Dividus Yliaster

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Garlemald Flag.jpg Dividus Yliaster
"Once you start seeking solace in the Abyss, it will devour you. Trust me, it happened to me. That was one hell of a ride."
Gender Male
Race Au'ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Doma
Nameday 1st Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Age 22
Guardian Halone Icon.png Halone, the Fury
Occupation Mercenary, Treasure Hunter
Maritial Engaged
Sexuality Heterosexuel


Ryuji Malaguld (マラグルド 竜児, Dividus Yliaster), is an Au Ra who hails from the continent of Othard and was born into the Yliaster tribe in the northern mountains of the Azim steppes. He works as a mercenary







Loyal, kindhearted and generous. Due to the continuous confrontations between tribes in Azim Steppe, Weiss (or Ryuji) had the need to become a capable fighter since he was very young, something that made him courageous in the face of danger and especially if someone important to him is in trouble. Although he is very confident in his abilities he is too self-conscious of his own limitations (sometimes too much) and ends up giving himself less credit than what he should, going as far as doubting about himself and if he is capable of accomplishing what is needed to. Because of this, he resents assuming/being given leadership, but he is the first to ensure that what is necessary gets done. His pragmatism and sense of responsibility lead others to trust and follow him and in turn, knowing about this, he tries to not disappoint them and avoids at all cost betraying their trust. As he always keeps his word he despite people who aren’t able to do the same.

He has a sense of humor and is receptive towards jokes and puns, especially between friends, but he is also respectful and won’t partake in it if the situation is not appropriate or if he is working. He goes as far as, during duty, even his friends are treated in a more formal or respectful way and he doesn’t accept any kind of disrespect of it, especially from strangers. While Weiss treasures friendship, being a very good listener and being capable of advising his friends on several aspects of life, being able to go out of his way to help them, he tries to keep his problems to himself and fight them alone, even when depressed. During these times he can be seen looking at the Ocean since it has a calming and relaxing effect on him as if he feels part of it. Deep down he harbors a fear of being forgotten and can’t stand the idea of losing someone, especially someone important to him. The doubts he has about himself sometimes make this feeling pop up in his mind and he can’t help it but feel depressed about it.

Although he is very perceptive to details, being able to easily notice small changes, things out of place or even suspicious, he has very little sense of direction being unable to follow direction to new places, and although he loves traveling a meeting new places this can be a problem if that’s not the intention of his journey. This doesn’t happen if he travels enough times to a place.

"It's like killing two pigs with one stone."
Even after spending almost two years in Eorzea he didn’t fully learned the language yet, mostly because there are parts of the continent that use words or phrases he never heard before but, as well as he didn’t get accustomed to the language as whole yet. As a result of this sometime he might confuse some words he’s not used to or unconsciously make up phrases on the fly whenever he does not know the correct word or phrase.

"Someone might not be there. Someone you love may disappear before your very eyes. It's tough when you live your life thinking that way. But that's why I fight..."
Lastly, Weiss is very committed and devoted to his wife, always worrying for her well-being as she does for his. However as she is always traveling due to work, when they are together he tries to make full use of that time. When they are not together for a long time people can see him during the night looking up at the sky as he believes if they both end up doing the same they can be a bit close to each other even when far apart. As she is his "Nhaama" (his moon) he grew an affinity to also watch the moon in the middle of the sea of stars.


The Ocean


Stars/Starry sky



People with no word

Moonless nights

Tight clothes




Perceptive to details




Little sense of direction

Too nice


Hold his feeling inside/Hardly vents










Haiku Poetry


Losing someone

Dying in vain

Being forgotten

Sleep paralysis


■ Birthplace: Azim Steppe

■ Favorite Food: Any rice dish, sweets

■ Favorite Drink: Water

■ Favorite Colour: Blue

■ Alignment: Neutral Good


This is a list of the items that Weiss currently is keeping on him. Feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in the course of RP, such as pickpocketing, a search, etc.

Last Updated: September 19th, 2017

Helix1.png DiviKatana.png Brille1.png Mantel1.png Backpack1.png Flask1.png Buch1.png Kart1.png

  • Samurai Armor: An expensive and high ranked armor which his master bought him when they reached Kugane for the first time. It combines plate and scales, both laced together and covers the wearer's trunk and vital spots. Weiss got it as his master's belief on his strengths as well as his wish to protect his pupil.

  • Izuminokami Kanesada: An Hingashian styled sword given by his father that is typically kept slung across the left hip.

  • Coinpurse: A simple coin purse made of soft leather, containing a few hundred gil to cover his traveling expenses.

