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Hiya! I'm very new to RP in something of this scale, and this is my first time even posting one of my characters anywhere so I hope you like her!




Eirhildr Rose, the Goddess of War. An artist with any form of weapon that finds its way into her hands, she can often be found out in the world either practising her art on training dummies, or sizing up her competition. A wanderer, Eirhildr appears in a different city every day looking for a reason to keep going.


Eirhildr is twenty seven years old and stands at 170cm. Her hairstyle is always short, it means that that it can't be grabbed or pulled and used for an unfair advantage, and she mostly keeps her hair black like a Raven's feather. But, from time to time she does at least dye her hair. Her deep pink eyes can sometimes appear to be staring right through you, as if she doesn’t see you there. Light scarring lines Eirhildr’s arms and torso under her Samurai armour, an Ovim woll coat which she dyed an inky blue, a pair of falconers trousers, and a pair of boots she picked up during her brief period in Kugane.
Aspects That Stand Out:
Raven black hair
Deep pink eyes
She never smiles unless she's with someone she likes, or is in the heat of battle.


Eirhildr Rose wasn’t always her name, and she had spent her very early life in the harsh deserts of Thanalan. Abandoned by her parents not long after she had managed to take her first step as a result of her true self being a Viera birthed by an unknown Viera woman and her father who had a drunken one night stand, Eirhildr was known as Ash Wednesday in those days, branded an abomination by the father and his wife. A young couple found her, the two were struggling to make ends meet as it was but they wanted to take care of her too. They had a daughter of their own, Camilla. She wasn’t much younger than Eirhildr at the time. Time went on, and they got harder for the couple. The prices of even the oldest pieces of bread went beyond what they could afford. Eirhildr and Camilla were six when they started to try and help. They were small, they were light, they were quick. No one ever suspected a child would pick their pocket. And that’s just what the two sisters did.

One day, when Eirhildr was eight, they stole from the wrong person. A man no older than thirty caught Eirhildr just as she acquired his coinpurse. But instead of the beating she was preparing herself for, the man did something else instead. Eirhildr was offered an opportunity, that her quickness and nimble hands could let her become something that would earn money in a better way than stealing. Sure enough, Eirhildr was taught how to fight with her fists. She trained, and trained, and trained, and trained only taking breaks to eat, drink, go to the bathroom and sleep. For five years she trained with the man she came to know as Asheis. Upon her thirteenth birthday, Eirhildr was entered into her first fight. An incredible feeling rushed over her. Clarity. For the first time in her life, she knew what she had to do. Fight. Everything she had been trained to do just came naturally, and when she won, she bought her family all the food they could eat. And they lived this way for a couple of years, before Eirhildr began to grow restless.

Upon turning sixteen, Eirhildr discovered more to her teacher’s knowledge. Not only was he a fistfighter, but he was extremely talented with the twin knives of an assassin as well. He declared he was going to teach Eirhildr to use them too. Once again her rigorous training commenced, and her skills with both sword and knives were apparent. She declared that she was going to focus her time into these weapons, to one day surpass her master. During this time, her master also showed her how to brew a fantasia potion. This way, she could blend into the world without being judged for her appearance. All she had to do when she drank it, was focus on what she wanted to look like.

Her training with the sword and knives finished two years later, and she then bid Camilla, her new family and her Master farewell. Eirhildr wanted to find her own place in the world, and she wanted to help people just as her family had helped her. Before leaving, she asked her parents for a new name. Eirhildr was their answer, and she took their last name for her own.

