Emadra Venros

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Gridania-transparent.png Emadra Venros
Gender Female
Race Viera
Clan Rava
Citizenship Gridania
Age 34
Height 6'3"
Weight 180 Ibs.
Profession Beastmaster, Conjurer
Patron Deity Nophica, the Matron
Server Jenova

About Emadra:


  • Nicknames: Em, Ema
  • Age: 34
    • Nameday: 10th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
  • Gender: Female
    • Marital Status: Single
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 180 Ibs.
  • Body: Pear Shaped, Athletic
  • Hair Color: Warm Grey
  • Hair Length: Very Long
  • Hairstyle: Varied - Usually pulled back somehow.
  • Eyes: Gold
  • Skin: Tan
  • Clothing: Changes often, always ready for battle.
  • Notable Facial Features: Small elongated scar along right cheek, Thick eyebrows, Chubby cheeks, and a light marking below her right eye.
  • Voice: Emadra has an appealing voice, though it can get scratchy when she's excited. She has an accent that seems Gridanian in nature, accompanied by a drawl.


~ I plan on slowly changing some of this to fit Viera ~

Still no one knows about Emadra's true past. She tends to keep the past in the past, no matter the situation.

The Jackal tribe of Ala Mhigo were invaded by the Garleans like everyone else, and seperated. Many of her tribe turned to face them, and the rest fled. J'emadra's father, J'venros Nunh was one to turn, leading his comrades in the fight to hold back the Garleans; though he had not parted J'emadra without one final gift, a wooden icon carved and painted to look like a behemoth that now dangles from her left ear. Her mother, J'italu Sotule carried a rather large book in one arm, and held J'emadra's hand in the other to run with some of their tribe. Most were shot down, including J'italu who was shot in her leg as they fled, the rest of the tribe around her already out of eyesight as she stopped to help carry her mother. Her mother gave her the book and told her to run, trust her instinct, and never look back. J'emadra, not without tears in her eyes and regret in her heart, did just that. She ran until she thought she couldn't run anymore. But the further she ran, the more she could hear voices. They weren't like normal voices, they were whispers calling for her, leading her; she used the last bit of her strength to chase them down until she exhausted all of her energy and eventually feinted in the Black Shroud.

Luckily, a group of Elezen found her and took her in. She was raised in their small village in the heart of the Black Shroud. For some time the only thing Emadra could remember was seeing the deaths of her tribe, they haunted her, and it was only worse that she couldn't remember what tribe she belonged to when the Elezen questioned her so they could help her find the rest of them. The Elezen had large barrels of metal and wood all around, explaining later on that they were brewers, and they even let her drink often at very a young age. When she was out gathering one day, she was suddenly overcome with the voices, this time angry and echoing inside her head. It terrified her. Quickly making way back to her village, she would find the treants rampaging. She climbed one of the trees around to hide, thinking that the only combat training she had up until now was back in Ala Mhigo, sparring with a Monk of her tribe, and she was no match for the treants slaughtering her new family. Not much longer after watching the fighting from afar,a treant knocked over some of the brewing equipment; including an oil pan that made it all go up in a blaze. She was still very young when her village was destroyed, and since then she has been away from her adoptive family; not knowing whether any of them even lived. For some time she survived on her own, even finding a lost chocobo chick only a couple moons old, and taking it in. She named it River and they spent much time in the woods alone.

A Padjal of the Conurer's Guild found Emadra, she lay in the only tent that still stood upright in the blackened spot of her village, sleeping, with River waking her as she kweh'd loudly to protect the front of the tent from the Padjal. It didn't take long for the Padjal to answer whom and what he was, Emadra calming River and approaching him. The Brother soon found out she was a Hearer, as she explained to him everything that happened and why the ground was scorched. Emadra and River both were taken to Gridania, but she didn't give River over to the Chocobo Keep without a fight. She was taken to Stillglade Fane after finally letting the Keep take River, and she was then raised there, finding she had a natural talent in conjury.

Many years later after finding her own way in life as a travelling Chocobo rancher/breeder, Emadra went back to the ruins of her old village, only to find that it was covered in flowers , except for one square, where she found a steel door on the ground, and managed to pry it open. She found a secret stash of her Elezen father-figure, Audenloix Sunnond's, old alcohol recipe, and lots of it, filled in mason jars. She did save it for special occasions, though now after learning the recipe and perfecting it, it is close to being mass produced and sold in smaller and personal bars around Eorzea. It is known to knock most drunkards off their arse, so it is typically given in small vialed amounts, though it is advised to never take the vials that Emadra carries with her as they are more concentrated. Some like using it to mix in with other liquor since it is known to come in a variety of wonderful flavors (Tea flavors, blueberry, orange, etc.) and surprisingly has no hangover effects. It has been labeled "Sunshine".