  • Water Gourd: A dark colored gourd filled to the brim with fresh water. It's kept slung on his right hip, connected by a rope to his belt.

  • Wedding Ring: His wedding ring with Mari Loire that is made of white gold and adorned with a diamond on the top. Worn in his left ring finger, he rarely takes it off (if ever).

  • Satchel: A brown colored leather bag often kept slung over shoulder in which he keeps his provisions, extra clothes, etc.

  • Map: An Eorzean Map given by his master when he traveled from Hingashi.

  • Sketchbook: A Sketchbook with a cover made of leather giver to him by Mari, as a present so he can draw at will. This also seconds as a journal.

  • Provisions: Some basic cooking ingredients and spices as well as dried fruit and meat used for when he is traveling.

  • Rice Balls: His favorite food for when he is traveling. Always brings two or three with him on his provisions.

  • Change of Clothes: He always brings two types of clothing in his bag, alongside smallclothes and other clothing items.

  • Family’s Suikan: A Suikan given as a memento by his mother. To this day, when relaxing or just out of work hours, it’s the piece of clothing which he wears the most. It’s Hingashian made and materials like silk are involved as well as precise craftsmanship, which makes it an item of great value.

  • Working Yukata: When doing light work or small assignments, that doesn't depend in physical confrontations, this is the clothing which Weiss uses instead of the heavy armor he is usually seen with when traveling. It’s a more light and comfortable garment that lets him move 100% freely. Like his Suikan, this Yukata is also of Hingashian origin.


Although Weiss has learned with his master how to properly train in order to become a stronger and faster warrior, something that would mean both are equally balanced, his speed is the one who stands off the most. Thanks to this he is capable of doing quick swings with jis blade that are difficult to follow with untrained eyes. The way he moves in the battlefield makes one believe his opponents are making a swift dance with death itself thanks to the way he moves around swiftly and lands his blows in a quick succession with efficiency and precision. He knows however that there are warriors far more powerful than him, so he keeps training his mind and body in order to not perish in the battlefield, let alone have a death with no meaning. He is open to learning new techniques and styles if it helps him hone his skills.


Izuminokami no Kanesada – His father gave him this sword as a memento to give luck and protection on Weiss’s journey and as a symbol of his desire to see the well-being of his son. The blade once belonged to a renowned swordsman before ending up on the Steppe, and despite the many uses it might have had, the sword looks as good as new. It’s a normal sized Katana that is very treasured by Weiss, who hardly lets her away from him.


Here is a list of recent and/or notable fights, roleplay scenes, etc. that Weiss has been a part of. This list is by no means all inclusive, and serves more as a general reference as to what he has been up to.

  • Opponent Name (Date) : Weapon. Details about the fight.



Birth under a Starlight Sky

It was during one bright moon night, as if being blessed by Nhaama, that two Au Ra twins were born in Azim Steppe in the midst of the Malaguld tribe. As their mother was a Raen and their father a Xaela, the color of their scales was something just wondered before their birth. To the surprise of everyone present, each had born with a different color from the other, while one was white as the day the other twin scales was as dark as the night, thus honoring not just their parent's lineage but also the Dawn Father and the Dusk Mother. The bigger surprise, however, was the boys having no limbal rings as well as their eyes color, for it was; the Xaela boy had his right eye tinted with the blue one while his left one was yellow, as for the Raen one it was the opposite. Everyone saw it as an omen from the Steppes, that the twins were accepted both by Azim and Nhaama, thus having eye representing both the sun and the moon.

The years passed and they were taught by their father, Muge, how to defend themselves. From the brothers, it was Fugetsu who was the stronger as well as the one who had more discipline, while Ryuji was the faster and focused one. Alone they had their strengths and weaknesses, but as a pair, they were a force to be recon and all adults had great expectations for them. While the art of war was taught for their father, it was their mother who educated them about the kami and to be thankful for the things they were given, as well as how to write and read. As they grew older Fugetsu became accustomed to the Azim Steppe, while Ryuji became curious as to how the world beyond was. This would mark some time later the time the boys, who were always together since they were born, would part different ways in their life. At first, Fugetsu was against the idea of watching his brother leave, but upon seeing the look in Ryuji’s eyes he soon changed his ideas and even supported his brother decision. When their parents came to know, they worried for their son well-being and forbidden him from leaving the Steppe. It took Fugetsu, a battle with his father (who lost on purpose), and the promise to keep in touch through letters for them to change their idea.

