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"You can't cross the sea, if you just stand and stare at the water."

Name... E'loise (Eh-Loh-EE-z)
Alias... Loise or Red.
Age... 18.
Race... Miqo'te.
Clan... Seeker of the Sun.
Orientation... Bisexual.
Relationship... Single.
Deity... Azeyma, the Warden.
Nationality... Lominsan.
Occupation... Conjurer (Aquamancer/Healer).
Alignment... Chaotic Good.
Quick Summary
Height ► 4 fulms 9 ilms. (150 cm)
Weight ► 100 ponzes - Slim, toned and athletic.
Hair Colour ► Red.
Eye Colour ► One blue, One green..
Scars & Markings ► None. Sometimes paints tribal marks on face.
Piercings ► None.

Physical Appearance

Standing at 4 fulms 9 ilms and weighing approximately 100 ponzes. Her red hair, would cascade down to her shoulders if not tied back into a ponytail. A neat fringe framing the sides of her face, which complements her sharp facial features. Underneath that fringe, her mismatched eyes, of blue and green, look upon everything with a warm and curious gaze. Loise's build is lithe and athletic, giving way to a feminine form that holds an attractive beauty. From the base of her spine a long winding tail falls down behind. Rarely keeping still. Covered in a soft, red fur. Like all Miqo'te, protruding form the top of her head are her furry feline ears.

Soft, smooth skin with a healthy, tanned complexion is free of scars and blemishes, Though she does sometimes paint tribal-like marking upon her face. The curves of her chest and hips are feminine and proud, long shapely legs support her lithe frame. Looking from behind people would see a rear toned and flattering. Seems to have a preference for wearing light and revealing clothing, which leaves little to the imagination.

   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity


Generally kind harted, easy going , with a happy-go-lucky outlook on life. Always tries to see the good in people, wishing to help them as best she can. Very emotion driven, when excited she can become very playful and mischevious. When fearful she will withdraw into herself, or when she is challenged she takes on a more reflective and stoic personality. Somewhat innocent with her outlook, but by no means naieve, she possesses a keen and learning mind.

Very hedonistic in nature, will pursue happiness and pleasure where ever she can find it. Also encouraging others to do the same. Wishing to make others smile, keeping up their morale.

Is quick to break laws and rules, dislikes being held back in what is seen as right and wrong by other people. She will do what she deem's right, at that moment in time, laws be damned. Never malicious in what she does, but can become wildly aggressive when pushed to extreme rage. She is also extremely loyal and caring to those who gain her trust and friendship.

A lover of performing arts, enjoys a song, poem or story as much as anyone else. Often can be seen writing or freestyling her own poetry. Can also fall into a trance when catching a nice sunset or other such natural beauty. Like most of her kin, Loise also enjoys to hunt and fish. Though she isn't quite skilled at hunting, she is at fishing. Her biggest love of all, is the water.

E'loise is a conjurer, though more specifically an Aquamancer. Being from the Eft tribe and her natural love of the water, she focused more on the elements ice and water, which she can use to heal minor wounds and ailments.


Water - Baths, rivers, oceans..
Performing arts; Dance, Song, Poetry and story telling..
Helping others.


People staring at her odd coloured eyes.
Being treated like a pet cat.
Being considered inferior or useless.
Senseless violence.


Swimming - As a lover of water she will be in it as much as she possibly can. Diving deep to find things along the seabed.
Living free - Simply enjoying life and trying out new experiences. As the saying goes: You only live once.
Arts - While not able to paint or draw, she loves to view works of art. Finding them strange and facinating.


Aquamancy - Able to control water, the more water in her surroundings (moisture in the air too) she can use to heal others and in some cases used to go on an offensive defence.
Water - E'ls senses in water are greatly enhanced, able to feel the vibrations moving through it and hear over longer distances. Like a spider on its web. This does not extend to dry land, only deep waters.
Swimming - E'l is able to dwell underwater for long periods of time without assistance. She can swim far without exaustion setting in.


Fighting - E'l is not a trained fighter by any means and in direct combat she would fall quickly.
Areas of drought - Without a strong water source somewhere nearby, she feels vulnerable (an is)
Confidance - Lacks confidance within herself. Never feeling she is good enough for her Tribe.


Self improvement - Wanting to feel worthy and useful to her Tribe.


Loise comes from the E (Eft) tribe, dwelling around the western fringes of Mor Dhona, living in close proximity to an abundance of streams, rivers and of course, the sea dividing La Norsca from the main continent. Spending most of her childhood within her tibe, though she was often taken elsewhere on trade caravans, so that she could develop an some understanding of how the rest of the world worked.

