Duragon Tumet

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"Relying on others is foolish. In the end of it, there isn't a person who can save others. Only you can save yourself."

 Duragon Tumet
Gender Male
Race Au ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Refugee
Age 29
Height 7'0 ft or 2.1 m
Alignment Neutral Good
Profession Gunblade for hire
Patron Deity Halone, the Fury
Orientation Heterosexual



Duragon Tumet is a former member of the Garlean military turned mercenary. As a child, he fled his xaela tribe and ended up in Doma, where he ended up recruited to serve the occupation forces. Eventually, he broke free from the Garlean's control and acquired his freedom, making use of the skills he picked up in the battlefield to survive and make coin. Resolute and fearless, his combat training serves him well as he takes up all manners of jobs while traveling around Eorzea.


Strong and well built, he is a tall male Au Ra, with a combat trained body that has seen many battles. His hair is pitch black and his eyes have a sharp white luminescent color with equally pitch black irises, giving him an intimidating, piercing glare alike that of a wild beast.

He displays a pair of sharp horns pointing forward from both sides of his face, and a long, scaly tail.

One of the Xaela tribe, the scales that adorn his face and body alike shine dark, like polished onyx.

At first glance, he displays a rather cold expression, probably toughened by the hardships of life. His piercing glare and height make him a difficult person to approach by those easily threatened.


Too serious and not very keen on social interactions, Duragon prefers to be left to his own devices.

He does not often open up to others, and would rather work and get by on his own. However, those who try to get to know him may learn there is more than meet the eye of his cold demeanor.

Due to past bad experiences, he has trust issues and finds it foolish to rely on others, adhering to the philosophy that no one man can save another, each person can only save themselves.

His most remarkable traits are his bravery and unwavering will. His biggest flaws is his inability to trust others.

Towards his friends, he is self sacrificing and exceptionally forgiving, however he does not make friends easily.

He is honorable, loyal and kind-hearted despite his appearance.

If he can get past his social issues, he has the makings of a good leader, being capable of inspiring others to action.

His past issues left him with a very gray world view of the world, where there are no truly good or bad people, and each person is mostly self serving and looking out for their own interests. As such, he is quick to see second intentions in kindness.



Duragon is an offensive, aggressive fighter, prone to the physical side. He prefers to wield heavy blades, such as greatswords or gunblades, with one or both hands, due to his background that specialized him as a beast slayer. Against people, he is specially dangerous in open space, cleaving and smashing against hordes of opponents. He somewhat lacks the finesse for one on one dueling of a more elegant kind, but makes up for it in strength and power.

He is attuned to the aetheric elements of shadow and fire, having picked up thaumathurgy very briefly and learning a fire spell, but has issues controlling it.

As a member of the Garlean military, he was taught how to use a gunblade, a very difficult weapon to use and master. Perseverance made him quite adept with it, becoming his weapon of choice. It's a weapon he inherited from his best friend in the Garlean military, who is now dead.

Classes and Jobs

- Gunbreaker (Expert)

- Dark Knight (Advanced)

- Culinarian (Intermediate)

- Miner (Advanced)

- Samurai (Intermediate)

- Paladin (Basic)

Spells and Skills

Fire Deals fire damage with a potency of 216. (20% Affinity DMG Bonus)



Food and drinks (preference for Doman and Kugane cuisine)
Getting paid


Being hungry
Not getting paid
Complex technology and magitek
Traditionalists and judgemental people


Treasure hunting and dungeon raiding
Working out
Gemstone Mining
Animal riding and taming


To be updated




Duragon is a child of the steppe, born in the Tumet tribe from two warriors of the Azim.

Lanae Dhotarl, the Lioness of the Steppe, was his mother, and Azakor Tumet, the Fireborn, his father.

Both were well known for their prowess, and rivals in dispute for the Dawn Throne.

However, these two powerful warriors, while keeping the appearances of rivals and enemies front their respective tribes, fell in love, and from this forbidden - and secret - engagement a child was born - Duragon.

Lanae left to 'travel' under the pretense of honing her skills, keeping her pregnancy a secret even from her own tribe.

And one day, many months past, Azakor returned to the Tumet, bringing Duragon as a baby in his arms, saying "this is my son, blood of my blood. You may not ask who is his mother, or where he came from. If anyone has a problem, fight me."