On the day of his departure, when he was already seventeen summers old, the whole clan went to see him. They were sad to see one of the greatest joys they had, in the past years, leaving on a journey. His father gave him the sword he had earned long ago from a renowned swordsman and his mother gave him a change of clothes she made herself themed around the garments used from where she hailed. Fugetsu had nothing to give, but his words were the biggest gift he could’ve wished from him: “No matter how far apart we may be, and no matter what life may throw at you, we’ll always be brothers”. And with this, Ryuji said goodbye to his family and to a sadden clan, with the promise of returning one day stronger than how he left.

The Wandering Samurai

Some days after he has left the Steppe, Ryuji found himself lost. He asked for direction to passing merchants to the nearest settlement but somehow ended up getting the opposite route. The moon started showing at the sky and he hadn’t eaten for hours, thus decided to call it a day and camp for the night. He heard of the Garlean threat, which hadn’t reach the Steppe, so he decided that making a bonfire would call for unwanted attention even if it meant eating raw food for the night. After making his camp, with a bed made from leaves and the stars as a roof, he decided to hunt for some food. He was tired of eating insects, so decided to step up his game since he saw a pond nearby earlier that day, which meant he could hope to eat some frog legs for his dinner. He followed a path of fireflies until he reached his destinations and as he had thought there were frogs around, croaking as if they were part of an orchestra. Little by little he got near the pond and as was preparing to make his move, the croaking ceased which made him stop immediately – “Was it my fault?” – he thought, afraid of having to spend another meal around eating bugs. However, his question was soon answered when a group of people walked by in the distance, guided by the light of their paper lanterns. The boy watched carefully as they moved in a hurry while mumbling something beneath their helmets. As he paid better attention he noticed they were wearing a full set of armor that seemed to be black or some other kind of dark color. He has never seen anything like that, then again he barely knew anything outside of the Steppe, but somehow he knew that he should keep his distance from that group. He went back to the camp while making sure he wasn’t leaving any kind of traces behind. During that night he could barely close his eyes. .

In the next day the sound of something moving nearby made him wake up suddenly. It seemed he had fallen asleep during his night watch, but luckily for him, his whole-body kept his survival instincts on the whole time and a single sound was enough to bring him back from the dreamland. He grabbed his things and started moving again in direction of the settlement. On the way there he met a traveling man that, to his surprise, was wearing a sword on his belt. At first, Ryuji thought it was best to keep his distance from the man as the previous encounter from last night still lingered in his memory – “I ain’t a Garlean, boy.” – said the man in a calm voice as if reading his mind. It was if a single look of that man was enough to know a person soul, not only that but he also seemed to be a great fighter – “How did you.. know?” – asked the Au Ra still incredulous with such feat. The man smiled and looked at him with a tranquil look, but instead of answering the question he just bowed and started walking again. At first, Ryuji did nothing but watch the man going his way, but soon after his legs started to move and he ran in his direction – “Please, teach me!” – he asked, alongside a long bow, just noticing what he has done shortly after the words had left his mouth. The man ignored him and kept walking his path, but know that Raen knew that deep inside his whole being was as if screaming to be taught by that man, he was sure to not give up. He followed the man everywhere for the next couple of hours, asking once or twice from time to time. Eventually, the man gave, especially after seeing the flame of certainty in Ryuji’s eyes, and agreed to teach him his ways. For the next years, they would be master and pupil, and it would be thanks to him that the boy became the warrior he is today.

Farewell Hingashi

Some years had passed since Ryuji left the Steppe and met his master and he was no longer a man, having become a man of twenty-three summers as well as a capable warrior. During the past six years, he learned many things from the wandering swordsman, whose name was Musashi. Things like how to handle and better use a sword, how to fish and even how to meditate for hours without breaking a sweat. He also learned how to draw as a mean to increase his focus and even became interested in Haiku poetry.

