Eilora Valyre

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Sharlayan.jpg Eilora Valyre
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Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Sharlayan
Age 21
Marital Status Single
Occupation Mage/Archaeologist
Height/Weight Short/light
Orientation Asexual
  • (Wellington, Father)
  • (Anais, Mother)
  • (Luna, Sister)
  • (Roger and Reginald, Twin Brothers)
A young Xaela scholar who came to Eorzea to study its ruins.

Basic Info

Eilora was raised in the Sharlayan motherland by her adoptive Hyur family. Recognized as having an incredible grasp of magic at a young age, she attended a private magical academy for her entire schooling period and graduated with top marks from the Sharlayan National University.


Fungi (especially Funguars)


Being told what to do
Bright sunlight
Hot weather
People who refer to themselves in the third person


Alignment: Good
Vice(s): Sometimes forgets to eat or sleep due to studying and research
Favorite Season: Autumn
Favorite Food: Curry
Favorite Drink: Mango juice
Favorite Color: No particular favorite

Appearance & Personality

Eilora is on the short side, even by female Au Ra standards. In addition, she is somewhat thin and bony. Her hair is a dark blue which she keeps cut no longer than shoulder length. Her eyes are a deep purple with limbal rings that match and she has dark bags under them that suggest a lack of sleep. Her nose is small and somewhat skewed to the left, though its not terrible noticeable. She wears a pair of round thick-framed glasses seem to favor function over fashion. Her skin is a bit pale and she often tries to avoid direct exposure to the sun as she burns easily. These qualities combine to giver her a somewhat sickly appearance despite the fact that she is actually in fairly good health. For evidence of this, one need look no farther than her lustrous dark scales and horns.

Eilora is intelligent and skilled with magic and she knows it. This has caused her to develop a bit of a big head and she can come across to others as condescending and arrogant despite the fact that her intelligence is mostly only "book smarts." She also has a mischievous streak and enjoys teasing her friends or playing the occasional prank. She can also come across to others as being eccentric as she can often be seen talking to her summons or her tiny pet funguar "Floopy," spending much of her time poking about ruins, or experimenting with new alchemical concoctions. Sometimes all three at once.







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