A plot by a Tumet traitor resulted in the death of Duragon's father, before he could dispute and win the Dawn Throne.

This traitor learned the truth, that Duragon was the son of an enemy warrior, and wanted to get rid of both him and his father for their 'betrayal'. He was a Tumet traditionalist who could not abide for the tribe rules to be broken no matter what.

This traitor was Duragon's uncle, and Azakor's brother: Tairot.

He set his plans in motion, one day, when Duragon undertook his 10th birthday trial, leaving beasts behind to finish him off alongside the other children being tested once he escaped his ropes.

However, Duragon was quick enough to free himself from the ropes, just before noticing the approach of the ferocious beasts.

The other children had not yet broken free.

Facing a moral conflict, Duragon releases the other children, not leaving them to die for being weak as tradition demanded.

The other kids helped Duragon fight off the beasts, and they all returned together, injured, but all alive.

Duragon's happiness, however, was short lived. Azakor, his father, had died, poisoned.

Tairot, meanwhile, convinced the Tumet tribe Duragon was responsible for poisoning his parent, and he was pinned as traitor and a breaker of traditions both for killing his father and for breaking the other children off so they could fight together.

Escape and new life

Duragon was arrested, but managed to escape due to the help of "a friend of his father's". He later learned this "friend" was a xaela of a different tribe - a dothral.

This 'friend' was a woman who invited Duragon to stay with the Dothral, but he wasn't sure she could be trusted, as what he had heard of the dothral was that they were violent and reckless.

One day, in the middle of the night, Duragon escaped, never learning the woman who rescued and cared for him was, in fact, his mother Lanae.

He left the Azim Steppes and fled to Doma, but was captured shortly after by the Garlean Empire, as they had control of the region.

Because he was strong for his age, the Garleans considered he could be useful.

He was trained to serve the Garlean military, being part of a program designed to raise loyal children from a young age into powerful soldiers for very dangerous tasks, such as eliminating beasts and fighting Primals.

By proving himself worthy, Duragon joined the military, alongside other warriors that hailed from Doma to fight for the Empire, generally men and women coerced into their roles and told that, if they were to disobey, the lives of their kin would be forfeit.

As a young adult

Duragon developed into a strong and gifted warrior, admired by his peers.

However, past his battle prowess and martial capacity would lie a man shy, insecure and in struggle with his duty. The trauma of feeling responsible for his father's death and exiled by his tribe was ever present.

Duragon comes to adopt a very grey world view where there are no true heroes or villains and everyone just does what they can to survive in order to rid himself of perceived past guilt due to the previous events in his life.

As such, for him being a Garlean soldier was no different to him from fighting for their enemies. There was no sin, right or wrong, merely the struggle to survive day by day. The people he fought alongside of were also fighting for their own families, also had their reasons.

This taught him there were no good or bad people in war, merely two sides in struggle to protect those things they care about, be it family, friends, lands or wealth.

Yet, when duty called he would take moral stands that would leave him against the leadership of the Garlean military and land him in trouble in more than one occasion, such as allowing civilians to flee instead of killing them as ordered.

But while some could bring into question his actions, his prowess was proven and he was allowed to stay and fight despite his shortcomings in following orders.

And this was fine to him, as Duragon did just enough to get by and feared ever having to take leadership. Yet, because he was resolute, humble and fearless, he would eventually inspire others' admiration and loyalty, as those around him would come to recognize his best traits and qualities.

Death of a friend

Duragon one day met a man named Zekar. Zekar fought using a gunblade. He was a garlean man but very skilled and strong in combat. Although Duragon was larger, Zekar was just as powerful. Duragon and Zekar became friends and rivals.

Unlike most Garleans, Zekar saw Duragon for who he was, and respected him, treating him as a friend instead of considering him as being from a "lesser race".

Zekar was appointed as leader of the squadron Duragon was a part of, and started to teach Duragon how to wield a Gunblade.

However, one day, Zekar sacrificed himself to save the rest of his men, including Duragon, from a powerful foe: a primal, that they were sent to slay.

Duragon still wears Zekar's dog tag around his neck, and his current weapon is Zekar's gunblade, left to him after his death.

This event led to Duragon eventually deserting the Garleans and picking up a life as a mercenary.