Emadra has been training to become a grand healer for the Twin Adders even after surviving The Calamity. Though she has talent in conjury, the book J'italu gave her has lead her to furthering her knowledge in the wildlife of the world, finding she has even more talent handling beasts. She now hopes to one day be the greatest chocobo rancher and beast trainer there is, finding passion in this lifestyle. Almost all of her adult life was spent exploring the world and adding pages to the book her mother gave her of each new beast she found. Now Emadra mostly resides in the North Shroud at her large stables, Chocobo del Sol. (Treespeak Stables) She not only cares for chocobos there, but also all types of beasts, from couerl to griffins and beyond.

Short Stories

• She spent five years on the ocean, sailing on a ship big enough for her and the two chocobos she had at the time, it was named "The Gunfox". The ruthless leader, a woman by the name of Mirabelle, saved Emadra from drowning after a brawl with someone in the Limsa docks. She saw a bit of herself in Emadra. Taking her out to sea, making it a difficult awakening for her as they had left her chocobos behind; ultimately leading to them turning back to pick them up. After many hard weeks, she grew used to the pirates and their ways. They enjoyed landing on islands for hunting treasure, Allowing her chocobos to stretch their legs. She developed as a young woman here, as she was well welcomed after showing the pirates that she was a champion at drinking. She soon made friends with the lot of them after demonstrating the various skills she had to offer. Though her journey ended in what seemed like a bell, was five years later... she parted Mirabelle and the other's, a hug to the Captain, as if leaving a mother figure, and each crew member a coveted mason jar filled with Sunshine.

• She left her Free Company for many moons to go back to her old village again, which lead her to disappear. Garlean's had been hunting the remnants of her Jackal tribe down, hoping they could harness their strange "powers" they knew her tribe practiced (Beastmastery) and use it for themselves. Even though she had gotten caught, their leader was arrogant; setting up his tubes and machinery, hooking her up to them deep in the Shroud where her friends knew to search for her. Ultimately the Garlean's would lose this battle, as her friends fought bravely and brought her back to health later on.

• As Emadra got older, she saved enough gil to start buying more chocobos. Though she only started with one more, it's name was Wither, an almost black, dark green male. She mated River with him, an egg which hatched and became Emadra's then primary chocobo, Nilix. Many don't know about Wither, there are rumors that he is running wild in the Shroud. Said to be one of the strongest chocobos anyone's ever seen. She found him in a blackmarket, being held to the ground with chains, yet he fought against them for bells. Some say he was so abused, it made him wilder and he never listened to anyone until she came along; making it easy to negotiate with the cruel hunter selling him. Some say Wither is infected with the Greenwrath.

• Emadra found herself in Coerthas during a mission with comrades; When left behind, she happened upon a grounded dragon, defending itself from hippocerfs. She watched from afar for a moment, 'til she realized it was going to die if she didn't step in. Tt was already gravely wounded, so she fought the hippocerfs away. The dragon was aggressive towards her at first, but followed her as she had just about given up on healing or taming it. It's wings were torn, a leg broken and it's hide torn.. it knew it wasn't going to survive without her. Soon they made for a close bond after she took it to her stables and brought it back to it's full strength. Though the dragon seems to rarely be around Emadra or her stable, it is known to come to her in extremely desperate times.

• Nilix is now a full grown chocobo, his training and breeding days have passed and he now lives happily in the Shroud, free alongside his father Wither. Now Emadra keeps his offspring, Odessa, with her at most times; she is known to be incredibly swift, in both speed and intelligence.

• The light colored marking below her eye is most similar to a stain; made from grinding a mixture of water, flora and the ashes that were left in her Elezen village. She applies it to her face so that they will always be with her. This is one of the few things she remembers her tribe doing during the passing of elders, as they revered them greatly. She keeps a small box of these ashes hidden in her home to reapply it when necessary. She applies it darker on the anniversary of their deaths.


Now that Emadra has grown older, and more mature, her words have become fewer. She's still herself, sweet and optimistic, but her spunky side takes a bit to flourish now. She's extraordinarily honest, and though she is very forgetful, she has much insight on life.


  • Chocobos
  • Making new friends
  • Chocolate
  • Singing
  • Studying about Eorzea's wild life
  • Helping others
  • Swimming
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Pirates/Sky Pirates
  • Competition
  • Racing


  • Dishonesty
  • Arguments
  • Flying bugs
  • Any mistreatment of wild life.
  • Eating chocobos.
  • Cheaters (In all variations)

Known Haunts

You might have run into or otherwise know Emadra from:

  • Anywhere in the Shroud
  • Her ranch near Fallgourd Float
  • Bars around Eorzea
  • Limsa Lominsa's Marketplace
  • Chocobo Square at the Golden Saucer
  • Ul'dah's Marketplace
  • The Botanist Guild
  • Any Chocobo Porter outposts