The journey brought the pair to the port of Kugane, a place that was unlike any other the Au Ra had seen - “Welcome to Kugane, boy.” - Musashi welcomed him when he saw the incredulous look on the Raen face. It was a city unlike any other, with big and tall buildings, a great number of people and more refined than the previous towns he has been to. He also saw other Au Ras with scales of the same color of his and his mother and despite thinking at first that he should talk with them right away, he decided against it. After all, he didn’t want to bother some random people just because they were like him, even if he had the curiosity to learn more about light scaled Au Ras. Master and disciple walked around the port in order for Ryuji to become more familiar with it, showing the plaza with the giant blue crystal (to his awe since he never saw one before let alone one that big), the pier and finishing at the Bokairo Inn where they would spend some time. During the night they went to the local hot springs and Musashi informed that it would be better if Ryuji traveled overseas, something that caught him by surprise. The Raen was also informed that during the next month he would learn the basics to Eorzean language – “But why master? Did I disappointed you in any way?” - he asked, worried by the sudden decision of Musashi. The swordsman looked at his pupil and smiled - “What does a frog inside a well can possibly know?” - Musashi rhetorically asked – “A frog inside a well only knows about the life of the well, not knowing about the great Ocean.” - he then paused and for a moment as if thinking about his next words “You are that frog, Ryuji, and I want to get you outside of that well. You already gave your first step in that direction, when you exited the Steppe, but the world is vast and full of wonders.” – both of them fell silent after what Musashi said and for a minute the Au Ra thought about the idea of traveling overseas to place he has never been, although he did understand what his master meant. As sadness got the better of himself, he then looked into the star filled sky – “The cicada song/Announces the change in season/With a saddened heart.” – he said in a calm yet almost trembling voice. It was his first Haiku, born from the sadness of his future departure. And with that, the night was spent in a profound silence.

A full month passed and the day of his departure had finally arrived. He wrote letters to his family, informing of his sudden departure and that it might be some time until he is able to write them again. When he reached the pier, his master was waiting for him with a small sailing boat, as well as supplies for the long trip, like food and water, as well as some Eorzean coin and some Hingashi good for him to trade in Eorzea. Despite his master’s decision, Ryuji didn’t hate him. He now knew Musashi didn’t want him to leave but it was something necessary for his growth. They said their farewells with the promise of seeing each other in the future.

New life in Eorzea

After some months in the sea, Ryuji had finally reach Eorzea, more specifically Limsa Lominsa port. He was told by his master that there was the probability of finding pirates during his journey on the sea but luckily he didn’t find any. His journey, however, was longer than what he anticipated taking him as far as three or four months to reach dis destination. He was welcomed to the port with mistrust, even more, when he tried to speak Eorzean language and it came out as speaking just one of two local words mixed in a foreign language. It didn’t take long for the local authorities to find him and take him into custody for questioning.

After some hours of questioning, unable to understand or be understood, he decided to explain through drawing, which amazed right away the people questioning. He didn’t explain them all details about his journey, just telling little details like from where he hailed, what skills he learned, and why he came to Eorzea. It eventually got through the authorities that brought him and they agreed to let him stay in Limsa as long as he was regularly checked by an appointed member of the Maelstrom. That member was a Miqo’te named Mari and both of them fell in love at first sight. Every week since then Mari would check Ryuji in order to see if he wasn’t partaking in any illegal activity and the pair would then spend the rest of that day speaking with each other; she learned more of his culture and language and he learned more of hers. However, not everything went smoothly and while plenty of people were okay with his stay, there existed others who were against it due to him hailing from a continent they never heard before. Some of this people would only notice when they’d see his foreign name or just heard him speak Eorzean, something that made Ryuji change his name to avoid this kind of problems as well as invest his time in learning more of the language. He then started to go by the name Weiss Loire and as months went by his language skills improved greatly, not only because of his dedication but also because of having a direct contact with it, not only with the locals but as well as with Mari who he started to spend even more time with. One day, when the Miqo’te came back from a Maelstrom mission, Weiss was waiting for her at the Maelstrom HQ, inviting her for a walk outside of the city. She agreed to take his offer without hesitation, and as the pair walked near the cliff outside of the city, Weiss declared his feelings towards her. Both of them became embarrassed right after, but she agreed to it and they started dating, which leads to marriage some months later.

Two years have gone by since he arrived in Limsa Lominsa and despite facing much hardship since then, he has gathered many good memories that are worth a billion times more than the bad ones. Although Mari is seen departing in Maelstrom mission too often, the two make use of their time together to the fullest and while apart keep in touch both by their personal Linkshell as well as by letters. While she’s away, Ryuji (now Weiss) is prone to travel and adventure, bringing back home plenty of memories and stories to tell.


The Lost Samurai

While having something to drink in The Drowning Wench, Weiss heard people talking about the Paladins being open to teach their ways to those outside of the Sultansworn. Despite this peeking up his curiosity (as the words “Paladin” and “Sultansworn” were something new to him), the conversation suddenly ended when one of the two persons changed the subject abruptly. He then asked Baderon, the owner of the place, about the subject and he explained to him how Paladins hailed from Ul’dah and were part of the sultansworn – the personal guard of the sultan. He further explained that they were loyal defenders who have been around for over five hundred years and possessed exquisite swordplay.Has he heard this, Weiss decided that he would travel to Ul’dah In order to meet such honorable warriors, even better if they were open to sharing their ways to outsiders. He paid his drink, thanked for the information and head home to get ready for the travel.