Seven years later, Eirhildr was in the service of a young teenager. She wasn’t quite sure why she had swore an oath to serve him, but she had no intention of breaking that oath. The two of them had teamed up with a small group who had planned to ambush an Imperial troop moving through the Thanalan desert, and free the captives they would be transporting with them. The plan was on, the troop had been surrounded and stopped. One of their group went to the prisoner transport and opened it, expecting to see relieved prisoners happy to be free. But what he got was a sword in his chest for his trouble. The resulting fight was bloody and fierce, but through it all Eirhildr never lost her cool and cut down her enemies quickly and ruthlessly. Out the corner of her eye, she saw her young master on his back, looking up at the point of an Imperial sword. Something in Eirhildr snapped, and she raced towards him without a second thought. Without thinking, she had picked up a shield and just as the Imperial thrust his sword, the shield caught it. The Imperial soldier just looked at her, and saw the wild look in her eyes. Then he saw the flash of steel from her blade as his head rolled from his shoulders. Since then, Eirhildr has turned to becoming a wanderer and is now learning the magical forms of combat, in both the white and black magics. Going wherever she pleases and helping whoever needs the help. The world is still so big to her, and she hopes to find someone else she can pledge her loyalty to. Someone who she will come running to help should they ever need it.

The Tale of the Storm and the Beast

Despite owning an apartment in the Far East, Eirhildr very rarely visits the distant place. She prefers to hang around in Ul'Dah, patiently awaiting her next opportunity to earn some coin or go on an adventure to cross swords with some poor bloke. She prefers it when both are involved. Her adventures have taken her all over Eorzea, and she's had the opportunity to work with and cross swords with some of the most talented sword fighters we've ever met. Eirhildr knows that one day, her adventures will reunite her with the man that trained her, and she has to be ready for that day. She has to surpass him, to show that he was right to believe in her. Because at least someone did.

As weeks went by, Eirhildr found herself tracking a beast in the Shroud, just outside of Gridania. A sizable bounty was on the beast and Eirhildr had arrived to find the beast first. She leaped into battle, her sword singing as she drew it from its sheathe. The beast and Eirhildr traded blows and she couldn't help but smile. This is what she lived for. They fought for hours, Eirhildr intentionally drawing the battle out so that she could enjoy herself to the fullest. At least until the monster slammed her across the battlefield, where she landed at the feet of a pink-haired Miqo'te stranger. She picked herself up and dusted herself off before him and saw the man drawing his blades. Eirhildr turned around and her sword sung one last song, carving its way through the side of the beast who fell with one final howl.

The pink haired man introduced himself as Syrin Kisaragi, but Eirhildr didn't give her name to him. Instead she just brushed past him to the beast she had slain and sliced of its hand as a trophy, and with a gesture over her shoulder she motioned for Syrin to follow her. As most of Eirhildr's adventures go, this one ended in a tavern. She handed the beast's hand to the man behind the bar, and he handed over a pouch of gil in response. Eir pulled ten gold coins from out of the pouch and held two fingers up to the barman, then pointed to herself and Syrin. After a drink or three, Eirhildr found herself opening up and actually talking to Syrin, who as it turned out was a lightweight drunk. But this was where Eirhildr's first real friendship was born, as most of them are, in taverns.

The Mystery of Blue Magic

Eirhildr had come to hear rumours circulating around the town of Ul'Dah. They told of a powerful mage who used unconventional magic to entertain the people. Her interest was piqued, magic was something she wanted to learn more about, from many people. For while she was studying red magic, she couldn't quite grasp proper spell casting. After asking around, Eirhildr finally arrived on the doorstep of on Lihya Zharipoh, the woman all of the rumours were about.

Eirhildr was forward about what she wanted, she wanted to learn exactly what it was that the rumours were talking about. And sure enough, Eirhildr got a demonstration from the Blue Mage, an incredible talent in her field. Teleportation, frost breath and aetherial claws were all part of the show, and Eirhildr was awestruck. She wanted to learn this magic, to adapt it to her own fighting style. The claws especially, and as the two talked about anything and everything, it was becoming very clear that Eirhildr had made her second friend in life.

Now, Eirhildr spends her time trying to control her aether, the first lesson that Lihya instructed her to perform. There were three tasks given to her, and she will not rest until she is able to accomplish them all as easy as blinking.


