Elawyn Winddancer

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Gridania-transparent.png Elawyn Winddancer
"looking serious"
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Gridanian
Age 33
Guardian Menphina
Sexuality Pansexual


♦ Background

Born near Bentbranch Meadows and raised as a simple country girl by her Weaver Mother and Leatherworker Father. Kidnapped by bandits as a young almost-teenager, she was sold to a brothel-keeper in Ul'Dah. Whipped, starved and beaten into compliance it was several years later that she learned that the threat they'd made to kill her parents and younger sibling unless she complied was false. Her family had been killed the same day she was taken. Swearing vengeance on all bandits and slavers she took to her profession with a passion that quickly raised her in the brothels' ranks. Learning a variety of talents and skills she became an accomplished courtesan before she turned twenty. On her twentieth name day (or at least as close to it as she could remember) she killed the brothel-keeper using only her teeth and escaped into the underground. Spending the daytime hiding in the sewers beneath the city and the night-time seeking out those that had harmed her, charming her way into their bed only to slay them when they were most vulnerable.

Soon she realized that she needed to learn more, much more, if she was to survive long enough to find the bandits that had slain her parents. She traveled from town to town and city to city, studying the various arts of crafting and gathering and using her body and skills to pay for the tutelage.

It was a chance encounter that changed her attitudes, falling in love was a new experience for her and she gradually changed from being cold, heartless and cynical to the woman she is today. Helpful, caring, given to helping others (especially the less fortunate). Sadly her lover is no longer alive but she's hopeful that she'll find someone else eventually.

She is especially protective of children, mainly because she cannot have any of her own thanks to the treatment she received at the hands of brothel-owners.

Occasionally she hunts with a bow in the forests of the Shroud, seeking out bandits and killing them (usually slowly, painfully and letting her friends the wild wolves finish them off).

She earns her living crafting or gathering and is especially fond of fishing. She'll sometimes take side jobs (bartender, stable-maid, waitress etc.) to help out a free company.

Lacking any kind of formal education, able to read only children's books, she nevertheless manages to get by on practical skills, street smarts and a good memory.

♦ Appearance

Fairly tall, even for an Elezen. Long flowing hair, usually tinted at the tips. Elawyns' physique is that of a trim, but well-toned individual. Usually dressed in working outfits when she's crafting or gathering, and dressed casually (or even provocatively) when she's relaxing or socializing. She takes pride in being mostly self-sufficient.



Good food and drink
Small gatherings
Sitting on the beach


Large crowds
Rude people




Hot tubs:

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Player Character Rumours

Some might think her borderline insane given how she treats bandits.

♦ Footnotes

Chaotic Good

After a lengthy romance, Elawyn is now engaged to Niamh ( https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Niamh_Blew ) who has changed her surname to 'Winddancer'

Elawyn is feeling very guilty about a previous incident when Nia's estranged sister Mirna arrived in Eorzea and attacked Nia. Elawyn and several of the company confronted Mirna and in the ensuing chaos Elawyn swung a sword at one of the mercenaries tat Mirna had hired, the sword cleaved the mercenary and continued deep into Mirnas chest. Then Mirna stabbed Elawyn with a dagger and she passed out from shock. Awaking in the company infirmary, Elawyn is convinced that it was her sword blow that killed Mirna.

Niamh had to change in order to avoid the repercussions following the death of her sister, presumably at Elawyn's hand. She became 'Lirianne' and married Elawyn. Lirianne was later killed in battle against the Garlean empire. Elawyn, distraught and perhaps somewhat unhinged at this turn of events has since changed Free Companies and currently works as a barmaid, back-up dancer and occasional courtesan.

Soon after Lirianne was slain Elawyn joined House Amlin as a courtesan, rising rapidly through the ranks, and as a result of her devotion to hard work, she now runs the brothel side of the business as well as acting as 'floor manager' in their nightclub