Never possessed the keen instinct to hunt as much as her other kin, although she found it enjoyable to be part of such excitement and fun. Loise always found her main calling to the sea. The tribal healer began taking her on as an apprentice. Teaching Loise how she can better use water to help her tibe in other ways.

At this young age she was taught some minor spells and incantations through different diciples of magic. Giving the young Miqo'te a chance to try and find her own calling. Developing her knowledge and abilities. It was conjury which she focused on most of all. Able to turn the very elements towards different uses. Healing, destruction and fotification.

When reaching an age where she could leave her tribal home to explore, Loise took it with an impulsive need. Wanting to go out into the world and understand it more from her own points of view. Bring back stories and tales to share with her kin. Assisting her tribe by expanding their knowledge and relations with others. On her first night out in the wilds alone, she regretted the impulsive decision, fear sinking in and feeling truely alone and afraid. Never one to admit defeat, Loise continues with her task.

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!


◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    "She's nice and sweet to talk to."
    "I have seen her talk to strangers, just becuase they looked sad. Seems to have a need to cheer people up."
    "Dances about in water. She's an odd one."

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    "I'm sure I saw her steal from the markets, just grabbed something and walked off. As though it was a free item.
    "She made the water dance. I swear on me ma's tits!"
    "I saw her make a ball of water..Hovered right over her hand. Definitely magic."

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    "That girl healed a blind womans sight. They say she used water."


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

    "She's a really great person. Heart of gold! Im glad I can call her a friend but.. maybe she is a little bit too kind.. I hope no one is going to take advantage of her kindness. " Namine Isayama
    "Red? She's great, means well, good heart. She's energetic and filled with positivity, it's kind of inspiring really. I worry how she will do on her own in the real world though." Miguel Thunderfist
    "Naieve little Seeker; surprised shes not dead yet." Yhova Leymi
    "Add rumor here." Name

Gallery of E'loise

Music to give general vibe.

    General song
    Artist/Song: Alessia Cara - How Far I'll Go
    Combat theme
    Artist/Song: Nightwish - Bye Bye Beautiful (Insturmental)


Rp Stuff!

Open to any rp of mature content and themes; so long as they are logical and immersive. Just expect your actions to have according reactions. Just because I am okay with it, doesn't mean my character will be. As a side note; If your character is a slave or in trouble and you don't want them to be helped, try avoid roleplay with this character, because she will try and help to the best of her ability. I hate being noped in RP at every turn when trying to help, just becuase the other person OOC'ly wants their character to remain in their current situation. Don't play them wanting help when you don't want them to be helped! It ruins immersion for others.
Open to Temporary injury and incapacitation.(No Perma Death)
Prefer long term and story driven Roleplay.
Open to Walk-up RP/Random encounters.
I have an open mind and am open to many kinds of roleplay. Feel free to whisper me in game with questions. Never hesitate to let me know if something makes you uncomfortable. Enjoyment over rules roleplay immersion.
Appartment at: Lavander Beds - Ward 1 - Lily Hills Subdivision - Lilly Hills appartment 52. Though roleplayed as a room at some Inn.
I am new to Final Fantasy roleplay, so I still have alot to learn about the lore. So patience and guidence would be appreciated.
This might sound awful, but I fear it must be said. Prefer to roleplay with those who reply in paragraphs (most of the time). Theres nothing more frustrating, or boring when I write a paragraph of emote/speech and I get 1 or 2 lines reply five minutes later. It feels lazy and insulting. If you don't want to put the effort into rp, then please go elsewhere.
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Time Zone/Server
Time Zone GMT/BST - UK time
Server Balmung

Romantic Relationship
Romantic Interest
Best Friend
Trusted Friend
Lost contact
Miguel Thunderfist
No Free company

Miguel is a monk in training, from Ala Mhigo. E'loise met him one hot day outside of Ul'dah. Seeing the good, kind heart this man has, E'l and he quickly became friends. Their bond strengthened when he helped save her when their trade caravan was ambushed by Amalj'aa.

Namine Isayama
No Free company

A city dwelling Miqo'te met in Ul'dah. E'l took a quick interest in this tailors clothing she made. After spending much time together, it became clear they are alike. Despite herself being from a Tribal setting and Namine from the city, their friendship flourished. A kiss or two shared here and their, stirring mixed feelings within E'l.

"Nothing is softer and more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it."