Cold, abrasive and harsh. The three words most people think when Eirhildr comes to mind. She believes that honesty is the best policy, and not the false honesty that others may be so used to pouring on to people. Ordinarily she has no idea how to communicate with people and much prefers the thrill of combat to do the talking for her. Fighting is all she knows, it’s when her mind is at its most clear and every solution just makes sense. Trying to talk to someone just fills her head with a loud buzzing noise and makes her feel like her head is heavy. Despite her coldness, under her icy image, she really is a soft hearted soul. The friends that she’s made have given her a reason to keep fighting, and she hopes one day to be reunited with her dear sister Camilla.


Fighting. The reason Eirhildr was put on Eorzea.
Drinking. The best way to celebrate after a glorious victory
Singing. The second best way to celebrate after a glorious victory
Isolation. Sometimes, being alone is the best thing for the soul
Camaraderie. But other times, being with those that she’s grown close to is good too.
Honor. If a street rat like Eirhildr can have it, so can everyone.


Weakness'. Showing your weakness at any point is just like you’re asking to be attacked
Luxury.People who live in luxury tend to go soft, and assume they're better than everyone
Strawberries.They just taste funny.


Unyielding. As long as Eirhildr draws breath, she will not fall..
Speed. Even under her iron armour, Eirhildr still strikes with all the speed and precision of a viper.


White Magic. Can't use it to heal.
Crafting. Has no idea how to do it.
Quiet. Doesn't talk outside of combat often.
Socializing. Does not know how to meet new people, at all.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Camilla Rose, Sister. -
Character's Thoughts: Beloved sister, hasn't seen her in nearly ten years. Often wonders how she's surviving out there. " ."
Incredibly close. Inseperable partners in crime, and Eirhildr taught her a little of what her master taught her.
Charlottair Rose, Adoptive Mother. -
Character's Thoughts: A woman who inspired hope even when there wasn't any in the darkness. " ."
Beloved by Eirhildr dearly. The reason that Eirhildr strives to save people on a daily basis
Asheis Xenosa, Teacher. -
Character's Thoughts: Didn't hold back in our training sessions. Sometimes some of the old bruises still hurt.. " ."
Thankful that she met him, and continues to train on a daily basis just in case she meets her master one more time..
Syrin Kisaragi, . ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Some say she fights more fiercely than a demon!." - Heard when she walks past caravanners on the roads
"I heard that she cut down an Iron Giant with one slice of her blade"
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"I heard that she once out-drank ten men one night!" - In response to admiring her unconventional victory parties
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"I heard she sings like an angel, but don't tell her I said that! She beat up ol' Percy for saying the same thing last week" - Whispered in hushed tones by few and far between.


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor." — Rumormonger.



Personal RP Limits
I will playA protective bodyguard, a soldier or a mercenary. I'm always on the look out for the next adventure, to meet new people and fight side by side.
I won't play ERPs, Eirhildr's just not that kind of girl sorry. I'm also not a maid, or a servant. I'm just someone who wants to fight, adventure and come out of my shell a little bit more.

"A fight? With me? Are you sure? I won't be holding back."
Name - Eirhildr Rose
Race - Viera, currently using a fantasia potion to appear Hyuran
Age - 27
Name Day - Thirty Second Sun of the Fourth Astral Moon
Deity - Rhalgr, the Destroyer

Aliases: Goddess of War, Scourge of the Sands
Citizenship: Ul'Dah
Occupations: Blue Samurai/Assassin
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Pink
Complexion: Fair
Piercings: Ears
Marks or tattoos: Scarred around the arms and torso
Alignment: Where there's coin, or a fight, that's where she'll be.
Key Items: Her necklace, given to her by a very dear friend.
Favorite Food: Roast chicken.
Favorite Drink: The smoothest rum available, or a chocolate and caramel milkshake
Favorite Color: Silver
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