Eponine de Lancret

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Ishgard.jpg Eponine de Lancret
"Don't move."
The Spellcaster Medic
Gender Female
Race Ishgardian Elezen
Clan Highborn
Citizenship Ishgard
Server Mateus
Age 20 (Stormblood)
Guardian Halone the Fury
Namesday 13th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon


Eponine is a magic wielder with an incline towards conjury and arcany and astrology. After being separated from a cloister of holy maidens, her aether depletion has severely dampened her healing magic. As such, she has resorted to other means of healing like alchemy and has taken the role of the Chirurgeon.

♦ General

Born to a highborn Elezen mother and a bastard father, Eponine was not treated favorably in the Lancret House. Her mother did little to fix the animosity and seemed more focused on Sebastian, her only son and Eponine's half-brother. Sebastian was much more kind to Eponine and often escorted her to her tutors or let her tag along to watch the proving grounds. Other than that, she had a relatively normal childhood, albeit a sheltered one.

In her fifteenth winter, she was given a peridot pendant as the Ishgardian sign of chaste maidenhood and began to participate her courting seasons. Her genuine care for her fellow man was mostly seen as an ulterior motive and reliable gossiping circles painted her as a manipulative harpy. She did not understand why her potential suitors would suddenly drop their lunches at the last minute. It left quite a blow to her self-esteem and a questioning of her self-worth.

She did eventually become engaged twice - once to a studenthood sweetheart who abruptly left Ishgard after a harrowing miscarriage, and the last to a 'bottom-tier' merchant house who wanted to use the Lancret connections to peddle medical wares among the high houses. Eponine's mother caught wind of the second suitor's motives and dissolved the contract and instead sent Eponine off on a medical pilgrimage with her cousins to foreign lands for medical summits and Eorzean Alliance related missions that required aid.

♦ Appearance

Petite and lithe, Eponine's skin is light from the Coerthan winters, but not sickly thanks to her current bout in Gridania. She is quite small for her race along with her ears, which was something inherited from her father. There is a kind of beguiled beauty about her that comes from her mother and her eyes are a vivid shade of green much famous under the House Lancret. The dark brown hair that frames her face has lightened much under the gentle Gridanian sun; she could play a Wildwood Elezen at first glance, which makes her integration there easy.

♦ Behaviour

Kind, gentle, with a touch of naivety, Eponine was much too delicate under the strain of highborn society. Her good nature wilted under the harsh societal judgment in Ishgard, many of which were much too shrewd and suspicious of her to ever consider her helpfulness and care genuine. As such, she was branded as undesirable and held little power during her courting season.

But Eponine was hard-pressed to let such a thing dampen her kindness. Where she lacked the street smarts to survive in places like the Brume or the seedy levels of Ul'dah, she's quite literate and articulate befitting her station. Her open wonder for the world has made her quite adept at magic which was something the Carline Canopy took notice of when she first arrived in Gridania.

Eponine absolutely abhors violence, which puts her in a vulnerable position as she travels through Eorzea as she has little means to defend herself. The only exception is on the surgical floor where she is covered in blood and flesh on a usual day.


While Eponine does not wish to engage much combat, she does understand the necessity of it. She primarily is empowered in sufficient conjury, light arcany, and is refreshing her knowledge on Astrology, as it's Sharlayan version is becoming much more popular in Ishgard.

Her elemental affinity is Earth.

★ Recent RP events ★

Greyskulls Initiation: To protect her from the Cloister's retaliation upon her leaving it, Valacor took her in as asylum under the Greyskull's banner. She earned her keep by healing the wounded pirates and gathered a copious amount of corrupted crystals to save a prominent member, who was being manipulated by an Ascian. They engaged the paragon in an exhaustive battle and thanks to her corrupted carbuncle harnessing the crystals, they were able to smote the Ascian into oblivion.



■ Morning rain
■ Carbuncles
■ Warm tea
■ Whispering
■ Chocobo Racing


■ Violence
■ Liars
■ Angry people
■ The Fury's name in vain


■ Conjury
■ Arcany
■ Alchemy
■ Basic First Aid
■ Listening


Favourite Food/Drink: Spiced tea
Favourite Place: Lavender Beds

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Rose Westall - A pretty hyur maiden Eponine met during her time with the crew. She finds Rose very sweet and cheerful and approves the blossoming relationship between Rose and Belian.


Valacor Valinos – The first adventurer to meet her on her mission to Gridania. He appointed himself her guardian and was adamant that she arm herself from unsavory folk. Her mild crush bloomed into a caring friendship that quickly spanned into love, but his dark past and open relationships caused her too much worry to pursue it. After a lapse of separation, he sought her out in a swear to be with her rather than lose her. In the end he faltered and she shut down the entire relationship and never looked back.

Cosette Dartancours – A childhood acquaintance and friend hailing from House Dartancours. They maintained a cordial relationship throughout the years and remain so to this day. She is often intimidated by Cosette's beauty as she often unintentionally stole the attention of Eponine's admirers during their courting seasons. Her friendship with Cosette has irreparably shattered when she dallied with Valacor while in Eponine's absence.

Enemies & Rivals

Hrotmar's Shadow - An unnamed Ascian who influenced and controlled Hrotmar. Eponine had no choice but to exert lethal aetheric force upon the Paragon to stop his machinations at the cost of corrupting her Topaz Carbuncle.


Player Character Rumours

■ "No good will come from her acquaintance, mark my words! They say her father was a disgusting heretic!"
■ "The Twelveswood welcomes her gentleness in times of great need. She's quite the favored healer to the many Wood Wailers seeking succor."
■ "Tis all an act, I say. Playing coy for favors. No one is charitable unless they're looking for something in return."
■ "She's a right lass. Always patchin' up me boys wih'out coin. I dunnae like to leave debts unpaid, so if she asks me to stick the head o' me axe in a bastard's face for her, I'll do it with pleasure."
■ "That Elezen lady attacked a Paragon with a carbuncle! A bleeding carbuncle!"

♦ Footnotes

Alignment: Lawful Good

Voice Actor: Carrie Savage

Theme song: Don't Think Twice - Utada Hikaru