Some hours were spend on travel preparations and calculating the distance, marking on the map where was the destination as well as how to get there. After warning Mari about his plans, he headed outside Limsa Lominsa and started to travel to Ul’dha. On his way there, however, he got lost and ended up in a settlement named “The Goblet”, where he wandered hoping to see someone outside. The sun was setting and the lights in the street turned on, announcing the coming of the night – “I might have to sleep on the street tonight.” – he thought to himself. However, the sound of what seemed a wood plank softly hitting a rock could be heard nearby, a sound Weiss was quick to follow, almost as if he knew it from somewhere. When he reached the place from where the sound came, he found himself inside a housing property, which the garden was themed with objects from Hingashi. Was he dreaming? Was he really seeing a piece of his homeland in Eorzea? While inspecting the area he saw a woman standing at the entrance of the house looking back at him, which made him quick to apologize for his deed. The women accepted his apologies and after some time talking she revealed that her family makes trades with Hingashi, which in turn let Weiss very happy. He hasn’t heard of anyone knowing Hingashi, let alone of someone who trades with it. Was it something recent? Has trade routes only been established on that part of Eorzea? He planned to dwell on this matter later since he wished to reach Ul’dah before the first rays of the sun from the next day.

After receiving his directions to his destination, he bowed to the women and made his way back to Ul’dah. Little did Weiss realized that his happiness for seeing a bit of his homeland again, even if just through decorative elements, had blinded him to the truth of that the women also being a light scaled Au Ra.

Desert Jewel

As he reached the city-state of Ul’dah and his eyes gazed the place in awe. If his clothes weren’t enough of a hint to him being a tourist, then his behavior surely was, as he quickly changed his focus from one place to another, as if finding himself in a place he would never have imagined before. He wasn’t making a scene, quite the contrary; he was able to maintain his composure and avoided looking awkward, but his curiosity could hardly be hidden. He quickly attracted the attention from the guards stationed at the gates, who asked him if he needed some help. At first, he looked at them surprised, after all their Eorzean accent was quite different from what he was used to hearing. – “Yes.” – he swiftly answered with a bow, asking where could he find the Ul’dah’s swordsmen unit known as paladins. The guards changed a puzzled look but paid no mind to it, after all, if he was to cause any problems the Paladins would be more than capable to deal with him. They gave him directions and warned him to always keep his belongings next to him, as thievery wasn’t an unknown sight in the city – “You have my thanks, honorable guards.” – Weiss then bowed his head to the level of his knees and started to walk in the direction of his destination.

Quite a time had passed since he had arrived in the city-state, but for some reason had the impression he was walking in circles for hours since then. The same faces, the same buildings, the same everything! He paused for a second, took a deep breath and tried to remember the directions he was given to. The Chamber of Rule was the place he had to go, but he wasn’t able to find his way to it. Luckily for him a guard was passing by and was nice enough to show him the day, leading him directly to it. Despite having a terrible sense of direction, Weiss was the type or person which good things are bound to happen when in trouble. After some minutes of walking, that put to shame his long stroll by the city, the Au Ra finally reached the chamber of fate, being introduced by the guard to who seemed to be the Paladin leader, a man name Jenlyns. The Sultansworn heard what the man had to say while evaluating in silence his posture and the way he spoke – “So you want to learn our ways.”

Jenlyns eyes were closed as if he was reflecting, and his facial expression was stern – “And you are willing to do anything it takes, you say?” – he asked, looking Weiss directly in the eyes. The Au Ra nod his head with a firm expression in return, his odd eyes burning with dedication. The paladin then smiled on seeing such a straight and honest answer – “I like your spirit, but if you want to learn our arts, you must also learn for what do we abide.”

He then followed by telling the paladin duties and how they serve the greater good and that the arts they learn have been held secret for hundreds of years until now. Finally, he informed that Weiss wouldn’t be introduced to the sultansworn as he would serve instead as a free Paladin. Their moral code was something that left a great impression on the Au Ra, as he did make use of them in his own moral code. Jenlyns the proceeded to ask for Weiss map and quickly market somewhere on the south of a place called Little Ala Mhigo“If you really want to become a paladin, you’ll first need to show that both your sword and heart have mettle and you'll need to prove you are worthy of the honor.” – informing after on his mission. Weiss was expected to go into the ruins on the south of Little Ala Mhigo, little the iron brazier there located, slay the monsters lured by the flame and offer their hearts to the fire. The test didn’t have a time limit to it, all he needed to do was bring back the ashes of those hearts as a proof of his deed. As he agreed in taking the captain’s test, the paladin was soon called by one of the guards, making the conversation reaching to an end. The Hingashian men bowed and headed out of the city, despite taking some time to find the right path.

