Domenick Devereux

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 Domenick Devereux
"Who am I? Everything I am, I owe to others. Ask them."
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Patron Diety Althyk, the Keeper
Age 39
Marital Status
Height 6 fulm, 9 ilms
Weight 280 ponz


Domenick ( AKA Omen, Edgeyest Edgelord of the Edge, voted most likely to cut himself with how sharp he is ) looks like he hasn't seen a day of hard work in his entire life if one goes by his comfortable outfits; in truth his hands are calloused from manual labor... though it contrasts heavily with the long sinews of his fingers. The man has the hands of a caster or musician, and his eyes seem queerly catlike in their reflectiveness.

If he's not smoking his pipe, you can bet it is in a pocket ready to be lit up at a moment's notice.

In conversation Nick tends towards dry humor and sarcasm, giving off an impression of jadedness. A clever mind can sense that he seems at war with himself, however, occasionally dropping what seems like uncharacteristic vulgarities and urges of violence. In rare intimate situations with trusted friends the man is all jaunty grins and jokes, revealing his good-nature and willingness to be helpful with freely offered advice and honest opinion.

'Omen' is a firm believer in free will and learning through harsh lessons. He will happily cave to someone's intentions and let them break their leg rather than force them to safety.

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Submissive Badass He won't lead. Hell, he'll outright refuse the position.

Battle Butler: He'll do your dishes, paperwork, and weeding.. and then casually oneshot your enemies with the gardening rake he'd been using a moment ago.

Break The Cutie: He used to be innocent; trusting and caring, loving and living. Then the world happened.

Not Afraid To Die: Threatening him just doesn't work. Ever. If anything he'll laugh, because he got the rise out of you.

Jerkass Facade Don't you dare tell anyone that all the abrasiveness is a mask, though. He's got his reputation to maintain.


For the Love of Life

Messenger ( Earthbound, Starblind )


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