Elatulu Stonearrow

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 Elatulu Stonearrow


Biographical Information
Birth Name Elatulu Stonearrow
Guardian Magicite
Birthplace Jahara, Ozmone Plain, Dalmasca
Born 1532
Nameday 7th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Race Garif
Clan Jahara
Physical Attributes
Hair Red
Eyes Unknown
Height 6'6"
Weight 255 ponze
Career Information
Occupation Nanna herder, hunter
Out-of-Character Information
Time Zone GMT-4
Server Balmung
Job Monk


West of the Golmore Jungle lies the Ozmone Plain; humid grasslands harboring as much dangerous fauna as it did shipwrecks from the carnage of Dalmasca's old wars. Despite this, there was a race that called the plain home. Herding the beasts known as 'nannas' in their tongue, the garif people lived quietly in segregated villages based on sex. Each village had several chieftains, the largest villages comprising of adults males. Such a village was Jahara, home to a group of garif men who carried out ancestral worship of magicite, their knowledge ancient. Some garif were warriors, having possessed a war-chief of their own. Many were simply herders. One such herder was Elatulu, who lived alongside his two sons, Masulu and Gellu, to share his duties of the care and slaughter of the beasts.

Even after the Garlean Empire annexed Dalmasca in 1547, they'd left the Ozmone Plain alone, finding nothing of much value in what they'd called 'Dalmasca Inferior'. This did not mean they wouldn't traverse the land to make an attempt, especially to claim the Henne Mines that lay at their ruin. The garif outside of Jahara had no chance to defend themselves, being unequipped pacifists. Many fled, finding avenues through the mutual respect they'd shared with the Dalmascan people. In 1574, when Garlean weaponry finally found their mark in the grasslands, Elatulu gathered his sons and fled. Three years were spent scavenging the wastes of Greylic's Bend to survive, dodging encounters with the 'ironmen' as they traveled.

Through previous trade connections, Elatulu had established a deal with pirates of Valnain to flee Dalmasca Inferior, several Viera also aboard. Upon reaching Rabanastre, the garif family opted to live in seclusion. Gellu, the younger of the two sons, tasked himself with finding food, now that they could no longer rely on the nannas. During one unfortunate trip, he encountered individuals afflicted with ceruleum eye, making him come down with it as the garif of Jahara were weaker in the immune system. There was no such treatment available at garif hands and the symptoms were worsening quickly. Elatulu himself opted to take responsibility for his teenage son, ending their isolation at long last.



Elatulu is accepting of many stories and backgrounds, although he may not understand all of them. He does his best to try and connect with others, though he draws a line where life may be endangered. Personally, he still adheres to and follows the guidance of his village's chieftains, even when so far from home. Though he is capable of doing so without much effort, he despises violence, as many garif do.


Calm and approachable, despite his hulking frame, Elatulu is well-spoken. He accepts interactions with other races easily, if they can get past his 'bestial' visage. However, he is still learning to integrate himself into a society where males and females do not live separately. It is partly for this reason he has a habit of becoming easily embarassed, at times even bashful.


Albeit his face is perpetually obscurred with a mask he's worn since birth, Elatulu manages to get his feelings across one way or another. He doesn't shy away from telling others how much or how little he trusts them. On the contrary, he is not one to air out his troubles much, especially to strangers. He has a penchant for keeping negative emotions bottled up.

Notes & Trivia

  • Elatulu's two sons, Masulu and Gellu, are aged 19 and 15 respectively from the start of Elatulu's story.
  • Elatulu's favorite foods are nanna cheese, wild onion soup, and sweet potatoes.
  • Elatulu is left-handed.