Night in Thanalan

After wandering through Thanalan for quite a time, night eventually fell and Weiss found himself lost again, but the Au Ra only seemed to notice it when he reached a somewhat familiar place; the Goblet. As he entered the residential area, the street lamps slowly started to lighten up the streets as if guiding his way through them, as if the Kami, worried by the Hingashian fate, were trying to help him. As his feet took him down a path he was unconsciously acquainted, he saw himself in front of a house he had been not so long ago - “This place seems familiar.” – he said in a surprised tone. On a closer inspection also noticed he was back to the place where he first met the member of the Ambers family. Hesitant the Au Ra walked in, decided to see the Hingashi themed garden decorations again as well as to find the person who re-directed him to the proper way to reach Ul'dah. Weiss strolled over the garden, slowly, as if appreciating the fine details on the decorations, almost ignoring those who were not themed on his homeland. It wasn't because he disliked them, or because he had little interest in them. No. He was so happy with seeing a bit of the place which was his home for so many summers that everything else would be as if been nonexistent to him while he was swallowed in his remembrance. A sad look could be sighted in the midst of his joy as if a wounded bird longing for the skies.

When a cherry tree leaf fell on his shoulder he slowly came back to his senses, as if she was calling him back to reality. He fell a light pain over his chest and for brief moments he almost forgot how to breathe. All the emotions kept had been kept inside of not being able to properly contact his family, or even to see a bit of his homeland, for this past two years, almost came out as a torrent of tears. However, he knew this was also part of the training his master had envisioned for him and he would not back down on it, not now that he was so close to learning the ways of the Eorzean swordsmen. He took a deep breath, almost a painful one, and kept his head straight, walking directly to the front door of the huge mansion that was beside him.

After just one hesitant and nervous knock at the front doors, they immediately open up for revealing the interior of the building, showing how prompt to receive guests the people of the house were. The interior decoration was quite different than what he had expected after seeing a bit of Hingashi outside. As fancy as it was, it wasn't the same and for him, it paled in comparison, not because it was ugly but because his expectations were set too high and were too focused on the wish to see more of Hingashi. But at least it was pretty and clean. As he examined his surroundings, an unfamiliar voice called out to him, asking both his name and the reason that brought him to the place - “I'm sorry...” - he asked in a somewhat embarrassing and apologetic tone for forgetting his manners, something which he was always cautious with. He introduced himself as being Weiss Loire and said he was there to show his gratitude to the female member of the household. The maid smiled and bowed, introducing herself in return right away and without a hint of hesitation. C'kotte was her name, and she informed him that currently none of the householder members was at the mansion and that there was more than one female member on it. Hearing this the Au Ra courteously bowed his head to C'kotte and thanked her for the information, turning his back afterward to the mansion and faced the exit. As he walked to the doors, the maid called him and offered him a room to stay. As he knew someone within the Ambers, even if not remembering how she was nor knowing her name, a gesture that came as a surprise to him. At first, Weiss refused, but after being offered again he wasn’t able to refuse it. The maid then leads him through the mansion, descending some stairs and passing through what it seemed to be a pub. As Weiss passed by the staff of the house he bowed his head, greeting them as he walked. Finally, they both ended up entering that place that seemed to be where the rooms were located. The one he was staying was the furthest one, but he was informed that in front of it was where the toilet could be found, which had a great bath. The maid then said her farewells for the night and head back upstairs, leaving the Au Ra to himself.

Weiss sat on the bed and changed into a more comfortable clothing, laid his back on the bed and slowly everything around him started to be swallowed by darkness, and his conscience was no exception to this.



As of now Weiss is in Goblet spending the night.


Romantic Attraction Physical Attraction Platonic Love Family $ Business
Deceased Positive Negative Neutral 🔃 Unsure 🔒 Trust


These are mostly backstory-related relationships.

Izayoi Naeuri (苗売 十六夜 Naeuri Izayoi), mother. (🔒)
CHARACTER’s Thoughts: "I still remember the bedtime stories mom used to tell me, and how vast and wonderful the sea is. And she was right.”

