready.


8/28: After a sparring match turned sour, Devil sought out that insane Firebug, Ashe En'Vale again, to address the issue of the crystallized aether embedded within her. Ready with a solution, he took her and her healer of choice, Bloehaerz Blanceigsyn, deep into Urth's Fount and performed a dangerous, potentially-deadly ritual. It succeeded, but has presented new issues for her. The foci left by the first ritual have been completely absorbed into her own aether; they are no longer an issue, but in their wake, something darker lies. Where she had been learning how to draw aether off particular objects, and in one case a person, that ability has been stunted significantly by the process. She no longer emits a fiery, hot aura, but instead a chill seems to follow wherever she goes. She hates this, particularly up north. According to Ashe, she can relearn her fiery techniques, but it will take time. Until then, Dev might just be seen in warmer climes more often than previously, probably with nearby people treating her like a walking air conditioner. She -won't- be happy.

??: Devil went missing from the public eye for quite some time. Stories arose concerning her whereabouts, with speculations ranging from 'up north' to 'infiltrating Imperial strongholds' to the far-fetched 'the Void itself'. Very few people know the truth of it, and less would believe it if they heard. Upon her return, those sensitive to aether signatures will note an anomaly rivaling her usual oddness, and she's taken to keeping her forehead covered most times. On rare occasions, she might be found humming to herself, but if one listens closely enough, they'll note it's not humming, but a low, almost-growling conversation. Perhaps she's just plotting out loud? There are other, very small differences that seem to flare up only periodically, but they seem to be triggered by stress or anger. Devil has, since her return, seemed to cut ties with certain people; a former lover has been jilted along with any contacts she might have maintained within his free company. She has also picked up some new contacts, namely a band of miscreants who don't seem to notice or mind her penchant for the unsavory.

4/15: The group Devil now works with has signed onto a particularly interesting, if not equally dangerous job involving an ancient elezen who calls himself The Craftsman. Not much is known about the task at hand, or is open to discussion, only that it yet again involves shards of some sort and poses an imminent danger to all of Eorzea. It's like Ashe En'vale all over again... but with anger issues. And most likely death. Lots of death.

6/19: Time heals all wounds, they say. But in case Time ain't workin' fast enough, Dev now has a healer-on-retainer; a Doman by the name of Leaf. He also happens to be Ulfbjorn's nephew, and a crack-shot when the shit gets deep. Lately, Dev seems to be slowing down some, spending more time around the popular watering holes and not so much time stalking Imperials. Some say she's considering retirement. Others suspect she's just biding her time for something bigger. Only Devil knows.

Fun Devil Facts


  • Bolstering her bad-ass reputation
  • Combat/danger in general
  • Gil
  • Tormenting people (it's a source of amusement)
  • Learning more about that aether anomaly...
  • Manly-men, not men in tights.
  • Seeing just how far she can push Geiss before he shoots her again...


  • Slavers
  • Imperials and their supporters
  • Miqo'te
  • Merchants (the crooked ones)
  • Children
  • Whiny, dumb, or immature people
  • 'Chipper' folk
  • Boredom
  • Trash-can armor (shite's hot, feels like you're strapped to a long spine board, and can't see for squat!)
  • Know-it-all, holier-than-thou paladins (grinds teeth just thinking about it...)
  • Miqo'te.
  • Women with dicks.
  • Miqo'te.

The Rumor Mill

Common Hear-say

  • "Y'know she killed a man when she was jus' a kid... big man, too. Some hired fella for a merchant. Th' way I hear it, took five Brass Blades t' catch 'er an' bring 'er in, an' even then, they was pale an' sweatin' with nerves from bein' close to 'er." -merchant of Ul'dah
  • "Ain't nobody on the Lane don't know that girl. She's like a phantom, lingerin' in th' shadows. Some say she guards th' place. Others say her motives ain't so nice. I like t' think she's keepin' an eye on us." -Landebert
  • "Don't pay any mind to what these drunks say about that girl. They're heart-sore she turned 'em down's all. She's all brambles and thorns, but there's a rose down in there, you have my word. I've seen 'er show kindness to people b'fore, though she'll deny it if ya ask 'er." -Momodi

Uncommon Hear-say

  • "That girl's trouble of the wors' sort! I hear she's got a voidspawn trapped, an' uses it t' do 'er biddin'!" -Raging Merchant of Ul'dah
  • "No, no, that ain't it! It ain't no 'voidspawn'; an Ascian tried to possess 'er, an' she trapped it in 'er mind! She leeches off its aether to fuel 'er chi or chai, or whatever th' hells her type fight with!" -Raving Merchant of Ul'dah
  • "She's got just the right people in her pocket. Girl gets away with murder, literally. I hear she's even got a pet paladin. Some say he protects her from the worst of the political and legal recursions; then some say it's the other way around. She does the dirty work he won't. Either way, it's best to stay on her good side. Or at least her indifferent side." -Jenlyns
  • "Somethin's wrong about that girl. Ever seen 'er in the rain? Watch; wherever that rain hits 'er, it steams. Like she's runnin' the worst fever in th' history of Eorzea. I'm tellin' ya, she ain't right. Something's odd in her aether signature too, but she won't let anybody study her to find out what." -Mamane
  • "I... Fine, fine... "Devilish struts about in that v-neck vest of hers, her bindings tucked loosely around her assets for all the world to see. The shoulder pauldron on her vest glints in the sunlight, catching the eye of all, each spike sparkling like freshly wrought steel and freshly buffed. Her pants clutch her derrière tightly, leaving nothing to the imagination as their black leather clings to her like a second skin. The hem of her pantline is so low cut one can see the faint traces of her hip--" Ugh! No. No, Vervara, I refuse to read this... What? No. I refuse! What?! Fine! Something about the city was burning down around her, but let me continue about how lushious her hair is! Ugh!" -Sabine Aislihn

Rare Hear-say

  • "That girl can sing. She doesn't do it often, or where people c'n hear 'er, but I swear I heard 'er one day, down in the oubliette. It's... haunting." -Aubelet
  • "Up in Coerthas, they swear she's a dragon. Said she even breathed a lick of fire at a guard once." -overheard between two Wood Wailers at Buscarron's Druthers
  • "She once punched a primal so hard, it had children." -drunken Quicksand patron, who claims to be one of said children