After being exiled for going beyond the border of Sui no Sato due to her curiosity, Izayoi found herself lost and without hope as she didn’t know anything about the outside world; she had to run for her survival and to eat anything she found that was edible. For some kind of luck, or maybe because the Kamis took pity on her, she always was able to reel big fish from the sea far easily ending up with plenty for the whole day. After wandering for some days she met Muge, a Xaela Au Ra that was exiled, and eventually saw a kindred spirit in him. The pair helped each other and eventually fell in love, going soon after to Azim Steppe, Muge's home. When she gave birth to her children, Izayoi got too much attached to them and became over-protective of them. While she didn’t teach them how to fight, she did teach them the importance of all living things and about the Kami, as well as the importance of being thankful for what they had. She also instructed them in writing and reading.
Her past, however, is something that only she and her husband know.

Muge Himaa (ヒマー ムゲ Himaa Muge), father. (🔒)
CHARACTER's Thoughts: “An excellent teacher and an even better father.”

It is said that in the Himma clan one out of every three pregnancies results in twins, a fate that followed Himaa even after his exile. When he found in Izayoi the love his clan couldn’t afford to give him, he soon found himself being a father of two Au Ra children; one Raen and one Xaela. Muge would willingly throw his life for both his wife and children and well as for the Malaguld that welcome his family with open arms. Everything Ryuji learned about fighting when he lived in the Steppe it’s thanks to his father. He is also the one who gave him Izumi no Kami.

Fugetsu Malaguld (マラグルド 風月 Malaguld Fugetsu), brother. (🔒)
CHARACTER’s Thoughts: “I couldn’t ask for a better brother than Fugetsu. The connection we share will never be broken.”

If it wasn’t for the black hair, black Xaela scales, and for odd-eyes with the same colors but on different sides (Right is blue and left is yellow), he and Ryuji would be identical twins. Back in the Steppe, they were very close and rarely were seen apart, a connection that would be kept until the day Ryuji left on the journey. The brother always helped each other and despite Ryuji’s decision to leave home Fugetsu didn’t oppose it and knew how to respect it. To this day they still keep in touch by letters.

Mari Loire, wife. (🔒)
CHARACTER’s Thoughts: “No matter how much I travel the whole universe, I'll never find a star as beautiful and bright as her. For she is my Nhaama, my moon.”

Ryuji met Mari half a year after reaching Limsa Lominsa and although they didn’t admit it, it was love at first sight for both of them. The pair spent some months as friends knowing each, hearing tales of their respective continents and about themselves. Mari took all the problems and feeling of uneasiness he was filling at the time when he faced communication problems with the Eorzeans. She was a lover and a teacher, his ray of hope in the middle of the darkness. She was his Nhaama. They ended up marrying each other after spending some time in a relationship.
Even though Mari’s work at the Maelstrom takes her too many times away, she left Ryuji a Chocobo she raised herself as a means for him to feel closer to her. The pair has a habit of gazing at the stars when together, something they also do when far apart since it’s like they are doing it together next to each other. She is a Triple Triad aficionado and loves everything that is cute, as well as her husband.


Listed here are the non-family characters, both PC and NPC, that Weiss has interacted with enough or in such a way for him to form a real opinion about them. Please don't take personal offense if your character isn't listed here, or how the interaction or relationship is described. It isn't that I dislike your character or our RP. I just tend to only add these as necessary for those who make a real impact on Weiss, and descriptions are purely based upon in character experiences and opinions!

Last Update... August 8th, 2017

* An asterisks denotes that Weiss doesn't know the individual's true name.

Musashi, mentor. (🔒)
CHARACTER’s Thoughts: “Master always told me I needed to see the world. That I was like a frog in a well, not knowing the great Ocean. I still am that frog, but I’m starting to feel the smell of the Ocean.”

Musashi was a wandering swordsman without a master who found Ryuji near Azim Steppe. When the boy saw him knew from the start Musashi was a strong person, asking right away for the man to teach him his ways. After being asked too many times, and seeing Ryuji’s will to learn as well as how determined he was, the swordsman eventually took him under his wing. He didn’t teach only the way of battle, but also of the mind, the soul, and even taught him how the world function, the importance of respect towards other had as well as how right and wrong were just a matter of perspective. Eventually, he saw the need to send Ryuji overseas so the boy could learn more about the world and to deepen his training.
It was thanks to Musashi that Ryuji invested in drawing, as his master told him it would help him train his focus.

Character Name, short descriptor. ( SYMBOLS GO HERE )
CHARACTER’s Thoughts: “Quote goes here.”

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These are rumors, both from NPCs and PCs, that one might overhear in regards to Weiss. Feel free to utilize these in your RP hooks, or add your own!

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
  • "Rumor goes here." -- Rumor Author.

  • "Rumor goes here." -- Rumor Author.

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
  • "Rumor goes here." -- Rumor Author.

  • "Rumor goes here." -- Rumor Author.

  • "Rumor goes here." -- Rumor Author.

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
  • "Rumor goes here." -- Rumor Author.

  • "Rumor goes here." -- Rumor Author.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!
  • (Insert rumor here.) -- Rumor Author / Location

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A collection of screenshots of Weiss that serves as a visual reference, or snapshots from certain roleplaying scenes.


A collection of artwork of Weiss, either commissioned or gifted by the respective artist(s). Artist names & info are linked when you hover over images.
You are not permitted to re-use this artwork for your own characters or purposes, whether on Final Fantasy XIV or on other games, forums, etc.

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Location & Probability
Places where the character is very likely to be seen
Thanaland (Goblet): Currently
Limsa Lominsa: Most Often
Ul’Dah: On Occasion
Most of these aren’t public, and would have to be asked after!
Hingashi: Nationality.
Azim Steppe: Member of the Malaguld Tribe.
Limsa Lominsa: Citizenship, Part-Time Fisherman, picks up contracts.
RP Limits
I like to consider myself a flexible player who is willing to commit to a number of different types of scenes and role-play scenarios, but even I have my limits. If something is on the play list, assume it means yes, as long as it's within the context of the current play or ongoing plot. No's are typically a hard no, and it means don't ask.

Since my wife (Mari Loire) doesn’t do RP, if I’m with her please avoid starting RP right away. and always ask her if it’s okay to do so. I’m saying this because I don’t find it fair for her to find herself in the middle of RP without agreeing to it, mostly because we are enjoying some time together. I’ll only be open for RP, when I have the RP tag on.

I don’t really have any preference regarding RP Themes, as long as they are coherent with my character. Nor do I mind doing quick RP that doesn’t affect my character (nothing of it will be counting for my character progression. It will be as if it never existed to Weiss) since I understand that there are people who just like to make RP without being stuck to a story, however I will never agree in doing ERP (even vanilla ones), permanent character death or rape plots. I also don’t like to be stuck in one kind of RP, be it duel themed, intrigue theme, etc, so please don’t put it in a category.

I’m sorry if any of those things seemed hard, or if I gave the impression of being a real jerk, but there are things I don’t agree with and I prefer to state them from the start in order to avoid miscommunication or any sort of troubles.
RP Hooks
Homeland: He longs for the day that he dims himself worthy of returning to his homeland. Because of this, since he rarely sees anything related to Hingashi, whenever he sees something themed around his homeland he can’t help but space off sometimes while looking at it. Additionally, even though he changed his name to Weiss he will most probably react if someone uses the name Ryuji.
Wandering Samurai: Weiss came to Eorzea to train, deepen his horizons and learn new arts common to the continent that can be used to strengthen and support the arts he learned in Hingashi. As such he will do a lot of traveling through the land, both to new places and to places he already visited.
Fated Rival: While honing his arts and training new ones, he will eventually start wishing to find someone to test his skills with.
Vacation Overseas: One of his he found himself wishing when he came to Eorzea, is taking Mari to Hingashi so she can see how is the place he where he was born.
Role Name or Type:


I'm not a native English, and I tend to use this to my advantage in RP since Ryuji/Weiss hails from the continent of Hingashi hence his English/Eorzean dialect isn't perfect. I might confuse things, use expressions that are wrong, or even say something that sounds strange for a proficient English speaker. However, If the person behind him (me) is confused with anything or has any questions, I'll state them as OOC!


There is a lot of information on this character wiki, but it is by no means completely comprehensive. There are chunks of backstory that are left intentionally vague so that details can be later added as developed through creative writing or in role-play revelation. Feel free to use Common or Uncommon rumors freely, if you want to use a Rare Rumor as a plot hook or to spark RP, I would ask that you send me a tell first, to make certain it's alright.

Lore Adherence: I spent sometime reading the lore and asking other people for a second opinion and even though, in my opinion, everything on it is in the game lore, there is also the possibility that I may be wrong. Everything concerning this character that has not been confirmed by in-game lore should be taken with a grain of salt. Anything that has had to be changed because of lore shifting will be noted below.

- No changes.

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